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GSC Game World Shut down, STALKER 2 cancelled ?

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  18:56:25  9 December 2011
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Flat what.
  18:25:29  9 December 2011
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On forum: 03/31/2007
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It looks to be true. I'm so sad right now about this. STALKER is one of my favorite series and I was so excited for what STALKER 2 would bring. If we are lucky, maybe the property will be bought and another company might bring it back? It wouldn't be the same, but I don't want to see another series I love die this year (Mega Man Legends).
  18:17:25  9 December 2011
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On forum: 06/06/2011

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12/10/2011 2:48:57
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GSC Game World Shut down, STALKER 2 cancelled ?

"UPDATE 2: GSC director Dmitri Bourkovski has confirmed the closure of GSC and the cancellation of Stalker 2."
---END QUOTATION---!/Bourkovski/status/145146724279795712 Link to Dimitri's twitter

Edit : Dimitri's new tweet :!/Bourkovski/status/145184848074649600

To everyone reading this because of #GSC & #stalker2 news - I have no connection to GSC and I'm not Sergei Grigorovich (CEO of GSC). Cheers!

So it seems that our main "lead" for now is the Ukranews article linked below until we get an official response from Sergei or Oleg

"ORIGINAL STORY: GSC Game World has denied a Ukrainian news report that claims Stalker 2 has been cancelled and the developer shut down."

"Following the publication of a report that claimed the promising open world shooter had been canned after GSC founder and CEO Sergei Grigorovich decided to close the company, the official Stalker Twitter page posted: "No we have not closed GSC or cancelled."

Here's the Ukranews article in question : (Russian) (Same article translated to english)

Here's an Ukrainian videogame blogger weighing in on the issue (thanks to Lord Santa for the link!)

Edit : It seems that even more conflicting information keeps pouring in,here's a small article from (thanks to forum member ExoStalker) :

What is needed for a successful game? Of course, a unique, first of all PR. Creators of " STALKER 2 "was first published news of the alleged closure of GSC website Ukranews , then Twitter , thus making the game stalker GSC and the company most discussed in the network. In the GSC office moved Na'vi, so that seems to be true, but here is what GSC have built a new office space that no one has said. It can be assumed that the authors were looking for, thus the reason to merge kontserpt arts, because if they flowed into the network, it would have been much more (view they can be in the gallery ), moreover no one answered the phone and all that was written was from 3 hands, taking no part in the process of creating the game. I would like to emphasize that THQ is unlikely to give up GSC play for such sales, and the film, which is now removed, the series ... in the end of the book. The result is a unique free PR, and some intended for advanced users, which really about student talk. We look forward to the official announcement, see what he says Sergei. The more so that none of the GSC is nothing official about the fate of " STALKER 2 "is not mentioned.

So, this is the largest GSC-related news since the DRM-debacle but I haven't so far seen any threads about it.

Is there someone here in close contact with GSC that can either confirm(hope not) or deny (hopefully) it ?

If the shutdown is indeed true, then what will happen to the community ?
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