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w_blahdegunname_up.ltx questions

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  21:26:07  19 December 2010
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On forum: 12/19/2010
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w_blahdegunname_up.ltx questions

So I recently came to own Clear Sky, after having had some fun with SOC. Hell, I have it twice, because as it turned out, I couldn't use the retail copy on my desktop what with a lack of optical drive. Anyhow, the point to all this. Modding the upgrade paths for a weapon.
If someone would be as kind as to explain the layout of the latter halves of the w_gunname_up.ltx file, more specifically the part where you define prequsites for upgrades: IE You need upgrades A and C for upgrade AC.
I've tried reading several of the upgrade ltx files, and am still left confused by the following

precondition_functor = inventory_upgrades.precondition_functor_a
precondition_parameter = true

effect_functor = inventory_upgrades.effect_functor_a
effect_parameter = something_here

Copied exactly as it exists out of one of the files.
The short of what I want to do here, is add the option to install a scope of some sort onto a shotgun that's had it's recoil reduced and accuracy increased. Why? It becomes a hell of a lot more accurate than any AR in the early game with the rifling, and is more powerful to boot. Also given the small ammo capacity, it's also more reliable per shot fired - how many times has a shotty jammed on you mid-battle versus your favorite starting AR?
  22:19:27  19 December 2010
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On forum: 11/12/2008
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You can't put scopes on the vanilla shotguns unfortunately - the meshes don't include scope attachments.
  22:24:59  19 December 2010
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On forum: 02/20/2010
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1) Those are script parameters, and don't need to be changed. The actual parameters are handled by the engine.
2) No shotgun in CS has a scope on the mesh by default. The Eliminator shotgun from CoP does have a scope on it's mesh, so it can have a shotgun attached. The other shotguns don't.
3) Shotguns don't jam. Period. It says so in their configs.

The 'You need upgrades A and C for upgrade AC' are simple. Upgrades A & C both point to AC, and both A & C need to be installed before AC can be installed. This is handled by the engine, and no script tweaking can change it.
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