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CS is a Ghost town - need a HC mod

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  00:28:16  2 March 2013
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On forum: 03/25/2007
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I believe that yesterday I actually found the cause of the most frequent crash, which if solved will make it actually fairly stable.

One other thing I forgot to mention:

-Mimics CoP's system of having two primary weapons, not a "rifle and pistol slot"


That's great! What was the cause of the crashing ?

I just can't play a game where i have to use or set auto saves especially to such short intervals. I don't see the point of playing a hard mod on high difficulty when there is no penalty for dieing.

Also, can i ask what the economy is like in TFW ? - One of the major issues i have with all mods and vanilla is the economy is so very easy and exploitable for the player. ABCI's economy is ridiculous, I had to nerf selling prices by 85% and the place is still a gold mine. :\
  04:59:35  3 March 2013
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On forum: 10/22/2008
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The cause of the particular crash that I found is that when a base is attacked, the NPC's go into alert mode - this is normal and supposed to happen. When this happens, the traders, and other "base" NPC's disappear (also normal). However, if you have a trade window open with the trader (probably the mechanic, too), the game crashes when the NPC disappears.

As far as the economy - I really can't give you an easy "yes" or "no" simply because everyone has different opinions on what a "hard" economy is, as you probably know. We have even been told that "the economy is too brutally hard" and "it's too easy to make money" on the same thread page. Everyone has different opinions.

What I CAN tell you, however, that in my experience I never seem to have too much money, always "just enough to do what I want". This is largely due to the fact that all guns that are dropped are 50% or below condition (as opposed to the default of 70-80%), as well as having one to three companions to equip. If you were to play without using companions, you'd probably have more than you need (untested), but suit upgrades in particular are EXPENSIVE. And since your companions actually BENEFIT from suit upgrades, it can cost a TON of money to fully equip them for any given tier.

It also depends a lot on how lucky you get with stashes (they are randomized every game. It is POSSIBLE, but OBSCENELY RARE to get an exosuit at the beginning of the game. I've only ever had it happen once, and I've played this game a LOT. Suits in general are VERY rare, and getting one you want is even harder. If you snag the suit type you want, but it's for the wrong faction, you can pay your faction's mechanic to repaint it to your colors (essentially swapping the suit out, ie Freedom SEVA, turn it into a Duty SEVA).

I hope that Smoq focuses on stability next patch (I'm going to bug him about it, because it's also MY biggest BIGGEST peeve as well). If the current version was made perfectly stable, I'd probably never play any other game again. So much of this mod is randomized and based on environmental factors that it's never the same twice, even when you know how things work behind the scenes
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