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Mod differences?

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  02:13:54  16 October 2011
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On forum: 09/08/2008
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PH, I'll be coming back on Skype soon as I seem to have finally settled down in one place. Finally...

We need to make a moddb page! As for FileFront, that was probably me. Sorry, don't know what got into me.
  03:14:42  16 October 2011
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On forum: 01/31/2011

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10/16/2011 3:26:15
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I think he wanted to hear people's opinions on the mods, rather than a features list.

Who gave a features list?

I was saying avoid buggy mods and then you basically say ignore him and then quote the one you want to put forward as being very unstable,

He's gonna love playing that one. If someone asks about mods and they are quite new and unsure they dont need misinformation and a mod that they wont end up able to use, Thats why people leave mods alone because idiots send them to broken ones when there are perfectly good ones. They end up wasting hours on a fucked up mod instead of a decent one and lose interest, so nice one.
  05:48:02  16 October 2011
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On forum: 10/07/2011
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Who gave a features list?

He asked for people's opinions, then you and the second poster tell him to check the mod's info post... so go figure

they dont need misinformation

1. If you're talking about faction commander, then I don't see how I misinformed him. I said good AI, good customizability, but unstable. That was EXACTLY my experience of this mod; I don't see how that's misinformation. Then I just tell him it was one of my favourite mods because THAT WAS MY OPINION.

2. If you're talking about TFW, then ok, ok, as I said, I'm sorry. Chill out man. I was mislead by an outdated file at filefront; and I thought I took appropriate action by editing my original post and apologizing in a later post as well as noting that I was incorrect.

Oh, and on that note: Total Factional Warfare v3.0 is absolutely amazing! Here's my opinion based on the few hours I've played it:

-Very good AI. Now expands out of their own territory without any issues. AI is very good at defending. As soon as the enemy attacks, AI rushes squads to defence.
-The world is so alive! Everything goes on without you; loners move around the zone, trade, loot, find cool stuff, factions expands, the military and monolith send patrols...
-Excellent customizability. Much more than faction commander.
-Excellent stability. Haven't had a single issue so far.
Overall a really REALLY good mod. I'd recommend it over faction commander any day.

you basically say ignore him

I didn't say that man... I didn't mean to say that either
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