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SOC Style Addon Ver 1.4

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  17:12:49  6 July 2012
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On forum: 11/19/2010
Messages: 1991
SOC Style Addon Ver 1.4

SoC style everywhere ,even on the CS OGSM mod:

Installation order :

CS 15.10 + OGSM 1.8 CE + SOC Style Addon Ver 1.4

In the shortcut properties write-noprefetch. Speed ​​up boot time.
It is advisable not to climb in the ogsm_options.
At the beginning of the game Schram no knife and binoculars.
Do not worry.

At start :

Speed traduction of Readme:

SOC Style Addon Ver 1.4

Authors: PCFM Team
Special thanks to: Kaizer <3, Charsi, Kenni,
The use of use of mods \ authors: Lively addon, Drifter Addon, Paradise Lost, Old Good Sidor, RMA 1.1.5.vr, Gosuke Weapon Mod 4 v1.2, Cut X-Ray, Shadows Addon v0.6, Charsi, THE_ATLAS, Mechanic.92
The purpose of the addon - do ERs as PM, according to the plan of the atmosphere and feeling.

Full list of changes (Patch 1.4):
- The wolf is fully in PM with a gray AKS-74U.
- Amended text.
- Minor changes, clarification and correction of defects.

Full list of changes (Patch 1.3):
- Fixed an issue with the sound dostavaniya detector.
- Fixed an issue where the sound of reloading TOZ-34 was bildovsky. Returned to the original sound.
- Fixed a little counter NPC on the minimap.
- Sounds of the material change in the versions of the PM.
- Fixed a crash due to a non-existent visual PKK.

Full list of changes (Ver 1.0, 1.1, 1.2):
- Some post-effects as in PM (eg radiation).
- Fixed the HS. Wound healing is now faster, but the radiation itself is not going anywhere. Maximum portable weight - 50 kg.
- Ambient at locations both in the PM. Removed the sounds of birds, which can be heard at locations close to the center of the zone.
- ChNovtsev visuals and their service in a Hospital in build 3120. Armament Monolith since the same match.
- Visual Hog of PM (in the hood and a black cloak).
- Visual arrow in commercials PM. So is he now runs with the AKS-74U, and not with the SIG SG550.
- Return the bright-eyed. The person in PM.
- Restored epic Sidorovicha phrases during trading in PM.
- A full feature film as a PM with a status indicator of HS.
- Main Menu in PM. Added animated circles.
- Replaced the game intro, intro to the demo build 3120.
- Voiced by arms as in PM.
- The mode of aiming to fly in RMB.
- Background music for the locations in PM.
- Fix the burnt grass. Now the grass does not turn black in the distance. Normal is taken from the PM.
- The dark grass on the marshes as in build 3120.
- The grass in the Hospital as an in build 3120.
- The slopes at the Hospital as an in build 3120 (brown). In the original yellow.
- Music Sidorovicha in PM.
- More high-polygonal model of a Pig.
- Bloodsucker while cloaking itself is now completely invisible in the RFP.
- Tutorials in PM.
- Fixed a starter kit on the Marshes. For example, early in the game have no knife Scar (taken during the inspection), etc.
- In the basement of Sidorovich spawn trash as in PM (Balon and boxes).
- Enhanced voice GH during various injuries.
- Voiced by Sidorovicha in PM.
- Added "Yes, yes!" Sakharov. As in the PM.
- Sounds like a walking GG PM. A more quiet and not annoying.
- Voiced Monsters in PM.
- Added Sidorovich laptop and receiver horizon. As in the PM. The computer was removed.
- In the Valley of the Dark Gate are added as in the PM.
- More detailed spec bump from the 3120 version of the model ChNovtsam build 3120.
- Asphalt texture units (and this bump texture) in PM.
- Spark (like on a stand) burns more smoothly.
- Intro locations in PM.
- Board for Research terrane agricultural industry.
- Hospital for terrane is from build 3120.
- Corrected the Global Map. Removed cloudy with some places marked Marshes build 1935 and build generators in 1935.
- Load in PM. But the inscription games ERs.
- Invertar in brown tones in PM.
- PDA's in a brown tone.
- Mode of running for the PKM, SVD, RG-6 and RPG-7.
- New animations for running a PKM, SVD and SVU.
- You can rotate the camera during a death HS in PM.
- Added detection of anomalies. In the ERs and the RFP is not clear how GH recognizes radiation. Give ChNovtsy. Discarded and can not be sold.
- Barred with the right lamp shades.
- Bildovskoe helicopter crash.
- Voiced by propaganda Debt in PM.
- Voiced by radio in MegaFon Debt in PM.
- Descriptions of mutants, groups, and locations of anomalies in the style of the PM \ builds.
- While taking a job to be thin printed his name. As in the PM.
- Post-effect in Poltergeist in the RFP.
- Radioactive attack in psevdogigant in the RFP.
- Improved minimaping. The command in the console r2_tf_mipbias. The limit is now 3.
- Fixed a game engine. 10 slots for artifacts, a collision of bodies, the decision of departure "can't find rank", the ban on weapons dostavanie on the stairs.
- Added a pseudodog bildovskaya attack.
- Possibility of loss for weapons near the location of Psi Burer.
- The weather close to the visual version of PM.
- Visual Tramps with a face like in the RFP.
- Ozvuka Ecologists in PM.
- Addition of voice Monolith PM.
- Armor All were added to 5 artifacts. Artifacts at a minimum of 5, maximum is now 10.
- Adapted from a complete fix departure in military warehouses.
- More than a dim flashlight in PM.
- Tutorialny ChNovets on the tower during the discharge is going crazy.
- Adapting the menu and a thin widescreen monitors.
- Restored the third attack of bloodsuckers.
- The Dungeons are added agricultural industry anomaly type Aspic and a poster map. As in the PM.
- The Hospital Added pseudodog, which is mentioned in the early artah ERs.
- Return to bump some of the NPCs and weapons instead of "crooked."
- Patterns of some of the NPC builds. There is a mix of builds and finalki.
- GG added sweater.
- By default, the texture is thin hands bildovskaya glove.
- Gamma maps of locations and a global map as a PM.

An I would say an enormous Thank's also to LiquidBronze for your OGSM Eng Translation 1.8 "Community Edition"

Which help me extremely to translate in my native language!
We the new addon, I still have to work quite a bit, but how it was nice to translate your english traduction so good and remarquably written.
Quasi nothing to correct ,all comprehensive directly,so good!
A real pleasure!
Ah,if all the mod was like that...unfortunatly it's far to be the case!

Thank's to you Mr LiquidBronze .
  17:25:58  6 July 2012
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Senior Resident

On forum: 09/28/2009
Messages: 228

Seeing that something similar was posted in CoP forums, I can say this: it looks amazing! I mean I do love SoC UI, and indeed would love port it to CS.

However, I got two questions:
1) do I need to start a new game?
2) is it working only with OGSM or can I use with ZRP?
  17:44:37  6 July 2012
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On forum: 11/19/2010

Message edited by:
07/06/2012 17:45:06
Messages: 1991

Like I said ,the only way for me I had to start that ,is :

CS 15.10 + OGSM 1.8 CE + SOC Style Addon Ver 1.4

I took the opportunity to change the options of launching of OGSM 1.8.

With my old saves on OGSM,after install the SoC Style addon,I can't start the game
(I tried ,it would have been well !But unfortunatly not).

The merge with SRP will be more complicate with the all.spawn.
Not really ...on the agenda
The OGSM is almost... perfect
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