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Spartan 11:11 Mod

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  04:20:06  30 August 2009
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On forum: 09/29/2008

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08/30/2009 4:23:12
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Ah! good work spartan
But so far, in the first map, i am already experienced lots of diffcluites such as
1)no teammate or enemy icons appear on the mini-map,
2)too expensive bandage (there no way i can survive in a fight without 2~4 bandages),
3)took me 5 shots of sinper rifle to take down one enemy,
4)no zoom in when i right click,
5)the headlight is not bright enough for dark places
6)lost of stamina when i use bandage or first aid kit
7) super inaccurate weapon, like regular pistol

Well, perhaps there are more for me to explore, but, so far, i think the pervious verison works better.
Thanks for your work anyway.
  03:47:00  30 August 2009
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Senior Resident

On forum: 03/29/2009
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Mutant parts now are active.
some are nades type, some eatable for super powers. just be warned. Crows give
you a food product, quik meal, RAW.

I've been interested in that for a long time. What did you do to be able to pick up the crows?
  20:03:07  29 August 2009
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Whos got the Kokoretsi?


On forum: 07/07/2009

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08/29/2009 20:39:52
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Spartan 11:11 Mod Beta SE


Genral Changes;

OO;Fixed all issues addressed in forums. many listed below.
OO;All langauges supported. (beta still needs translation change)
XO;New Music at Tittle Screen, Night and other, from various Mods.
OO;Few more sound changes in music and reorder of camp timings, guitar AND
HARMONICA, Plus Jokes Speech and responses. not many changes, just good ones.
alot of it is beta, but all is good. example, a Rambo tune in battle, when you
turn on dynamic music.(beta)
XX;No more little white disk flashing at bottom screen.
XO;More Blood and Blood rates. Also X-Tra Tweaked Blood pouring.
OO;Binocoular redone 8x with better pic veiw, removed braket and sound indicator.
OO;Can jump a touch higher and Walk a less slower. moveing side to side and
crouching speeds redone, plus little things along this line , that give your
charector movements more fluid and real.
OO;Slightly changed the weapons curser, to a less eys sore degree, for those that
use dynamic cursor.
OO;Artifacts Cost, Weight and specs slightly changed, more variation than just a
neg and pos aspect.
OO;Medical items are re-done, Names,cost,weight and effects.
OO;Devices pick up range changed and diffrent specs.
XX;New icon for Stalker.(i cut'n'pasted the image,insted of just useing file, onto
original, Had black all over, no big deal)
OO;Over all game finance balance. meaning; thats the game is finantially balanced
to a degree were you wont be to poor early, or to rich later on, for avrage
playing rate v Time, mission rewards ecs.., sort of calculated in my head, all
at once. from items to artifacts, to weapons to armour/outfits.
OO;Faction War changes, fully redon map rates on faction hold points. example the
swamps where 50 pecent takeover till move next part, now its higher. this a
basic change amoung others wich tweak the Faction Wars itself. plus many many
other tweaks to add to this change. all sections and areas tweaked and fully
tested. With huge changes in attack and defend options for all factions,
monsters now attack points more and hold choke points in npc faction wars, more
realistic and fun, call it "Spartans faction wars",(check files out if you know
how), was easy but needs perfect game play balance, in fact it now feels like
factions waring and monsters make it worse. If you find any static monster
squads, there Boss Squads, big bad mutants, with smaller gaurds, take
care. oh and enjoy. Huge changes in all maps, and Objective(main or sub) is safe.
Monolith have better goals take overs and so do other factions not seen in vanila
faction wars.
XO;The conan the barbarian tv!!! on computer, had to remove the nice ****
For now il use this, until the proper fix.(beta)
OO;Realistic torch. No more Car head lights for torches. Dont fret you have night
vision or flares to play with. Adds fear to game, its fun useing this moded
torch in the swamps.
OO;Realistic weight changes, 50 kilos limit, 65 kilos you stop, you can how
ever boost this with artifacts or high grade outfits.
OO;Food and Hunger, aprox every 15 hours of hunger to loose max stamina to about 50
percent, thats if you dont eat from a full stomach. of course you can eat any
time you want your max stamina back up.
XO;ATM sleeping bag. slight tweaks and changes, removed surprize, you can sleep
now anywhere, just make sure it aint in the middle of actaul danger. be carefull
OO;Now you can stealth, behind AI, dont ask the numbers, i tweaked it, its
long and to hard to explain, basically perseption is tweaked with sound and
whole lot of other, to create this bit, amazingly, it fixes many issues also,
like npc seeing you threw bushes, or similare. Same with mutants, altho they
vary for mutants.
OO;Re-lease body manager slight changes, more bodies before dissapearing, vanilla
was 15, now 25.
OO;HUD changes:clear invetory,trading huds. mini map compass (kept forgeting blue
is north, any way easier to read now). no more Enemy, freind or allie
indications on mini map and pda, no mutants or other. Mini map and PDA only
show objectives and other fine points in the game, example trader guids and
important npc.(beeping removed). Also other small changes.
XO;Added better Radio and music at Bars, each Faction has its own, realistic dooms
day feel.beta only at CSky base.note: all these sounds from vanilla, chopped added
redone, plus Harmonica sounds from various mods. 3 files, still had to fix and
create 1 test beta harmonica.(beta)
OO;Plus many more. small changes.

Monster\Npc changes;

XO;Added missing monsters useing faction commander 1.5 cutpack.
"m_chimera.ltx" "m_cat.ltx" "m_burer.ltx" "m_fracture.ltx" "m_zombie.ltx".
were added in Faction_monster, altho i had to fix many things to be compateable
with this mod, long changes, but all good. and slight changes in textures, more
again to my desire. Also i re-hauled the monster squads to a realism setting
degree, example; defending or main squads are set as is, the rest are random,
the set squads would have, lets say they wont have weak or dogs and cats together.
sort of along those lines, usally the set sqauds have a boss figuer and the rest
are weaker than boss, and so on, defencine moster squads would usally have a
giant(preudogiant) and attacking suards faster and more on assault. this even in
monsters, oh and area plays big role.(note this is also with NPC but more complex).
I also made many new "types" for each monster group, oh and more acurate attack
methods, example=standing on high ground aint safe any more if you meet a certain
mutant wich jumps high(1 example, the snork_jumper) they hit you even if on a tree,
you can tell the jumpers and the grounded mutants easy.
OO;Respawn re-done; times. often = 30min, medium = 60min, seldom = 90min. plus
mutants spawn even more at night.(non all.spawn file mutants). careful in morning
assaults, monsters uassally have taken over most points at night.
OO;Texture changes to Monsters, like the above, slight changes to my desire, exa;
more red in eyes, or yellow, small thing, and some big changes to overall look,
there was lots of unlocked vanilla to use and play with. thnx,
OO;AI FIRE DISPERSIONS tweaked, no more run and gun homeing bullets, no more of
that. now if you see ai stop or crouch, ai are way better at aiming. tested
and balanced. if npc run and gun, they shoot bad, if they stop to aim, take cover.
OO;Massive fixes and tweaks in Monsters, vanilla had some locked to bitin\def_
wich is blank sound, i redone them, more animalistic feel, more moening and
groaning. Also other line fixes and aditions, to rebalance and enhance the
mutant monsters. they now scare even me. some all unlocked and added to desisere
affect, vanilla had some missing, and im not talking about poltigiest where its
suposed to, but i did anyway.
XX;Russian Names, no more stupid stalker names.
XO;All NPC Speak Russian\Ukrain, exept for Freedom, Clear Sky and a few NPC's.
OO;Some very important NPC cant die, was tempted to Make alot of NPC death proof,
but you know, it would stuff up the balance.(needs more people to add(beta))
OO;Squad roles redone. Clear sky have swamp squads weopon layouts while bandits
squad weopon layouts differ. example = Stalker faction squads roles would have
1 HMG, 1 Sniper and a few this and that. Some like military have medics. Each
squad basically has a LMG a sniper and so forth, depending on rank. now they
are armed to the teeth, good luck. this will not be easy, alot now carry better
weopons. camps will be more armed and squads wont die so fast with mutant
hoards, Faction V Faction is whole diffrent story, prepare for chaos.
OO;Npc's and all sim_Ai, have now a radical change of items and other found on
them more diverse and new files create for vast default out comes. basically,
you dont know what you could find when searching bodies. or when trading with
OO;Npc's have larger amounts of money, No more every ones got 5000, Money amounts
are calculated at random for each npc acording to his rank.
OO;Npc's now loot amoung other tasks. its funny to see them loot, be quick, or
you might have to buy things off your own kills, hehe adds that scavenge feel.
OO;Mutant Parts for all mutants with fixed icons and extra tweaks, Hunting now is
fun and worth the bullets. Warning;Arm your self to the teeth if on hunting
trip. mutant parts vary to whom you can sell to. Mutant parts now are active.
some are nades type, some eatable for super powers. just be warned. Crows give
you a food product, quik meal, RAW.
OO;AI swithch torch off, when in danger or in battle.(careful of the suited up AI,
they probly certainly have night vision. noobs have the head torches, also
re-positioned head torch, for more relistic feel that its on your forehead, not
your eye level, walk up to a wall, youl see.Also 5am to 9pm AI use no lights.
OO;Tech overhaul, now Technitions work on all items, varies on Tech. as long as
that particalur tech doesnt need the flash card.
OO;Plus many more. small changes.

Weapon and Armour\Outfit Changes;

XO;DV-2 Spetsnaz Knife. Balistics more deadly, if your down and out in ammo, try
the knife, its a 1 hit kill, to about 95 percent of monsters. Its not the best
in range, and you still got to be careful. Exellent against bloodsuckers.
OO;12 Totally NEW weapons. i had trouble finding out how to get seprate ddl files
on the same weapon, with difrent textures useing a similar weapon, example a
rusted Shoty and a dark black shoty, couldnt do it, i found out its filed
useing mesh program, i cant be bothered doing mesh, i only want few new weapons
, so i found me some meshes..... thank you "Basix GFX-CS v.1.0", i only used
the mesh files, some texture files some ui texture files and so forth , to
create what i needed, and wallaa! 12 NEW Weapons, fully done and remaked to
my mods requiements, and soforth, to produce the weapons.
XO;Some Vanila Weapons now have nicer Textures to fit the roll with New weapons.
OO;All Scope sight ddl's slightly changed view. much nicer, less crampy.
OO;NEW Scope set, 1.6x, 2.5x, 4x and 8x, for each scope minor changes.
OO;4 new Armour\outfits, fully done with proper icons, plus extra.
OO;Armour/Outfits can now upgrade Artifact slots, acording to my spec likeing,
Also other slight changes, cost,weight and other.
OO;Balistics, gun rates and other fine tuneing all changed. Very long hours of
studing forums and game testing, to create a perfect balitics and rate for
weapons more enjoyable and dynamic to game feel. note each and every weapon,
includeing the New weapons are very finelly tweaked, in almost all rate line
OO;Massive Ammo changes, Vanilla had them all stufed up, some types had same
specs, but were not suposed to. wierd, but all fixed to also match new
Balistics in weapons. big changes, also extra real desc and other, Balistics
being the biggest change, icon fixes plus more. Be aware, ammo is GOLD in the
zone, there expensive and hard to stock up.
OO;Cost,weight and minor rates of weapons changed to be more intune with weapon
types and feel.
XO;Way better Weapon sounds, Chosen from best mod sounds, Also more extra sounds
wich are fully new to list.
OO;Smoke grenades unlocked in game, commonly sold.
OO;Light Flares in game. White, red, green and blue colours. throw white and red
and get a pink light, funny and fun, and usefull. Flares are still in nade
slot, just be more tactical when auto choosing or what Carry if you dont like
the to many flares in nade slot, its your tactics. Plus im Keeping all 4
colours and Faction colour prefrance, also way less flares in AI Squads, im
keeping the guessing game, im just makeing it VERY less frequent.
OO;Pistols have iron sights. was easier than the PKM, but very nice, with extra
aim tests and focus.
OO;PKM has iron site. took me 2 days to figure it out, no other mod or numbers
worked for wide screen and norm. plus no sprint with PKM. solves AI issues.
OO;No more "Hud Zoom: on Iron sights, you can still aim, but it wont zoom. when you
scope it zooms. plus all weopons and pistols aim and speed of aim(iron sights)
are redon, to suit realism.(exept the toz34 and toz35)
OO;Guns able in center camps, hated it when your in garbage outpost, and walla
bandits Spawn but cant draw your weapon, Glitch... no glitch now.
OO;Weapon names Changed to real names, plus slight changes in description. note;
had to change other text files also like quest weapon names ecs.
XO;Upgrade skins changed with ui icon corrections.
OO;Sawn offs, mp5 style and certain other special weapons, can be held in the gun
slot. with all fixes.(delete this line wen fixed scanner prob)(beta) needs bit
OO;Plus many more. small changes.

Trader Changes;

OO;Trader changes are MASSIVE and very complicated, i made it more buy and sell
Freindly, no more rip offs in genral sales, unless its a specific unwanted item.
factions are more intune with the trading aspect. NPC's now trade better and with
more Cash. alot of changes and trading tweaks, apart from faction prefrences added,
i fixed the vanila rates also, and unlocked certain traders and locked others.
OO;Upgrade Fash Cards are now randomly sold by NPC, if they got them. solves missing
3rd card in vanilla, Also adds more dynamics to trade with Cards.
OO;Many, many, other things i came across, to many explain, basically heaps line
fixes and texture changes, small small. Plus other tweaks. some unlocked and some
fully done.
x;A Spartans Bonus folders, for light moding by the user, wich incluse Funnies,
Spartan gear set ups, help and more. for your prefrance needs. just copy\paste
your prefrance and your done. full help notes included.(beta)


forget B|K forums . i never go there again, i did today, but guess what, anyway.
il answer here, stuff B|K and the lost fat ****s

  14:37:21  27 August 2009
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On forum: 06/16/2009
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Cant wait for this now.... gonna be ace....
  06:00:27  22 August 2009
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Whos got the Kokoretsi?


On forum: 07/07/2009
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All is going good. Beta SE is turning out fine, with minor issues im steamrolling out, after pass few days, il be safe to say that withing 7 days, from this post dated, il be releasing "Beta SE"
as for B|K forums, the web server provided got virus, that dos one, any way.
things in forum should be ok, i had talk with B|Ks main man, and hes setting up a new one if the Forums dont get running, but thats not really that important, at moment.

ok, see you guys soon.

  09:33:07  18 August 2009
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On forum: 08/18/2009

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08/18/2009 9:38:04
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hopefully in 2 to 3 days, i can give a final date release(official) for Beta SE.
in fact i will, withing 3 days. hope its not much, the 3 days should finish the bulk of it.

Sounds awesome Spartan.. Looking forward to it Very much so will keep an eye out in the next couple days for the new download..

BTW.. your web site was doing good the past few days but it looks down at the moment.. I saw you mention that it was no-more but again, since you posted that, it had been up the better part of last week.. Is it down for sure, in limbo, still going to be up & running?

Feel free to contact me if you need any help running this next release hard through the wringer a couple times and report back on it..
  03:50:21  17 August 2009
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Whos got the Kokoretsi?


On forum: 07/07/2009
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Hows it coming along Spartan?

a bit slow, i had few set backs with slep and hunger, plus i wasted 5 days on nothing(was trying to add battle dog in certain squads) it all worked, but the ai didnt react to monster(dog) issues.
the main problem was, in relations, i couldnt find the files or lines needed to make the dog, part of squad AI without it thiking mutant,
the was few errors in attack, and who attacks who, i solved it about 99 percent, any way, i scraped it, and now im back on track, ive changed so much, i got to buy a new exercise book to write in.
hopefully in 2 to 3 days, i can give a final date release(official) for Beta SE.
in fact i will, withing 3 days. hope its not much, the 3 days should finish the bulk of it.
  06:43:08  16 August 2009
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On forum: 07/26/2009
Messages: 38
Hows it coming along Spartan?
  05:39:52  13 August 2009
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Whos got the Kokoretsi?


On forum: 07/07/2009
Messages: 1971
NOTE; no more B|K, il answer best here if i can, np.
  05:08:20  13 August 2009
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Whos got the Kokoretsi?


On forum: 07/07/2009
Messages: 1971

Spartan, Ive tested your mod :

First most of my previous saves crashed on loading, and the only one working crashed when I tried to get back to the cordon. But I suppose it's because of new contents.

So I've started a new game :
- when you really start to play (after the wave on the tower), you are attacked by a group of new mutants as soon as you begin. I've tried to kill them but even a shot in the head at 50cm with a shotgun does not kill them (still unrealistic like in vanilla clear sky).
- Some time later after killing some bandits i've found 3 of your new weapons : The renegade (either bugged or way too strong I kill bandits with only 2 or 3 hits at medium range), Hunter and PK machine gun. I think it's way too much too fast.
- And, as usual in Stalker, enemies are robots : always detect you from far (even at night with rain), no surprise, deadly accuracy (event at long range, when you're hidden by vegetation/rocks/walls/..), ...

I've stopped using your mod after only 1h of play because I had too much strong weapons after this short time, so I cant talk about factions wars and the other things in your mod.

b|k forums are down and the BETA is a long story, im not getting into, i had no testers, if you read forums, but its all good now, and "Beta SE " is on track, NO ERRORS and balance issues, PLUS more are fully tested, as aposed to no testers, but me in other versions, any way , i came to post this below.

sorry for B|K forums down, i got no clue why?
also, i had error prob days back(fixed now) 2 days late
i bought new vid card, 1 day late, then i got the flu, 1 day late(i only get sick, 1 day, but hits me bad)
any way thats 4 days delay, sorry all that are waiting for "Beta SE"
all back on track, and at work even now.

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