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is anomoly projectile possible

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  17:02:13  26 April 2012
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On forum: 05/13/2011
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is anomoly projectile possible

hi all

i have a question that some may find is rather silly, but

is it possible to set an anomoly effect to a projectile ?

for instance, say that your trying to take out enemy in a room but dont want to risk lobbing grenades or going in, but you have a weapon that fires a projectile that when it hits a solid surface ie: the floor, it could generate a vortex or whirlygig etc etc,

is it at all possible ?

its just a question as i have no modding abilities whatsoever, and find it very confusing with the terminology used within mods
  17:07:37  26 April 2012
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On forum: 03/29/2008
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Well basically, even if it were possible, it would not matter since you fired it.
Many ShoC mods include artefact activation, meaning you can take an artefact and create an anomaly with it, however if a npc walks into said anomaly and as a result gets injured or dies, it is still interpreted as a hostile action from the player by the game.

Actual modders might be more knowledgeable about the issue but it seems unlikely you will get a much different answer.
  12:04:07  27 April 2012
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Forklift operator


On forum: 09/08/2008

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04/27/2012 12:05:38
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Yes, it is possible. Like the previous poster said, many mods incorporate a mechanism (usually represented as an activation of an artifact) that can create a new anomaly in the game world. However, you mentioned that you were thinking about an item that shoots a projectile which creates anomalies on impact. That's a bit different, since I assume that all mods that have "creatable" anomalies, spawn them at a predefined distance from the player in the direction he is facing. Your idea requires that we know the coordinates of the projectiles impact point and I don't think it's possible to extrapolate those in certain circumstances. Let's look at a couple of scenarios:

1. The player fires his "anomaly gun" and the projectile hits an NPC, be it stalker or mutant.

That's an easy one. We just use the coordinates, level vertex id and game vertex id of the NPC that was hit and the anomaly is spawned directly under its feet. Works right? Right!

2. The player fires his "anomaly gun" and the projectile hits the ground.

Now thats the tricky part... How to know that the projectile hit the ground and finished its flight? There is no callback function like in the case of NPCs, that returns some value on the time of a hit. Secondly, how do we determine where the projectile "landed"? In order not to invoke complex calculations, I would assume the projectile flies in a straight line with 100% accuracy. We could use a hardcoded function from stalker's lua library that determines the level vertex id in the direction the player is facing. However that's just a 2d plane, so the result might end up highly inaccurate. The anomaly might sometimes spawn up to 2m away from the place that the projectile actually hit the ground, and that's only the possibility that I can foresee. There are always results that can completely surprise.

3. The player fires his "anomaly gun" and the projectile hits the wall of some building.

I have completely no idea how could we get the coordinates in such a scenario.

There you have it. I laid out the obstacles you might encounter in the development of such a modification. Know that I gave it a 10min thought, so there actually may be alternatives or methods I might have not taken into account.
  13:51:26  27 April 2012
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On forum: 05/13/2011
Messages: 100
thanx guys

i didnt realise the complexities involved in that idea

thanx smoq2 for giving a good explanation which i understood

this is why i dont try modding, i just dont have the understanding for it,

might be my age

ive only ever created one mod and that was for falloutt 3, it was one object and tbh not worth mentioning

but anyway thanx for the heads up
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