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The Warmongers - help, comments and critics

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  22:07:23  27 March 2014
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Senior Resident

On forum: 02/23/2013
Messages: 221
I'm having a problem where if I get "spotted" by a hostile group (when the group I'm having says so on the radio), the task to kill the group will be cancelled. I have no idea why that happens, doesn't make sense, because the only order is to destroy the group.
  19:39:22  15 September 2014
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/02/2009
Messages: 268
New version will soon be available. The changes will be quite minor on this one, but let's say it's better than nothing:

* Fixed the crash that prevented the player to enter Limansk.

* The GSH-18 "Beetle" pistol may now be upgraded.

* Added the Duty Medic Exoskeleton. This is the most powerful outfit of the game and it has a custom nightvision device. You may finally play as a Duty Medic!

* Various fixes and improvements.

I would also add that the sleeping bag/missing emission issue is still here, but appears to be less frequent than usual. Release planned in a few days.
  11:12:18  7 May 2015
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On forum: 12/20/2008
Messages: 58
Agraprom Controller (again)

even with a figure of 99 Psy protection, a combination of suit and artifacts, the 2nd controller seems to be invincible.
Should this be so? Would 100 psy protection make any difference?
I would be grateful for any advice or suggestions as I would love to proceed with this, by far and away, my favourite mod for the whole Stalker franchise!
  16:29:32  13 May 2015
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On forum: 12/20/2008
Messages: 58
Can't get to The Garbage

I've finished agroprom underground, and spoken with Sakharov and now find I can't get back to the Garbage. I've tried from Dark Valley, The Cordon and Agroprom but get crash. here are the last few lines of the Log:
CLIENT: Synchronizing...
* phase time: 1147 ms
* phase cmem: 521976 K
* [win32]: free[2142228 K], reserved[128496 K], committed[1923516 K]
* [ D3D ]: textures[758830 K]
* [x-ray]: crt heap[521976 K], process heap[12568 K], game lua[110315 K], render[6857 K]
* [x-ray]: economy: strings[24691 K], smem[11175 K]
current_state 5
next_state 5
item_sect wpn_wincheaster1300
H_Parent sim_default_duty_4
stack trace:

0023:06571567 xrGame.dll
0023:004193C1 xrEngine.exe, CEffectorPP::CEffectorPP()
0023:0681DDA8 xrGame.dll, CxImage::`copy constructor closure'()
0023:068A1F74 xrGame.dll

Any ideas?
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