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Frequently asked - and answered - gameplay questions

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  03:16:28  2 April 2009
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off to new worlds


On forum: 10/31/2008

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04/02/2009 3:17:00
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Artifacts in 1.5.08, master difficulty, level-by-level

Thought i'd share my artifact notes as well
This list mainly includes "wild" artifacts you can find with detector, no rewards or quest items included. (Where i remembered, added specific spots too.)

1) Jellyfish (the "tutorial" one), 2) Crystal, 3) Fireball, 4) Sparkler, 5) Stone flower, 6) Meat chunk, 7) Flash, 8) Gravi (from cave)

1) Stone flower, 2) Jellyfish (Secret camp), 3) Jellyfish (near North Boltin)

1) Stone flower, 2) Meat chunk, 3) Soul, 4) Night star, 5-6) Moonlight and Night star (near the "group stash" ), 7-8) Mama's beads (in Concentration camp)

1) Wrenched (burner field), 2) Night star (at factory wall), 3) Soul (in base), 4) Moonlight, 5) Night star (North of base)

1) Night star (in "devil's claw" ), 2) Soul (swamp), 3) Wrenched, 4) Fireball, 5-6) Sparkler (Loner base)

1) Battery (factory), 2) Mama's beads ("devil's claw" ) , 3) Bubble (swamp), 4) Shell (factory)

Red forest:
1) Kolobok, 2) Battery, 3) Wrenched, 4) Gravi, 5-6) Goldfish and Flame (Devilish encampment), 7) Gravi (area behind tank), 8) Shell (area near Forester), 9) Bubble from Strelok's stash

Army warehouses:
1) Eye (near Garbage gate), 2) Firefly (swamp), 3) Wrenched, 4) Shell (psi+electro anomaly uphill of the Loner's camp - yup, no Snowflake this time), 5) Goldfish (north of helicopter).

48 altogether.
  01:25:41  2 April 2009
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"Order of the Liquidators" and Dez0wave Tester


On forum: 07/17/2008
Messages: 12553
Cool thanks. Will edit.
  01:22:17  2 April 2009
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The Lazy Writer


On forum: 10/21/2008
Messages: 5198
nice one hhiker

and Kane - I checked my stuff on the side quests and you got them all right - the "womaniser" artifact is the scarlet flower and the "named pistol" I have it as inscribed pistol - but I'm just being picky
  00:52:45  2 April 2009
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"Order of the Liquidators" and Dez0wave Tester


On forum: 07/17/2008

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04/04/2009 0:08:09
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Cool I was gonna make a thread about getting all quest items but now I can just put it all in here. Here's what I've found so far in patch 1.5.08:


PMM Pistol
PDA of a CS Scout
Stone Flower
Leather Jacket


Lucky Detector
Army Medkit
Trophy AK
Magic Vodka


Modified Gun
Bandit's Chaser
Cossacks 2 Vodka
Inscribed Pistol
Sturdy Leather Jacket


Duty's Rifle
Duty's Case
Secret PDA
Reaper's Shotgun


Souvenir Grenade
Scarlet Flower

Red Forest:

Tank Gun,
PDA with a Map of Red Forest,
Experimental Device


Commander's PDA
Sniper Ammo
Meat Chunk

If I missed or mixed something up, let me know.
  22:57:54  1 April 2009
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off to new worlds


On forum: 10/31/2008
Messages: 4290
Frequently asked - and answered - gameplay questions

There are those gameplay questions that pop up again and again.
Often the best answers and discussions are somewhere in the older threads and digging those up i've acquired quite a collection of links. Organized them and here's the result.
* some links are long because TInyurl gave up on me at a point
* When i say "old thread" it means the information might not be valid anymore (links expired patches not compatible).
* This list is in no way complete (i've preferred threads that i remember reading; or threads from veteran gamers who's expertise i trust). So, add your knowledge reference if you feel like it.
OK, here goes


- taking Depot:
- gamer experiences with factions (old thread):
- faction war rewards (after 1.5.05?)(old thread):
- to make AI more active, move around yourself (old thread):
- avoid conflicts with bandits (old thread):
- Mary's experience joining Freedom: ;
- Mary's experience joining Bandits:
- SunZi's membership rotation experiment:

#Artifacts and anomalies#
- artifacts and anomalies, comparison with SoC (old thread):
- swamp artifacts (old thread):
- artifact locations (old thread):
- devilish encampment help (old thread):
- bubble locations (old thread):
- user lists:

- SEVA upgrades + general opinions (old thread):
- protective properties - overview & discussion (old thread) :
- Exo & Bulat; upgrade comparisons:
- Exo-SEVA comparison:

- farming & user opinions (old thread):
- recommendations (old thread):
- Vintar upgrades; weapon & ammo types (old thread):
- tunder upgrades (old thread):
- RP-74 - upgrades, opinions (old thread):
- opinions and comparisons (old thread):
- opinions and recommendations (old thread):
- caliber upgrades:
- farming in Garbage:
- sniper rifle comparisons:
- FT200M upgrades:
- farming spots:

#Flash drives and upgrades#
- upgrade basics (old thread):
- Mechs' areas of expertise:
- how one upgrade cancels out another:
- some flashdrive sources:
- user experiences:

#Side quests#
Danlo's guide:

#Main quest events (and related)#
- Cordon machine gun (old thread):
- prisoner Kaletshky (old thread):
- Psi-dog mission (old thread):
- Mugging scene (very old thread):
- Lefty:
- tank gun (old thread):
- main quest troubles in Army warehouses (not sure whiich patch) (old thread):
- Limansk generator (old thread):

#Traders & moneymaking#
- different traders, different deals:
- profitable looting at Agroprom (old thread):
- user tips on moneymaking (old thread):
- less obvious traders (old thread):
- user tips (old thread):
- user tips (old thread) :
- Flea market trader schedules (old thread):
- Forester exploit:
- trader tips & price rates (thorough overview)
- user tips:

#Miscellaneous tips, tricks & intel#
- links to game guides (old thread):
- difficult stashes (old thread):
- Yantar stash:
- ranking:
- Shifter's Quick start guide:
- LuxZg's startup guide:
- 3rd person view:
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