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Sky Reclamation Project - v1.0.2 RC1 questions, help needed…

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  21:04:25  17 May 2013
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05/17/2013 21:44:04
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Sky Reclamation Project, SRP-v1.0.2 RC1 questions, help needed…

Hello all,

I'm new to STALKER-CS. After having enjoyed playing STALKER-SHoC with the additions of ZRP and STALKER Modifier v1.1, I have decided that I don't want to play CS unless I have something similar added. Therefore, I have spent some time reviewing the bug issues, mod discussions, and mods descriptions that are available here and on some other sites (STALKER Filefront and MOD.DB etc). There appears to be several promising mods by various authors; some that fix bugs, others modifying equipment, some that improve graphics, etc. No doubt that many of the authors have invested a lot of time and effort, to which I commend them, as it is much appreciated. Thank You Authors!!!

1.) My Laptop PC is old and will play STALKER-CS best using the Low Graphics Settings, therefore I'm Not interested in the graphics tweaks (unless I can get better FPS).

2.) The bug fixes are an absolute Must Have, my game is Steam version set to the latest patch v1.5.10 and I have already tried it with SRP v1.0.2 RC1. Additionally, I have played briefly without any mods, second short play with SRP, and third short play with SRP plus about half of the optional features added. I haven't left the Swamps area yet, but everything seemed to work fine.

3.) I tried a fresh install with Clear Sky Complete v1.1.3 added, because SRP was reportedly included and there were additional equipment modifications that I was interested in. However, my frame rate dropped considerably and the graphic improvements were too much for my PC even on low settings. ArtistPavel has an awesome mod with Complete, but I decided it won't work well with my laptop. Therefore, I uninstalled all STALKER-CS and Complete files, so that I can start with a new fresh install.

4.) I have downloaded (but not installed) several mods that have features that I am interested in incorporating in my fresh install of STALKER-CS… With some of these additional mods, I believe that I can just modify existing game files to achieve my intended results. However, with others I will have to merge the gamedata folders/files. THIS IS WHERE I NEED SOME CLARIFICATION and have SOME QUESTIONS.

Please Note:
I have also downloaded Don Reba's Smart Mod Manager (SMM) with the hope that this may make merging files less tedious. However, I haven't tried it yet, because it says my Clear Sky is version: "1.000300", instead of the latest patch v1.5.10 (which is clearly stated in lower left corner of menu screen).

Clear Sky Community Patch / SRP v1.0.2 RC1 [link][/link]
SRP v1.0.2 RC1 (by Decane and others) with the following optional features installed manually:
-Reduced Grenade Spam
-Faction War Tweaks
-NPC Weapons Stored in backpack on death
-Pistols use Iron-sights
-Sleeping Bag + No-Intro Movies
-Smaller Inventory Grids
-Default Main Menu Quit Game Behavior

Modifications found in ClearSky MOD Pack v1.0 (by Bad_Motha)
-75kg Carry Weight (Bad_Motha has it set to 500kg, but I will change it to something more realistic)
-MP5 can now go in the pistol slot
-Real Weapons Names, including name fixes to dialog / quests
-Allows the use of weapons ANYWHERE, no more being forced to put your weapon away in certain areas; i.e. Bases, Camps, Trade areas
-Improved sounds for all weapons
-Realistic & accurate scopes
-Realistic accuracy and damage for Abakan, AK-74, AKS-74U, Beretta, MP5, SVD

-Healing Bandages + Medkits stop bleeding mod v1.1 (by Lux, AKA LuxZg)

-Minimap mod - blue dot for dead bodies v1.1 (by Lux, AKA LuxZg)

-No Garbage Mugging Fix v1.0a, where you keep your money only, but lose equipment (by Supernatur4L)

-PDA maps with Points-Of-Interest Names - Map-Pack Mod v1.2 (by Lux, AKA LuxZg), but this made the added names very blurry/unreadable on my PDA Map.

-Non-Degrading Weapons v1.0 (by Dracon1c), because I enjoyed the non-degrading special weapons feature from SHoC ZRP… I know that it is kinda noobish, but I liked it.

A.) The ReadMe for SRP mentions LuxZg's: PDA maps with Points-Of-Interest Names - Map-Pack Mod v1.2, as an optional feature in an earlier version of SRP. I could not find files that looked similar when comparing the latest version of SRP to Lux's files. Is this still an additional feature of the latest SRP v1.0.2 RC1?

B.) This question is related to the one above… Is Lux's: blue dot for dead bodies v1.1 included, because it is mentioned in the SRP ReadMe also?

C.) I am prepared to take the mod files (mentioned under goals above) and create a new copy of SRP with the additional mod files manually merged into a heavily modified SRP Copy which I could then merge into my STALKER-CS Root Folder. I know that sounds like a lot of work… Does anyone know of an easier way? Would using Don Reba's SMM (Smart Mod Manager) make that task easier and safer?

THANKS FOR READING, sorry that this post was so long… Any Help would be appreciated.

  11:57:51  18 May 2013
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Both (a) and (b) are answered in the SRP readme. Quoting:


v0.6 BETA
- Removed the optional mods, in order to keep the SRP clean and simple. Complete SRP package size is now only 1195KB.


That's just a couple of lines above the entry for v0.5 which mentions both of Lux's mods. So the answer is 'no' to both those. With regards to (c), AFAIK you have two choices:

1. Don's SMM; or
2. A manual merge.

#1 would be faster - but may not be able to correctly handle every situation (I would imagine that as with any automated tool, there are possible circumstances which it would not know how to handle). An incorrect merging of mods in STALKER will give you no end of grief - so this is a serious consideration. #2 is slower - but surer. Honestly, if I was doing this, I'd create the gamedata folder outside of CS first (as you have proposed) via method #2, and then just copy it across into the CS folder as a totally new gamedata folder.
  07:14:21  29 May 2013
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On forum: 12/08/2012
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Romulous, thanks for replying. I appreciate your assistance.

1st let me apologize for my late reply, things have been busy.

2nd I completely overlooked the "Removed the optional mods..." line in the readme... My error.

3rd I agree with your advice and I have begun the process of manually merging mod files and testing several versions of various combinations.

Finally, I have decided to create two new mod compilations with several new tweaks and features that I am attempting to implement.

If my creations work (and after gaining permission from several authors) I may decide to post these Mods on and if I do then I will be sure to credit you for your assistance.

Thanks again,
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