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OGSM translation.

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  14:06:19  11 March 2009
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Senior Resident

On forum: 02/13/2008
Messages: 376
I am going for the final version and then I send the text to Dexxx for some feedback and he will compile the full english version which I can upload for the english community.
I guess he wants to adjust the mod a little on the feedback that he got from the Russian community.
I am not sure how long its going to take,there was a little misunderstanding about the 'stash info recieved' translation and right now I am working to make the PDA a bit more personal.Some of the content and the feeling that OGSM was aiming at was lost during the translation and I am trying to get it back.

Things are looking good,I was able to make some progress the last 2 days.
  18:33:33  12 March 2009
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Senior Resident

On forum: 02/13/2008

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03/12/2009 18:42:25
Messages: 376
The translation is done

The english version of this mod will be released with the next patched version of the OGSM mod.
Anyone who wants a sneak peak then download this,

This is a fine day for the English stalker community,one of Russia's best mods is coming to us.

Here are some features of the mod,
- The player now starts the game with a new object in the inventory 'Experimental PDA'. It will mark the personal notes as well as a variety of useful information on monsters, locations, groups and legends of the zone.
- The first steps in changing the war factions (currently only in the swamps).In order to establish control over the marshes it is necessary to capture a number of key points. There will also be evident how the ERs and renegade militias in terms of resources. After the end of the plot on swamps simulation war groups independently continue, you can take in moderate involvement or you can go to the Cordon.
- The majority of the NPC's have a new line of dialogue 'DO you know any stories?'. Now, if you're lucky, NSP can tell an interesting story on the Zone, its history and inhabitants, and this information is further displayed in the new PDA.
- Corrected one-deteriorating relations with the bandits in cordon-and Agroprome in the performance of the secondary quests.
- Significantly reworked the final episode of the game: force the shooter off Elektra in his head, EM1 gun and rifle FN-2000 now have to search in the territory of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, off invulnerability among warring factions of stalkers, all without exception monolitovtsy will now attack the player.
- Fixed inability to use the sniper bullet 9h39 and armor for 7.62h54 «Thunderstorms», «Wall», «Vintoreza» and PTP, respectively.
- Fixed icons Wincheaster 1300, LR-300, SIG-550 and ??-14 «Groza-12», is not appropriate appearance weapons.
- Integrated "Artefact Respawn Fix" of Pavlov. Now the artifacts in the anomalous zones will be re «born» shortly after the removal of the previous ones.
- Adjusted basic characteristics of all weapons in the game. Now, each weapon actually has its advantages and disadvantages.
- Global redesigned the entire system upgrades.
- Adjusted characteristics of damage in different types of ammunition.
- Fixed aiming at the SPAS-12 and AC «Shaft».
- Fixed many bugs related to the operation, icons and descriptions of weapons and upgrades.
- Adjusted assortment of all merchants and their extensions as the respective groups. Also returned to the sale of all weapons and munitions that the game has never and nowhere appear «on the shelves».
- Restored full dialogue with Sidorovich after the return of loot.
- Restored dialogue with Forester,added questions about the repair.
- Corrected improvement in relations with «duty» and «Freedom», from the implementation of primary and secondary jobs.
- New awards for the assistance with the destruction of war on Cordon.
- Slightly adjusted some of the characteristics of the lowest artefacts.
- Increased the range and brightness of the flashlight.
- At the beginning of the freeplay the extra equipment is removed.
- Fixed the missing explosion and the actual killing of the first machine gunner in the hospital.
- Fixed possible loss of factions key characters on bases.
- Fixed the sudden death of Wolf's brother and Drifter.
- Replaced the image of some locations on the loading screen, atmospheric pictures from unused materials.
- Weapons on bases are allowed
- Strengthened resistance to tearing some stalkers.
- Fixed the lack of description on the global map 'stronghold' renegades near the bridge.
- Added freeplay and the missing level changers between the levels
- At all locations, new monsters added: chimera, cats, byurery, fractures, zombies, rats, and all others. All monsters respawn.
- In the Agroprom underground the rodents are replaced with rats
- In Limansk bandits key point are now hold by renegades to prevent the deterioration of relations with the bandits.
- New suits and armor can be upgraded with prescribed upgrades.
- NPC can now die from bleeding.
- NPC CAN now help to heal seriously wounded comrades, as well can heal themselves.
- With NPC you can now trade more.
- Restored and adjusted quest Inquisitor 'Find a map of migration' (only available gefore flooding the underground).
- Added dynamite in the game for any kind of demolitions from a distance
- Added Hospital level on the main map On a global map of the Zone map derived Hospital.
- Added the names of the locations and of the key points on the map when you hoover your cursor over them.
- Reinforced under-barrel grenade.
- Reduced accuracy and knockdown ability gunner at the checkpoint at Cordone.
- Fixed the inability to drag and drop objects in the Seva suit.
- Added all the missing suits and armor from all the factions.
- You can find suits on corpses.The trader prices are adjusted accordingly to that.
- Added monster parts.
- Added hunger.
- Added radio, harmonica and guitar which can be used to make music.
- Vodka gives a short-term protection against mental influence and restoring mental health.
- You can drag small objects and the corpses of monsters.
- indicators of hunger and sleep.
- indicator on the screen for mental health status.
- Added clock on the game screen (for normal and widescreen monitors).
- New indicators for radiation exposure and broken weapons(for normal and widescreen monitors).
- Added effect of the critical injuries.
- Added view of a third person.
- Added onscreen information for stash info
- Removed flashing disc icon.
- sleeping bag,you can sleep and dream.
- Added transparent tools.
- New bloody marks. Blood is now greater.

And lots of other changes
  18:48:36  12 March 2009
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918
Isn't most of this stuff already in 0.7?
as I wouldn't like to restart now
I've got fancy stuff while still in Cordon !
  18:54:20  12 March 2009
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Senior Resident

On forum: 02/13/2008
Messages: 376
No need for a restart just replace the v.07 for v.09.

I cannot guarantee that your saves will work when Dexxx releases the next patched version.
  19:19:17  12 March 2009
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Senior Resident

On forum: 07/19/2007
Messages: 1197
Can't download the translation :/
Upload it to mediafire or megaupload.
  19:48:12  12 March 2009
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Senior Resident

On forum: 02/13/2008
Messages: 376
Another link,

I just got an e-mail and I have a little bit of work left,so this is not the final version.
  19:49:29  12 March 2009
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Senior Resident

On forum: 04/30/2008
Messages: 187
Thanks for your work with this......but the download site doesnt work.

In fact its never worked for any file Ive ever tried to download from it and I spend an hour looking at ads......

  19:50:24  12 March 2009
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Senior Resident

On forum: 04/30/2008
Messages: 187
Sorry....posts crossed ...was referring to the 2shared site
  20:17:00  12 March 2009
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Cake Muncher


On forum: 01/08/2009

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03/12/2009 20:17:49
Messages: 4119
Which one would be better to use? CS: E or this?

EDIT: "CS " was supposed to be CS nhanced but it made an angry face lol.
  20:19:35  12 March 2009
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Senior Resident

On forum: 04/30/2007

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03/12/2009 20:23:46
Messages: 707
Does this mod address the grenade spam issue? If not, do you think it's compatible with the Less grenades mod?

Also, does it address some AI annoyances, such as being able to see you in the dark?
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