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Ok, so let's talk about monitors' resolutions...

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  11:12:51  1 May 2013
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On forum: 06/02/2009
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Thanks a lot. That's exactly the kind of answer I was expecting
  09:26:28  1 May 2013
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1) No, vanilla scopes are already correctly done. However the game only supports 4:3 and 16:9 by default (and 5:4 since its so similar to 4:3). 16:10 screens do have some issues with the scopes, but it isn't really possible to fix it unless you decide to make the scopes_16.xml in 16:10 ratio, not 16:9 (and then its the 16:9 who have problems)

2) Only one way really: hope they are using a 4:3, 5:4 or 16:9 ratio monitor. Otherwise there is going to be issues.

3) Yep. Normal 4:3 resolutions use the plain file, while 16:9 versions use the _16 version. Basically, any widescreen version (usually 16:x uses the _16 file, while anything else (4:3, 5:4, etc) uses the plain file.

This image should help:
It basically explains the math in working out how to make widescreen interfaces. 16:9 is done in 4:3 co-ords, and then stretched out. All UI's are done on a 1024x768 space, so if the monitor doesn't scale up (or down) well from this (like 16:10), then the game will have issues displaying the scope overlay.
  17:19:36  30 April 2013
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On forum: 06/02/2009
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Ok, so let's talk about monitors' resolutions...

Hi everyone, I'm in need of some help about this particular aspect of modding. I explain you brievly: I own an old screen (year 2000, 15" and I simply have never been able to go higher than the classical 1024x768 screen resolution. My monitor is fantastic, with gorgeous colors, unlike these unwashed ones on most modern monitors but that ain't the topic

What I know is that certain people owning high resolution monitors seem to have trouble using scopes on certain weapons. Basically, the image isn't well scaled, and reveals the normal ingame field of view on far left and far right of the screen (or whatever issues like this one they may encounter).

I have been told, by someone who apparently had that issue, that to edit the scopes_16.xml file located in gamedata\configs\ui accordingly could fix it very easily.
The only thing to do would be to replace the classical 1024x768 values with one's current screen resolution (example: 1280x800).

This is where I come with few questions.

1/ First off, do we also need to edit the vanilla scopes? Like the classical crosshair one, and the l85 and fn2000 ones...? Do people playing on higher resolutions also have issues with scopes on unmodded Clear Sky?
Forgive my ignorance; as I already told you, I have never played any game any time, at least on my computer, with a better resolution than 1024x768... So everything above is like an unknown world to me.

2/ Secondly, strangely enough I haven't been able to find any topic talking about this fix (consisting in editing the scopes_16.xml), so, is there any better way to allow people playing mods on high resolutions and being able to use scopes normally in the same time?

3/ And thirdly, there's a file called "scopes.xml" which does basically the same thing as this "scopes_16.xml". So what does the "16" means? Is is the ratio?
If so, then 4:3 screen resolutions should be edited in normal "scopes.xml" and 16:9 ones should be edited in the "scopes_16.xml"? Is this a correct reasonning...?

You will notice that the reason I'm asking this is to make a big, concrete and working special patch for my mod allowing people to play it easily on any known monitor, and this without enduring the issue with scopes going wrong. So any help will greatly facilitate your own use of it, because instead of having to edit files yourself (which is long, considering the amount of scopes the mod has), you will simply have to open a specific folder, and copy'n paste some file from it.

Still, thanks for helping me!
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