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Getting rid of CROW and/or RAVEN calls in STCS

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  12:36:00  19 December 2016
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Getting rid of CROW and/or RAVEN calls in STCS

I love the STALKER games and have played numerous mods. Thanks much to all who develop such. A great gaming experience, STALKER.

But one aspect has always annoyed me. Better than a sharp stick in the eye, but not much. That is the nonsense crow/raven noise, that is ever present in some of this, even at NIGHT. As an effect, for me it doesnt add to the realism, in fact just the opposite. Crows and Ravens dont fly at night. And in the daytime, they will NOT fly around in a melee, and in my experience, will NOT hang around dudes with guns. They are way too smart for that.

And...the crows are somehow teleported in after an emission. They all die in the emission, yet are back annoying you almost immediately, despite having to have to fly miles to get there. The whole crow/raven effect is ... just bloody nonsense.

Ok, whatever floats your boat, but I dont like it and would enjoy the game more without it. So maybe someone can advise me on files to edit to do this.

In SOC and COP, there is a crow file in the Creatures folder. I tried increasing the min height they fly, and that helped. There is a line "idle_sound_delta" with assigned values, and I played with that, not knowing what the heck it was, and found you could make the cawing repeated very fast, lol.

In SOC, in the Stalker Soup mod which I played a lot, there are files for sounds, like ambient, rndoutdoors, etc, and you could substitute a no sound ogg for noises you didnt like.

But in STCS I havent found any solution. Been playing Spartan and PreSky recently. In the PreSky creatures folder there is no Crow file; in Spartan there is one, but I dont know how to mod it for silence. Not much in the way of general effects sound folders or files, to use in the no_sound ploy.

Can anyone help me out? Thanks much!
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