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Posted: 13:48:41 Monday, 29 January 2001
Another neat thing about the game is that your buildings and peasants and cannons aren't necessarily tied to your control. They assume the allegiance of whatever military units happen to be closest to them at any given time. This means that as you march into someone's city, you needn't destroy every single building. In fact, it's better if you don't. Once you gain control of a structure or a group of peasants, you'd best post guards around them to make sure the enemy doesn't take them back.

Posted: 13:41:52 Thursday, 25 January 2001
Cossacks is shaping up to be an exceptional RTS with strategic elements like those of Shogun with the extensive military line up and fun of Age of Empires, while increasing the depth by making resource use more realistic and an important aspect of the game.

Posted: 13:50:48 Monday, 1 January 2001
The game is a looker! Buildings are intricate and lovely and have a sense of depth and heft. They accurately reflect the architecture of the era. Individual units each have their own look and attire. Due to their " look" individual units are easy to differentiate in the heat of battle. Speaking of battle, the environment is rendered in 3D.

Posted: 13:46:36 Monday, 1 January 2001
Some of my favorite units were the various artillery pieces available. It is with these combat units that Cossacks use of 3D terrain and real-world physics really showed. The common field cannon tends to shoot in a relative straight line, making it useless for attacking objects on the other side of a hill or plateau. However, placing the same cannon in an elevated position -- such as the same plateau -- would noticeably increase its range of attack as it would shoot into the fields below. But, by far the most enjoyable unites are the mortars and howitzers, especially when placed in a line behind a fortified wall.

Posted: 13:43:53 Monday, 1 January 2001
Though the game is 2D, a great deal of work has gone into ensuring the units look right from every angle. Larger ones, such as the ships, have 64 rotational frames to help them appear to move smoothly. Buildings are cleanly drawn and many are instantly recognisable as national landmarks like England's Houses of Parliament.


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