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Prevent wounded npc being killed by one bullet.

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  13:40:36  21 September 2013
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On forum: 02/09/2012

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09/21/2013 13:42:28
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I know how this work, the issue I am having is this.
If I set "def.hp_state" to 50 hp,then after losing enough health and reaching 50 hp, npc will fall on the floor wounded.
While npc wounded, single bullet from a gun even in leg will kill him, which is scripted because if npc have 50 hp a single shot from the gun in the leg shouldn't do anything to him.

It creates a problem, even if I set "def.hp_state" to 50 (give a nice margin to get into wounded state) and shot at him from the assault riffle, lets say I can drop his health to 50 hp with 5 rounds.
So I am sending 6 rounds in his direction, first 5 take his hp down to 50 which is the threshold and sixth round will kill him before he even manage to fall in wounded state.

Its even more random because of the way armor piercing works in stalker.
Technically, depending on the armor and ap in bullet stat, the bullet penetrate npc many times,which mean that even fourth or fifth bullet can drop npc dead even if he has 40% of his health left but is in wounded state.

Because of that I need to find setting/script that is killing npc with one bullet after his health enter threshold margin and disable it, so npc will fall on the floor wounded, but as long as he have health one or two shots wont kill him.
  07:03:14  20 September 2013
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On forum: 07/28/2008
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In xr_wounded.script, look for the following lines:

		local state = wounded_by_state[math.mod(npc:id(), 3)]
		def.hp_state			= "10|"..state.."@help_heavy"
		def.hp_state_see		= "10|"..state.."@help_heavy"
		def.psy_state			= "10|{=best_pistol}psy_armed,psy_pain@wounded_psy|20|{=best_pistol}psy_shoot,psy_pain@{=best_pistol}wounded_psy_shoot,wounded_psy"
		def.hp_victim			= "10|nil"
		def.hp_cover			= "10|false"
		def.hp_fight			= "10|false"
		def.syndata				= ""
		def.help_dialog			= "dm_help_wounded_medkit_dialog"
		def.help_start_dialog	= nil
		def.use_medkit			= true
		def.enable_talk			= true

the number 10 corresponds to the maximum percentage of health that an NPC can be at to go into the 'wounded' state. The line: def.use_medkit = true allows the NPC to use a medkit on himself if he has been injured for a long enough period of time without any outside help.
  14:42:28  6 September 2013
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On forum: 02/09/2012

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09/06/2013 14:45:54
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Prevent wounded npc being killed by one bullet.

I would like to get more inured npc's in game, so I raised critical health threshold and raised bullet defence proportionally.
While it much easier now, to get npc into wounded state, I still get many killed.

While npc in wounded state, every bullet that hit him anywhere will kill npc instantly regardless of the amount of health, weapon or place bullet hit.
When npc in wounded state, he often doesnt fall instantly and usually catch a bullet or two, which kill him instantly because he is wounded.

Is there is a way to disable it?
I looked trough xr_wounded.script but cant find anything there that would have this effect on npc.
Would be very grateful if someone can help.
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