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Clear Sky - Some thoughts

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  11:48:11  2 January 2015
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01/02/2015 11:49:47
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Clear Sky - Some thoughts

Hi, I'm currently replaying Clear Sky with the Complete-mod. Fittingly, I have played through it 1.5 times so far. Both my first complete playthrough and my second abortive playthrough happened some years ago, so I didn't remember too much. I also have been playing a lot of SoC since then and I also got through CoP for the first time. Memories of both are still rather fresh.

When changing from SoC to CS, some stuff is hard to overlook. Like the Dx10-features for instance. Volumetric light has always been quite impressive and impossible to not notice. Especially when the framerate was suddenly trying to strangle your system during sunrise Since I still have the same notebook with the same old GT240M (5 years now), I immediately ran into problems. I didn't remember that Clear Sky was so much more demanding than CoP. I still don't quite understand what makes the difference. Does anybody have information on the differences between X-Ray 1.5 and 1.6?

By the way this website should be useful for some people:
Especially the 5th and 6th pages should be quite useful. It sure made a huge difference for me. Apparently it doesn't cost a lot of graphical quality to lower some settings but it still improves performance quite a bit.

Some other stuff I have not yet encountered. Like Volumetric Smoke for example. I don't think I ever noticed it in my first playthroughs. Watching the Dx10-trailer I was quite impressed. I still often marvel at the dynamic interactions of light sources with static or moving objects, but I never knew that something similar for smoke was also in the game. I also don't think I ever payed much attention to wet surfaces. It's not that noticeable if one doesn't pay attention.

Other than technology, I have been trying to get to some artifacts, but so far with little success. I have ended up with two artifacts and other than that a lot of dying, either because of radiation, Psi-emissions or simply the inability to make something appear, no matter how close I got. Maybe it's just detector, but I wouldn't mind some pointers. Am I doing something wrong?

Also, so far I really like the idea, that one gets stash-info from other people. If I'm not mistaken, in SoC you got the info just through PDAs and in CoP stuff was basically always were it was supposed to be no matter if you had the info or not. I'm not sure so far, if the latter also applies to CS.

One thing that really surprised me was how the dialogue was handled. After playing SoC for a long time, and finishing a quick playthrough of CoP in between I got kind of used to the fact, that people don't have a lot to say (Comments on the zone and so on start repeating quickly). In CS so far, I have talked to people quite a bit and at least in the early stages (just entered the Garbage) I have not seen a lot of repetition. People have a lot to say and so far it's usually something new. I'm pretty sure I'm not just imagining this, but it seems they simply wrote a lot more text for Clear Sky than for the other games. So far, this is probably one of the most notable things I have discovered this playthrough.

Oh, also something old, which I already found to be a bit annoying the first playthrough. There are a lot of people. This was not a problem on such a big map as the Great Swamps, except during the faction war, but it's very noticeable in the Cordon. Personally I prefer the other games in this respect.

So, how about you? I mean, aside from obvious stuff, like Faction Wars. Which aspects of Clear Sky, which are less noticeable, but significantly different from the other two titles, have you noticed?
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