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Posted: 15:14:17 Wednesday, 19 December 2001
Cossacks: The Art of War will again bring history alive, this time adding Denmark and Bavaria to the mix of nationalities at your disposal. You'll get six new single missions that will pit varied forces against one another. For instance, the Swedes, Russians, and Poles will wage war for the resources of the Baltic states, while the Ukrainians will fight off the Turks.

Posted: 15:16:28 Saturday, 1 December 2001
Another groovy little feature they've thrown in is the addition of a map and mission editor. Both are an absolute piece of cake to use: land is raised and lowered Populous style and resources, troops and scenery can simply be plonked down on the landscape where required. It's not difficult to come up with some halfway decent looking maps and, when you combine it with the new larger sizes available, there should be some really interesting fan-made stuff available when this hits the streets. So who fancies a fight across Europe playable in real-time?

Posted: 15:12:15 Saturday, 1 December 2001
you are a fan of Age of Empires/Age of Kings and you missed Cossacks: European Wars earlier this year, then you owe it to yourself to look for the game along with its upcoming expansion, Cossacks: The Art of War. While Ensemble Studios has turned its own attention towards a different kind of game with Age of Mythology, Cossacks actually picks up where the Age of Empires series left off.

Posted: 15:15:16 Thursday, 15 November 2001
Apart from new campaign features and battles other gameplay enhancements have been made too. For instance, you can now opt for a period of peace before the military part of a mission begins - allowing you to build fortifications and armies for a much larger scale clash. This can be activated for both single and multiplayer games. This time around you'll also be able to group multiple unit formations into much larger army formations and move them as a single unit on the battlefield, while cannon can be given an area attack order, rather than having to be targeted on a particular unit.


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