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Codename: Outbreak going Gold
 Codename: Outbreak 13:43:58 Tuesday, 11 September 2001
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On Friday a brilliant news of the UK version of Codename: Outbreak goingGold reached our office. Excellent news for all of us, developers and gamers, waiting for the game release in anticipation!
GSC Game World at ECTS
 General 10:05:28 Wednesday, 5 September 2001
more news GSC has just returned from London ECTS show, where we had the honour to present our titles, as completed, so as actively developed. Cossacks: The Art of War (add-on), tactical FPS Codename:Outbreak, futuristic arcade races Hover Ace, RTS American Conquest, turn-based strategy Arlandia (working title) and a brand new 3D engine X-Ray have been presented to numerous public, ranging from gamers, cyber cafe owners, pressmen and journalists, up to some major worldwide publishers. The positive feedback of exhibition visitors allows us to put our bright hopes onto the titles we currently have on our hands.
Codename: Outbreak official site launch
 Codename: Outbreak 09:27:03 Wednesday, 5 September 2001
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The official Codename: Outbreak web-site is up and running. Don't hesitate to visit it.
CDV Software Entertainment AG announces Cossacks Add-On
 Cossacks 12:29:30 Monday, 27 August 2001
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CDV Software Entertainment AG announces the release of Cossacks: The Art of War, the sequel of the original Cossacks. The title is planned to come out as early as in the 4th quarter 2001. Among other features, the add-on provides a map editor which records battles and replays them either in real time or quick motion. The multiplayer option also makes the competition of any number and combination of players and computers possible. There will be an official Cossacks ranking list, where players can obtain titles of honour and can view information on battles they took part in themselves.
Codename: Outbreak publishing agreement
 Codename: Outbreak 08:25:15 Saturday, 14 July 2001
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Codename: Outbreak publishing agreement has been singed. The title will be published by Virgin Interactive worldwide, but for the ex-USSR countries. Russobit-M will publish the game throughout the ex-USSR territories.

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