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Clear Sky - Some thoughts

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  20:27:28  7 February 2015
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Three Mile Island
02/07/2015 20:29:20
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My mistake. I have to have been there before, because I actually finished the game a few years ago. I simply couldn't remember.


In my first game (old patch) I recall I somehow went from the Red Forest ambush directly to Limansk. No idea what happened there.


Part of the problem comes down to how they are placed. There are simply too many people locked in some place or behind some counter or desk, which are hard to distinguish from most other stalkers. There is some variety in how they are placed, but not enough. It's not just that though, it's also that they are often isolated from the rest of the base/group.


It's not uncommon to see Senka (and Limpid? Can't remember --he does pull out his gun though) charge out of the Bandit base to defend it against Dutyers that venture too close. Borov is unarmed, so he'll just run around screaming. This is probably a bug, though.

The other techs and traders of course disappear when a base is under attack, so they can't join the fighting (except the Agroprom Loner trader, that keeps doing business during the constant fighting and is often killed by Bandit fire).


Just try to compare the Agroprom-loners with the Flea Market-loners for a moment. In the latter case the traders can also be somewhat hard to distinguish from the rest, but they also seem integrated into their surroundings. It doesn't seem as standardized.

I'd attribute that to the more makeshift business going on at the Flea Market, while the faction bases are more organized. The SoC traders also stay behind their counters, perhaps with the exception of Colonel Petrenko.

I still don't care for them as characters, but if you pay some attention to developments and movements (who dies, who replaces them), it really helps build a connnection. It's really problematic with Freedom and Duty though, especially the latter (in SoC, I mean). You wouldn't believe how hard it is to actually care if everybody wears the same uniform and has the same weapon.

I guess lots of causalties are a consequence of the infinite faction war, you can't have one without the other.

One thing you can do in CS is tracking the NPCs you've previously returned unique items to (if nothing else to get back that item). Unfortunately they are not many, and tend to die soon unless you babysit them.
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