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Sky Reclamation Project (SRP) v1.0

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  13:54:25  3 December 2010
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On forum: 11/12/2008
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Cheekily bumping this thread as it really needs to be visible.
  08:11:24  21 June 2015
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On forum: 11/12/2014

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06/21/2015 8:12:38
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Holy Crap Decane! That's quite a nice batch of fixes!

Thank you for your efforts and anyone else involved, it's appreciated.

  17:23:04  3 July 2015
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On forum: 09/29/2013
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Hey Decane do you think its possible to port Pre-Filled stashes script to ZRP? I would use that for sure :3
  16:13:34  1 September 2015
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On forum: 04/15/2007

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09/01/2015 16:13:53
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SRP add-ons

Money Looting:

Repair Kits:

More Campfire Music:

Please, mediafire links if possible

And thanks for your work!
  22:44:32  1 September 2015
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On forum: 09/29/2013
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Please post messages on official discussion topic
Thank you.
  02:47:11  12 May 2021
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On forum: 04/04/2007
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SRP Add-Ons

Repair Kits for SRP v1.1.3

Makes repair kits infrequently appear on corpses and in faction supply chests. These can be used to repair an equipped weapon or armor by 25 percentage points or the shortfall to the maximum condition, whichever is less. Well-supplied/-financed factions have a higher probability of spawning repair kits than ill-supplied ones.


Money Looting for SRP v1.1.3

Makes it possible to loot money off corpses. The amount found correlates positively with an NPC's rank, how well-supplied the NPC's parent faction is, and how deep into the Zone the NPC has wandered. Amounts are low overall.


Alternative CS Faction Skins for SRP v1.1.3

Gives the Clear Sky faction their own variants of the Leather Jacket, Stalker Suit, and Exoskeleton (thanks to RoboMook). Also replaces the character models of Ivan Trodnik and Docent Suslov, respectively, with the cut alpha models made available by Gosuke.
  02:59:41  12 May 2021
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On forum: 04/04/2007
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Sky Reclamation Project v1.1.3

Changelog vis-à-vis v1.1.2:

+ Script optimizations.
+ Fixed the game sometimes becoming corrupted during the Flea Market basement mugging scene in the Garbage (new game recommended).
+ Fixed the game sometimes becoming corrupted due to release_body_manager.script deleting the wrong type of game entity after a human corpse identifier tracked by it becomes orphaned and re-used.
+ Fixed a rare crash upon reloading a savegame: sim_combat.script:419: attempt to index field 'actor' (a nil value).
+ Fixed a rare crash upon a smart terrain being captured: sim_squad_generic.script:456: attempt to index field 'current_action' (a nil value).
+ Fixed the sr_bloodsucker scheme crashing the game due to a race condition sometimes causing the marsh creature's server entity to be deleted immediately after being created.
+ Fixed a rare crash: xr_kamp.script:433: bad argument #1 to 'random' (interval is empty).
+ Fixed the sr_robbery scheme crashing the game if a robber squad suddenly leaves for another camp in the middle of a hold-up: sr_robbery.script:149: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value).
+ Fixed a rare crash caused by the sr_robbery scheme treating squads that have recently left the robbery camp as members of it when assigning the robbery leader role: actor_reaction.script:168: attempt to index local 'manager' (a nil value).
+ Fixed the issue where speaking to a mechanic with incomplete 'find upgrade' tasks would leak task entity IDs.
+ Implemented a tail-recursive algorithm to automatically detect and resolve faction war stalemates arising out of a squad being grid-locked into a camp by all surrounding camps being occupied by non-hostiles, thereby preventing the grid-locked squad from leaving the camp.
+ Fixed the issue where loading a savegame would make the game copy offered but unassigned combat tasks to a Lua table intended only for assigned combat tasks, causing various bugs ranging from stuck faction wars to the robbery scheme ceasing to activate.
+ Fixed the storyline breaking if Hog is killed or his squad turns hostile when the player's task is to talk to them to find out where to find the strongest radio signal.
+ Fixed the issue where asking a squad commander for work after accepting a 'capture' task from him via dialogue would prevent the 'capture' task from failing if the squad perishes, leaving the task incompletable and in progress indefinitely.
+ Worked around some instances of the issue where squads would sometimes fail to capture a camp upon reaching it.
+ Fixed an SRP v1.0.4 regression where the AI of NPCs approaching the Fishing Hamlet from the Hidden Camp would occasionally break.
+ Enabled offline squads to engage enemy 'idle' stage squads in addition to enemy 'combat' stage squads to prevent perpetual inaction when one squad is 'idle'.
+ Fixed combatting offline squads sometimes dealing zero damage to each other perpetually due to an incorrect use of math.random().
+ Fixed a race condition causing factions to sometimes momentarily lose faction war targets only to immediately regain them again.
+ Prevented the faction war sometimes jamming due to the same squad being assigned to an unreachable target over and over again ad infinitum.
+ Fixed the issue where the player could join the loners before they are permitted to capture targets necessary to progress the faction war.
+ Fixed the issue where the player's assistance could fail to be registered in a random faction war task, causing the task to be cancelled when it should be completed.
+ Fixed the issue where assaulting a squad from the tasking faction would register the player's assistance in a random faction war task not received via dialogue.
+ Fixed the issue where a 'defend' task would get cancelled instead of completed if the player kills the attack squad before it leaves for its target point (i.e. before the timer reaches zero).
+ Fixed the issue where a 'defend' task could occasionally be received in unwarranted circumstances, most frequently resulting in the task being immediately cancelled.
+ Fixed the issue where a 'capture' task would be completed instead of cancelled in response to its target being captured by no-one when the task's assigning faction regresses from the faction war phase that prompted the task.
+ Fixed the issue where a 'capture' task could be accepted from a squad leader via dialogue even while another 'capture' task is active against the squad leader's own smart terrain, enabling the newer task to be masked by a generic 'eliminate' task with the same target and preventing the player's assistance from ever being registered for it.
+ Fixed the issue where 'capture' tasks would sometimes be offered by NPCs even for smart terrains unreachable to them.
+ Fixed the issue where 'find upgrade' tasks would not cancel when the mechanic who gave them dies or becomes hostile after loading a savegame.
+ Fixed the issue where the skirmish between the loners and military at the Cordon bus stop could begin prematurely, preventing the player from receiving the task to defend the loner patrol.
+ Fixed the "Help the stalkers" task in Agroprom being cancelled immediately after being received if the loner faction is hostile to the player.
+ Fixed the issue where a generic 'eliminate' task would be assigned instead of a resource/territory smart terrain specific one even when the relevant smart terrain meets the criteria for the latter.
+ Fixed some generic faction war tasks not yielding their intended faction-specific reward.
+ Fixed the issue where idle enemy squads would sometimes not congregate into a defensive formation upon spotting the player approaching their camp in the distance.
+ Fixed an SRP v1.0.7 regression that prevented new faction equipment chest supplies from spawning on a smart terrain upon its occupying squad switching online if the squad captured it while offline.
+ Fixed an SRP v1.1.1 regression that under some circumstances prevented the pseudodogs that spawn beside the military base from immediately attacking it.
+ Fixed the issue where the marsh creature scene would sometimes fail to terminate if the marsh creature glitches into geometry after snatching its victim.
+ Fixed the issue where non-scripted squads loaded from a savegame (as opposed to spawning into the Zone in the current game session) would not spawn inventory box items.
+ Fixed the wrong location-based multiplier being used to spawn faction equipment chest supplies for scripted squads loaded from a savegame (as opposed to spawning into the Zone in the current game session).
+ Fixed the issue where squads could prioritize secondary faction war targets over primary targets, potentially leading to absurd behavior such as Freedom preferring to send squads towards a loner-captured Barrier rather than sending them to capture the Duty base.
+ Fixed the issue where squads would readily abandon forward targets during the faction war upon loss of an earlier target even if squads at less important smart terrains are available to resecure the earlier target.
+ Fixed the issue where submitting the item requested in a 'return item' task would not complete the task if the player possesses multiple units of the item when submitting it. (Previous fixes will already have prevented this situation in the SRP. This fix is listed for completeness only.)
+ Fixed the issue where returning to the Swamps for the first time would not unlock the level changers to the Cordon if Clear Sky has regressed from total victory against the renegades, leaving the player locked into the Swamps without explanation until Clear Sky advances back to its final faction war tier.
+ Fixed the issue where Kostyan's squad would begin attacking the military base prematurely if the player has already been to the military base entrance before Kostyan's squad spawns (new game required for effect).
+ Fixed Clear Sky's "Find the “Compass” artifact" task being received and immediately completed before the "Bring the “Compass” to Forester" task is received if the player already has the Compass when Forester asks the player to retrieve it.
+ Fixed Clear Sky's "Find the generator" task being received and immediately completed if the player initially bypasses its assigning space restrictor in the institute building but returns to it after deactivating the generator. (The fix below renders this obsolete. This fix is listed for completeness only.)
+ Fixed the issue where the player could bypass the space restrictor that completes Clear Sky's "Find the generator" task by entering the institute building through its eastern entrance (new game required for effect).
+ Fixed the issue where the cancellation of one of Orest's tasks would prevent subsequent ones from becoming available.
+ Fixed a typo in gulag_general.script that prevented mutants from behaving aggressively on patrol paths linking them to attack-targets. This caused them to move sluggishly to camps that the player had been tasked to defend, unless aggravated by an external force (e.g. the player).
+ Fixed four invalid waypoint name indices in all.spawn to make two waypoints at the 'Boat park' and two at the 'Village ruins' available to NPCs.
+ Fixed the bridge to Limansk in the Red Forest not aligning properly when lowered, which in rare cases would cause NPCs to never reach the other side.
+ Fixed the issue where the sound of the bridge to Limansk being lowered would fail to reinitialize upon loading a save.
+ Fixed a few remaining NPC disposition bugs.
+ Fixed the audio of an NPC's instrument-playing animation continuing to play even when the animation is interrupted by the NPC getting up intermittently.
+ Fixed the parting audio of an NPC playing prematurely upon entering the trade or upgrade screen with them.
+ Fixed the greeting audio of some NPCs (most notably Professor Beanpolev) occasionally playing over their first spoken dialogue when the player opens a dialogue window with them.
+ Worked around the death of a squad poltergeist failing to be processed correctly if the death callback from its object binder triggers before that of its server entity equivalent, se_monster:on_death(). As a side-effect, poltergeists now leave behind a corpse when killed.
+ Fixed the issue where Yar's friend's PDA could be returned even if absent from the player's inventory e.g. due to having been moved into a container.
+ Fixed the issue where the machine gun mounted to the BTR in the Freedom base would remain inactive until the player completes the task to find the base, enabling the player to trespass without consequence by entering the Dark Valley earlier than intended.
+ Fixed Sakharov and Lingov not being marked as important characters on the map.
+ Fixed the issue where a squad commander icon could overlap with a trader icon on the map.
+ Fixed an SRP v1.0.4 regression that caused the digger captives at the Garbage concentration camp to appear to hold an invisible artifact detector during their artifact search animations.
+ Fixed the issue where scripted Yantar stalker squads could respawn right in front of the player.
+ Fixed the issue where zombified stalkers at the Army Warehouses could sometimes vanish right in front of the player.
+ Fixed some groups of zombified stalkers using cover as if they were ordinary stalkers.
+ Made the task to rescue Hound become available only upon the player having completed the task to rescue Drifter, as likely intended, rather than merely upon having initiated it.
+ Made Yar's 'Bring the component to the technician' task fail on daybreak to be consistent with the task briefing, which implies it needs to be completed by sunrise.
+ Made a couple of drop-boxes in the Abandoned Hospital destructible that mistakenly were not so in the unmodded game.
+ Fixed the all.spawn typos preventing a few drop-boxes in Limansk from spawning loot when broken (new game required for effect).
+ Fixed the all.spawn typos and incorrect inventory box nomenclature preventing squads from spawning loot in inventory boxes in the Dark Valley and some inventory boxes in Agroprom (new game required for effect).
+ Fixed a few instances of a mechanic not being able to upgrade a pre-upgraded variant of a weapon even if they could upgrade the base weapon.
+ Fixed an SRP v1.0.4 regression that prevented Sidorovich's store discount from being applied immediately.
+ Fixed the incorrect parsing of hyphenated item names appearing as dependees for ammo in section 'item_dependence' in death_generic.ltx.
+ Fixed a typo in Sakharov's trade config that prevented the right multiplier being applied to the sell-price of shotgun ammo.
+ Fixed medicaments becoming more rather than less expensive at the Flea Market after liberating the concentration camp.
+ Fixed a range of trade config mistakes and omissions that resulted in some items being wrongly bought/sold at market price by certain traders.
+ Fixed the issue where the respective levers for the Limansk generator and Army Warehouses transmitter would return to their original position after loading a save in which they have been turned.
+ Fixed the smoothing of the bridge to Limansk mesh, which could cause shadow glitches at some angles and lighting conditions.
+ Fixed the issue where no money would actually be taken from the player in exchange for hiring the stalker squad overlooking the Cordon vehicle station to raid it.
+ Fixed the issue where the stalker squad overlooking the Cordon vehicle station could be hired to raid it in exchange for payment even if the player lacks sufficient funds.
+ Fixed campfire NPCs sometimes clipping into each other due to overlapping positions.
+ Improved error diagnostics on _g.abort() invocation if the optional 'Improved LuaJIT Library' is installed - a Lua stack traceback is now printed.
+ Russian translation.
+ Fixed the "Electronic stabilizer" upgrade for the SPAS-12 and Maverick 88 wrongly decrementing their ammo capacity by 2.
+ Fixed the "Relief backpack" upgrade for various armors wrongly incrementing the carry weight tooltip value by only 5kg instead of the 15kg actually unlocked by the upgrade.
+ Fixed the issue where stationary squad commanders would claim hostiles are nearby when greeting the player even if only neutral/friendly factions occupy neighboring smart terrains.
+ Restored a few unused parting phrases for Sidorovich and one unused greeting phrase for Forester.
+ Fixed the game crashing if the player deletes the bottom-most savegame in a list of more than one savegame in the save menu and then attempts to delete the savegame without first selecting another item from the list.
+ Fixed corpse map spots haphazardly failing to appear on the minimap.
+ Replaced the generic masked face of the player's unarmored character model with Scar's face, as in the leather jacket armored character model (new game required for effect).
+ Fixed a regression that caused the in-game name and description of 7.62x54 mmR 7N1 rounds on localizations other than English to be replaced with their XML string IDs.
+ Added a unique name and description for 7.62x54 mmR armor-piercing sniper rounds to distinguish them from those boxed for the PKM and corrected their weapon applicability.
+ Improved the randomization of generic NPC dialogs by preventing a dialog of a given type from being repeated until all suitable dialogs of that type have been uttered once.
+ Unlocked several previously unused greeting phrases for stationary squad NPCs.
+ (CoP import) Fixed the invalid compound vector comparison in shader
+ (ZRP import) Fixed the player's character model reverting back to the default rookie jacket model upon loading a savegame / changing maps.
+ (ZRP import) Fixed the use_object callback for doors and buttons being reset on scheme switch.
+ (ZRP import) Fixed NPCs sharing a common global variable in state_mgr.evaluator_state_mgr_idle_alife:evaluate() to determine their individual behavior.
+ (ZRP import) Prevented NPCs dying of collision damage when spawning at the same spot as another NPC.
+ (Optional) Added a stash prefiller mod that randomizes a stash's spawn container.
+ (Optional) Added a feature to disable enemy map spots on the mini-map, too, instead of only on the world map as done by the 'No Enemy Map Spots' and 'Show Only Ally Map Spots' features.
~ Optimized and fine-tuned the DX10/10.1 wet surfaces shader: (i) slightly reduced its glossiness; (ii) restored the efficacy of the r3_dynamic_wet_surfaces_* console vars on the distance at which the shader's effects are visible (regressed in SRP v1.0.4).
~ Re-enabled the ending credits after the final cutscene and made freeplay require explicitly returning to the game from the main menu in order to make it clearer to first-time players that the game has officially ended.
~ The bandits now try to capture the stalkers' main respawn points after winning their mutual faction war to prevent the stalkers from securing reinforcements.
~ Made the maximum length of each attribute progress bar in the "Faction War" tab of the PDA reflect something more sensible than the highest level of the relevant attribute among all factions, as in the unmodded game:
~ The maximum length of the faction strength bar now corresponds to the sum of the strengths of the two opposing factions displayed, effectively making the bar indicate relative faction strength.
~ The maximum length of the resources bar now corresponds to the resource level at which the player's faction spawns NPCs from its highest-tier supply probability distribution.
~ The maximum length of the squad count bar now corresponds to the maximum squad count of the player's faction at its final faction war phase.
~ The name of the target location is now indicated in the 'Hold the point until help arrives' and 'Repel the enemy counterattack' phase titles of 'capture' tasks.
~ Blocked the possibility of changing levels during an emission, as doing so can glitch the game.
~ Enabled the possibility of returning the items requested in a 'bring item' task to the new squad leader if the original dies (new game recommended).
~ Moved some previously 'hard-coded' lists in a few scripts to appropriate configuration files.
~ The SVD and SVU are now included among the weapons not tossed when using the optional 'No NPC Weapon Tossing Upon Death' feature.
~ Disabled Scar's hard-coded death when using the optional sleeping bag feature to sleep when the danger bar is full.
- Reversed the SRP v1.0.4 'fix' to make the "Return the experimental device", "Find the missing stalker’s loot", and "Take the artifact from the dead stalker" tasks unavailable from Duty members due to each's description purportedly implying the task-giver to be a neutral stalker. Each description can be read in a way that does not render it inconsistent with the tasker being a Duty member.
- Reversed the SRP v1.0.4 decision to convert the "Take over the flea market together with the bandits" task into an 'eliminate' task to work around the issue where the ally bandit squad might perish and leave the 'capture' task impossible to complete. Instead, the bandit squad now simply respawns if necessary.
- Reversed the SRP v1.0.4 decision to make Clear Sky squads attempt to capture several further explicitly defined smart terrains after capturing the Southern Farmstead.
- Removed the optional 'DX10 Patch'. It did not fix the intermittent freezing caused by 'Update for Microsoft Windows (KB2670838)' on Windows 7 when playing in DX10/10.1 mode with anti-aliasing enabled through the game's graphics settings.
- Removed the optional Float32 feature. It caused wet surfaces to appear overexposed and desaturated in DX10/10.1 mode.


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