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Clear Skies (Mod for Stalker CS)

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  14:03:34  14 November 2013
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On forum: 02/13/2010
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Clear Skies (Mod for Stalker CS)

Hello everyone on the GSC Forums. I have recently been in contact with Decane and he suggested that I create a thread here on the GSC Forums for Clear Skies. A mod for CS that myself and a team have been working on for quite a while.

Modders who have significantly contributed to this mod are SetaKat (828 Studios), smoq2, Decane, Kingfriday and CromCruac.

The Mods internet database is based on moddb, so that would be the best place to follow development progress. There is also an alpha on moddb, in the downloads section for anyone who wants to give it a go. Link to the page is below.


Want to join us?

The more people we have playing an active role in this project the further we can take it. If you want to join up with development, either drop me message on moddb, steam or leave a post here.

This thread

Report any bugs you find here, as well as any suggestions or critique you have.

Information about the mod

Previously known as the 'Faction Fronts Mod', Clear Skies is a large scale modding initiative, to re-design and expand S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky. With the umbrella motive of creating a realistic, graphically superior and entertaining hybrid of the original game concept.

Built from the best works the stalker clear sky modding community has to offer, along with the personal works of members from 828 studios. Clear Skies is an all inclusive package, designed towards a single vision, with a consistent level of quality and attention to detail.

Graphics -----------------------------------------------------------------

• Menu art by GSC gameworld collected by, main menu art created from various sources on the internet

• Cromcruac - Atmosfear 1.3 for Clear Sky and Elements Absolute nature

• Darkenneko for elements from the CoP Variation mod

• MacroN for the anti-degradation mod

• Teh_snake for various weapon re-textures

• Millenia for various weapon re-textures

• argus for elements from photo-realistic zone and photo-realistic zone creatures

• 4a Games for metro hand resource

• Gnomus for his fullscreen open scopes mod

• Decane for SRP and Inventory Grid

• Fishy_joe for weapon skins

• Holden and lurk team for grass from lurk 1.1

• Crow White wolf for his various NPC skins

• NAMAYU for stalker suit texture

• NeilMc for his user.ltx changes as a reference

• Clear Strelok for grass texture from CS reloaded

• Vincent Vega for shaders content from SWTC CS

• King Friday for SRAP 2 Part 1

• mrhaandi for the SMAA injector

• artistpavel for some inventory icons

• 3ncrytable for textures from TGZ

• Soundpath for "Realistic Rookie" skins

Programming -----------------------------------------------------------------

• Elementlmage for his ballistics overhaul of stalker clear sky.

• Firmament for truly aggressive mutants

• Smoq2 for help fixing errors and for content from TFW

• Redvt 72 for faction wars changes mod which was tweaked

• Ceano for his monster hunter mod, AI Configs and freeplay mod

• Rulix for the Clear Sky AI additions

• save for the carrymod

• Atempad for atm sleeping bag

• Natvac for smart save function from ZRP

• BobBQ for ZRP deathmanager, port to clear sky

• artistpavel for mainmenu version code

• Smoq2 & Macbradley for coding Dynamic HUD

• SetaKat for various scripts & assistance

• Decane for the Sky Reclamation project

• Vandal's Immortality Fix v1.10 - The Vandal

• Fixed-up ironsights - Angus McFisticuffs

• Weapon icon fix - Marked_2 & Danila_STALKER & BobBQ

• Artifact Respawn fix - pavlov

• ATI shader bug fix - MacroN

• Float32 SSAO performance patch - jjwalker

• No Annoying Flashing Disk Icon - Decane

• Professor Beanpolev Audio & Dialog Fix - Decane

• Gosuke weapon mod 4 - better animations for the Chaser 13 & LR300 Gosuke

• Real Cordon Flash Drive Fix v2.0 - Decane

• CS Stalker suit fix - Kill_the_Strelok

• OGSM Team - SEVA suit fix, Freeplay script

• DX10 Water Fix - BaconBuster

• Bandit characters no attack fix 1.02 - Red7204

Audio -----------------------------------------------------------------------

• {imperialreign} for his ambient audio overhaul v0.3b

• Sclera (828 Studios) work on weapon sounds and ambient noise

• Darius6 for elements from the Clear Sky sound overhaul
  20:25:23  13 February 2014
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Senior Resident

On forum: 11/19/2010

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02/13/2014 20:28:31
Messages: 1991

I launch it and i can't believe what I see!

I actually test 3 mod for CS but this mod have the best graphics I ever seen!
At start wow...

I play with the setting recommanded
(just a little note, we have to write exactly
cfg_load clg.ltx. - not cfg_load setting.ltx- to load correct the setting you give us)

and I play with SweetFX,the ori exe patched and the Xetrill files.

The result is... incredible!

Hope I can play and test all the maps like that and without problems,I repeat but the visual quality is so fantastic!
A real ...slap graphic at launch!

Thank's all modders to share this marvellous!
Eager to discover all news ...there are so many!

Thank's again,to happy to see that!

And perhaps about the SweetFx,the different's Cromm Cruac's presets work
for Clearsky ?
I think about the differents ambiance like Balanced,Satured,Technicolor,Vintage...
I will try to change that,it will be excellent to change the atmosfear when we want !
  15:28:01  18 February 2014
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On forum: 02/13/2010
Messages: 63

Updated User Manual. Also please note I made an error with instructions. You must type into the console cfg_load settings.ltx - I forgot the 's'
Each word should be at least 3 characters long.
Search conditions:    - spaces as AND    - spaces as OR   
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