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[MOD] Main Quest Line change (Minor Spoiler)

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  13:37:43  7 September 2008
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09/07/2008 14:18:18
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[MOD] Main Quest Line change (Minor Spoiler)

apparently i released this mod hastily, in my own testing it seems the script that transfers your inventory to the bandit stash has broken
working on it now


I cant seem to find out whats bugging it.
i'll post what i've done and maybe someone more talented can release a working one, haha
Clear Sky Dir\gamedata\configs\scripts\garbage\
file = gar_space_restrictor_fang_pda_cellar.ltx

in this file is the script for being robbed in the cellar
on_timer = 3000 | sr_idle@unconscious_stop_1 %=take_money(all) =relocate_actor_inventory_to_box(718) +gar_story_ambush_remove =disable_anomaly(700) =teleport_actor(gar_bandit_ambush_teleport_walk:gar_bandit_ambush_teleport_look)%

i've tried removing =take_money(all) and i have also tried changing "all" to "0" and another random but small number

all methods work, you get robbed, you keep your money
however. retrieving items from the cache results in barely any of your gear there, basically just some ammo of random assortments

why is beyond me, this is my first attempt at modding clear sky (or stalker at all for that matter)

you could i guess, change it so niether your money nor your gear are taken, but that would make the quest completly useless.
i could release it in that form i suppose. but i'll wait to see if someone can do what i've been trying to do properly


not sure if this should go here
or with the SoC mods in the mod section, but anyway

this is a very small/simple mod that alters the ambush by bandits in the garbage, more specifically the part where they take all your money and burn it... or throw it around the country side, or something else which means it vanishes!

mod simply stops them taking your money, unrealistic i know. but atleast all that hard earned money you've been getting to save up for that nice new armor at duty who you can't join yet because you have to get ambushed by bandits doesn't dissapear ! (speaking from personal experiance)

anyway, have fun.

btw if someone has a better place to upload this, i'm all ears
(Scanned with Eset NOD32 Antivirus)

just like any normal mod, put the gamedata folder into your stalker clear sky folder
can be used in any other mods or whatever, all rights/permissions are free.
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