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Sky Reclamation Project (SRP)

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  03:31:11  3 February 2009
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Sashya Loner
Official Forum Bandit Leader


On forum: 01/29/2009
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I have another issue. If I run through an anomoly field to get an artifact sometimes the anomalies just push me around until I die. I try and run out but they oush me around from anomaly to anomaly like a ragdoll. It has prevented me from getting very many artifacts.
  21:01:23  2 February 2009
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On forum: 06/20/2008
Messages: 53
Thats a good start on a TODO list, willytilly. thank you.

The mod as i see it, would have a more superficial implementation. to change a whole faction is a bit too deep than fixing and squashing gameplay bugs/annoyances IMO.
Fixing broken/unreasonable stats, scripting typos, misaligned elements and so on is more to the point in my opinion.
I saw a thread about NPCs noticing and attacking you from a far and inside bushes at night, while you can't even aim right, and a possible fix for this issue. thats something that when tweaked properly, might be a huge feat in a gamefix mod like the one we discuss here.

Any more issues you guys have that can be looked into, please list them here. the next stage is finding and collecting existing mods which already address issues ingame. any help here is also appreciated

  19:31:45  2 February 2009
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Willy Tilly
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On forum: 08/16/2007

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Willy Tilly
02/02/2009 19:40:51
Messages: 333
It should include this fix the artifact respawn fix and change the claer sky faction so that they are actually CS rather then a mix between loners and CS.

In addition weapons should be like they were in SOC with freedom having only nato weapons (lr300, sig550, g36) and duty warsaw weapons (abakan, groza, ak74).

In additon renegades should have different outfits then being a bandit ripoff.
  14:03:16  2 February 2009
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On forum: 06/20/2008

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02/02/2009 21:03:36
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Why don't we fix obvious and small bugs?

Hi everyone,

After playing CS for some time now, and after reading in the forums a bit, i thought "hey, why not fix this great game like we did with Soc?"

The game is stunning, interesting and unique. but there are those quirks and rough spots that just plain bug you now and then, and most of them are pretty fixable

So why not start a small project, like the excellent ZRP for SoC, and address those obvious, small problems in the game? it would be a joint effort from people who LOVE this game, and will, hopefully, make more people love it or at least, like it more

There are already so many small fixes to script bugs in the game, fixes that retain the original gameplay and just address a problem or a typo in the original files. we can collect these fixes, test them a little, and compile a "big fix" for everyone.

I'm not a serious modder, but i've modded my game with small additions and fixes since SoC, and tried alot of "fixing mods" made by people, and tried to get the best experience out of the game, while keeping it original and clean.

Thats just my offer to this great community, and ofcourse, i'm willing to give a hand and mod/test things as needed.

So, what do you say?

One example for a mod would be Angus McFisticuffs's Fixed-up ironsights:
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