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What would you dislike most in a Stalker game?

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Question What would you really hate to see in a Stalker (SOC - CS - COP) game?
Constant respawns in certain areas, much like in Far Cry 2
Lack of items and weapons
Insane AI
Too strong and too numerous mutants
Crashes, corrupted saves
Extreme difficulty
Faction war not working
Unbalanced gameplay (overload of a certain item, one faction being too strong, etc...)
Absence of new background story
Bad visuals or sounds (icons not properly aligned, bad texturing, bad sounds, etc...)
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  18:17:15  14 July 2011
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Smoke Screen
On forum: 04/08/2007
Messages: 98
Roughly im on board with Freke`s opinion.
Although crossplattform dev has come a long way and is
now better than ten years ago consoles with their limited
hardware resources generally mean that things getting
simplified considerably. Instead of an evolutionäry de-
velopment you get a dumped down version that is cheaper
to make. Thats in general the reason behind crossplattform.
To get things done with less money invested and more revenue.
I mean after 3 Stalker games that all have their flaws and
issiues they just changing gear and simply give up on the
advanced features. Well,we know that from the initial game
as the distri got cold feet and pressured the dev-team to
simplify and improvise.
Hey GSC, we are still waiting for the real Stalker game.....
  21:45:17  4 August 2011
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On forum: 08/24/2009
Messages: 348
I agree with Freke on the multi-platform thing. but that is pretty much it. CS was intended to expand the faction war element of the series (which it did VERY poorly without mods, in my opinion) but it was a playable game. i never got tired of it during my first play through. but i never played a Serious play through of the game after that, because (in my opinion, again) it was kinda like a one night stand. and you CAN'T say that "Oh my god, this game is SOOOO much better than that game, because you could do this and that in this game and you couldn't in the other game" because its a subjective matter. Nobody has exactly the same opinion on everything, you can't generalize like that. ShoC was great at creating the universe and the atmosphere. it was also a great FPS. you can't compare the two games on the main feature subject. CS represented faction war and the zone before ShoC. ShoC was the foundation of it all, and it was focused more on YOU than the people around you. COP was basically a throwback to ShoC, with an updated engine, something i enjoyed all the way through my play through of the game. but it wasn't meant to be a successor to CS, at any point. All games were great, in my opinion. CoP is my favorite, but i can't say that its better than CS because THATS a subjective matter. i could say that in MY opinion, it is better. in yours, however, it is not. not much about it than that. oh well, that was my little rant lol
  07:19:18  10 August 2011
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/31/2011
Messages: 8424
I enjoy all three and like how they evolved up to this point. With CS the upgrade system was the best addition for me and how it grew into Cop was good. I like Cop my problem with it was the length, some more new areas would have been good to. Maybe extending the lab in the iron forest so that it was its own underground area would have been nice. My love affair started with CS though. I played it for nearly a year solid without internet, meaning no patches so crashes were frequent as was getting so far just to realise you needed to do something 3 or 4 gameplaying hours back differently (Agropom was bad for this). But it had me hooked and has ever since. So as long as Stalker 2 feels like Stalker and does not do an elseworlds style history rewrite. I will be happy. And only having so far had an eight month mod life. I hope there is no way they can make it unmoddable. Because that would be unforgivable.
  15:01:37  24 August 2011
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A lone stalker with ak 74m...


On forum: 06/18/2011
Messages: 629
Lack of co op mode with friends, o in game hireling/ friend system. Lack of armors/ weapons. Stupid ai
  13:13:41  26 August 2011
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has abondened XRay and uses Unity3D now


On forum: 05/02/2007

Message edited by:
08/26/2011 13:18:32
Messages: 1077
145 submits on the vote is quite good to see the favourites from these forum usering Stalker fans.
most fear for respawns
20% (29)
just some need more weapons
6% (9)
very few fear insane or bad AI
7% (10)
even less fear bad implemented mutants
3% (5)
many fear corrupted saves
28% (40)
noone has a problem with a high difficulty level
1% (2)
Faction war is not that big thing most though of
14% (20)
same goes with unbalanced gameplay
11% (16)
and for fucks sake a story isnt that important too
8% (12)
And last but not least noone is interessted in highclass visuals/sound
0% ()

  01:08:28  27 August 2011
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Ex modder, Zones only ferret and will someday release a game


On forum: 02/20/2010
Messages: 6342
Probably since the forum cuts off the votes for the last option if the maximum number of options have been reached.
  02:07:51  27 August 2011
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A lone stalker with ak 74m...


On forum: 06/18/2011
Messages: 629
A lack of difficulty and quests :/
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