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ReBorn 2.50 «Artifacts death» A Clear Sky Mod with a new story !

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  02:36:45  23 August 2011
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On forum: 07/08/2008
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To much bloom? That's what r2_ls_bloom_threshold is for.
But damn, the textures look really bad. They desperately need an artist.

For now I'd have to rate it: weird.
  02:26:00  23 August 2011
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On forum: 02/20/2010

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08/23/2011 2:26:50
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Looks pretty good

I have to disagree with you completely. It looks likes Stalker, but there is far too much in game bloom, and the textures are just horrible.
And they're using that f**king barbie doll female mesh.
  20:46:39  22 August 2011
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On forum: 10/06/2009

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08/23/2011 0:11:48
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ReBorn 2.50 «Artifacts death» A Clear Sky Mod with a new story !

Translated with google translator :

Chronologically, the action takes place in Reborn immediately after the events of Clear Sky. Events in Reborn, presented in a completely different light - in one version of the current space-time. All stalkers, past Clear Sky, know that a mercenary Scar, directed by members of the group of "Clear Sky" and personally Lebedev, attempted destruction of Arrow. As a result, suffered unprecedented power output. The zone has once again proven its unpredictability. And, of course, none of the events did not expect that they will trigger the acquisition of Zone of human nature and awakening to her own consciousness. Animated area completely redrew the reality inside the perimeter. Changed everything: the heavens and the earth, the usual way, anomalies, mutants, and even looks the main instigators (Zone Rogue marks!). A scar is revived Zone, got a second chance to make his major life choices. What is the end all this time?
Completely redefined the history and purpose grupppirovki "Monolith." And, of course, had, according to the story, to completely rewrite all the dialogue, and the volume of text has doubled in comparison with the original. Conversations become more diverse and vary depending on the interlocutor's clan!

Completely changed, as required by the plot, the appearance of the zone. By and large, there is only the original platform. Many of the textures created from scratch. Graphics improved, many new effects. A unique image of the sky may be Reborn hallmark game! Specially designed for fashion new visual effects gravity anomalies. Added mirages, sometimes completely changing the visible landscape. One of the features Reborn - realistic moving water.
In our humble opinion, this is the most plausible water surface in the history of STALKER .- modostroya. Of course, this is not a complete list. However, you will see everything with my own eyes!

More spacious and diverse world around us
* Expanding the boundaries of the old locations.
* In addition, the author of two new locations that are inaccessible in the original CHN!
* Transitions between locations have changed, and are just not where we used to get.
* Introduced a lot of hidden transitions, teleports, studying which you can navigate through the Zone as convenient route for you.
* Added new artifacts, interesting properties, and the ability to activate them to create anomalies.
* Added new monsters, and enhanced the old and received additional quality.
* Added a new anomaly - "Zone of Death", with new visuals!
* A new type of quest mission - "Support"
(Maintenance and protection of game characters to the right place for them).
* There are new participants in the events - the organization to "leave unavenged" and (!) Of their antagonists.
* Added a new character models, including three women!
* The behavior of the characters became more natural and added many new quests Persians interesting! Much more natural looking animation corrected by the author's death stalkers.
* To successfully complete the main mission is very useful for new and unique weapons, and several species of which is designed specifically for Reborn!
* Due to a conflict with the military stalkers, and the disappearance Galetskaya, Ukrainian troops temporarily replaced by Russian special forces. * Underground supplies products stopped eating now in a terrible deficit. In order not to die of starvation, have to hunt for mutants.

* Ability to enter and move in any group. You can run the game, choosing a group that radically changes the passage. But at the same time, even playing for the same clan can not get the same game twice! Invariance - one of the most important features of Reborn.
* The Reborn revived the use of transport, was originally planted, but the blocked developers from GSC. Moving through the transitions in the transport of lead, sometimes to very unexpected results!
* Depending on how much you love to overcome the difficulties, you can turn off or keep emissions.
* Added the ability to buy rare artifacts and unique weapons, obtained solely on quests.
* "Z"-command, called a special menu instantly captures and holds the position occupied by eliminating the tedious waiting approach allies. In addition, subject only to a special squad of mercenaries you find you something important related to the plot of the game!
* Having the human essence and his own mind, W `She gave Scar some supernatural powers. In particular, the character can now go through some kinds of metal fences and take the obstacles insurmountable in the original game. And about how his new appearance in the Zone now and says his new name - "Reborn".
* Built-beacons and sweeper bodies (the weapon is, we gather - we sell.)

An excellent opportunity to practice and ingenuity MEMORY
The passage is accompanied by constant extraction of information for analysis to proceed, the success of which depends on the success of the primary mission! So make friends with the head will have even greater!

The innovative aspects in STALKER .- MODOSTROENII
* First in a series of some of the data downloaded STALKER players progress through the network and are used in the game.
* Introduced the original (especially for Reborn) anti-cheat chips.
* The author has introduced codes correcting dynamic errors game. As a result, the Reborn 2.50 is almost impossible to "get" broken Saves! If you have any dynamic errors, the game just freezes and does not let in the area where the error is shaped. To overcome it, enough to go the other way or go to the location through another transition. During this time, the cause of the error will be eliminated and the game can continue.
* Zone gets into the real, and real - in the Zone! As a result of their search in the Zone player calculates the actual telephone girls - transform the consciousness of the Zone, where you can call!

* The game re-established voice of some characters, weapons, monsters and even the Zone. All this is recorded and edited by professional sound engineers.
* For Reborn specially selected music, as well-known and quite original. Would like to mention the dynamics of the background music - depending on the game situation.

Rationalize and spectacular ending
With successful completion, you will see a unique epic final cut-scene, one of the most beautiful ever stalkerskogo modostroya, the final game.
Attention! With the right ending - you provided the priority of the second part of the game!

And finally, Reborn - This is the first game in the world STALKER FOR ALL (especially the older A) Age classes to understand what the characters sometimes talk Reborn, must be well-read man, and have enough life experience! But all the young men advanced too great feel in Reborn! And for those who are still very young - the opportunity to learn to learn, to develop attention and think the world Rebrna. What, too - the undoubted merit of the author.

Link to AP-Pro forum page with screenshot :

Download link :

Looks pretty good
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