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Changing NPC Behaviour In Misery

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  23:33:12  23 December 2017
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On forum: 12/23/2017
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Changing NPC Behaviour In Misery

Please can someone help me with changing the behaviour of NPCs because I'm totally stuck. I'm playing CoP with Misery 2.1.1 and have installed the Alundaio Debug Tools 1.7 and a mod called Call Of Pripyat Companion Spawner Advanced. I can access the debug menu with esc + S and spawn 4 different NPCs with their own loadout with esc + K. I've tried installing Debug Tools 2.1 but it would make my game crash so I had to go back to 1.7.

I've been using a lot of the excellent debug tool features but I cannot work out how to make an NPC follow a new scheme so they will (for example) stand still or eat/drink or remain in the Skadosvk. When I can do these simple tasks I'll create my first unique NPC and then eventually a squad. I can make an NPC stand still by selecting them with the debug tool and changing the active section to 'beh' but this spams the console with never ending errors relating to "cannot find save game [beh]". If I populate everything with 'nil' it stops the console spamming but the NPC will then wander off and I lose control of them. I can regain control and make them stop by changing the scheme back to 'beh' or make them follow me with 'companion@1' but this starts the console spamming again with "cannot find save game [beh]" or "cannot find save game [companion]"

I've tried inputting an active section and active logic from another NPC but that crashes the game and whenever I try to use an .INI file in the bebug spawn menu it makes the game freeze and crash too. If I want to assign a new scheme to an NPC do I have to make sure that sceme is in that NPCs .LTX file? I tried adding it to one of the NPCs from the companion mod and it made the game crash before it loaded but I could be getting the syntax wrong.

These are some examples that I've tried entering in to the debug spawn menu which make the game crash:

active scheme: walker
active section: walker@zat@sim@22_guard_1_walker
logic: logic@zat_sim_22_guard_1_walker

active scheme: animpoint
active section: animpoint@jup_b1_stalker_3_pro
logic: logic@jup_b1_stalker_3_pro
ini: scripts\juipter\jup_b41_stalker.ltx

Anything like the above that contains a reference to a smart terrain such as zat_sim_22 and jup_b41 makes the game crash even if I'm at that smart terrain so what is the easiest way to assign commands to NPCs with the least script editing? Is there any more information on the beh system and how I can use that? Eventually I would like to place a few NPCs in the base next to the Jupiter plant who all have their own routines. Similar to how it's occupied by the Military faction in the SGM mod.

There are a lot of tutorials and discussions I've found online for NPC creation, smart terrain, logic etc but these are mostly for SoC and CoC and refer to files and folders I don't have so should a beginner like me learn from the ground up using them instead or can I stay with CoP/Misery?
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