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Geting npc visual and forcing npc into animation.

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  14:36:21  22 August 2013
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On forum: 09/08/2008
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You cannot force an NPC to play any animation without implementing a whole new AI module, which is basically an action it will perform when certain conditions are met.

I think AI is the most difficult task when it comes to scripting, so I suggest downloading a simple mod that allows NPCs to pick up items, and see how it is done. I can't seem to find it anymore though.

As for getting a visual, google packet_utils21.script. It is my version of packet utils, adapted to CS (since the original didn't work for CS). Then use this

local data = packet_utils.21.get_object_data(npc:id())
local model = data.visual_name

The "model" var will contain the path to the NPCs mesh.
  06:02:22  22 August 2013
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On forum: 02/09/2012
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Geting npc visual and forcing npc into animation.

I am looking for a way to get npc's visual (outfit).
I read about function "get_visual_name()" but it was added only in CoP.
I read something about getting visual with net packets but cant understand how its done.

Another thing is, I need to force npc into animation.
The problem is that, npc wont go into animation probably because its being overridden by something with more priority.
Even if animation start playing npc instantly goes back to what it was doing.
Any way to force npc into animation without him leaving it no matter what?
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