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  11:44:06  29 May 2009
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On forum: 05/29/2009
Messages: 2
Simplified Sleeping Bag

I would love to see a simplified version of the Sleeping Bag without dreams or any of the advanced features. Just a way to sleep through the night. I've tried doing it myself with AMK's for reference but sifting through all of the extras he has in there made it impossible for me to be able to extract the correct information. Impossible because I'm not a modder or script-er, hehe.

Would this be a difficult task? And is anyone up for such a thing? It would be an awesome thing and I don't think I'd be alone in appreciating it! The original tended to be only for one or two patch versions and then was never updated except for in large mod compilations.
It'd be so sweet to see something like this hit the downloads section!
  20:49:33  5 May 2009
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Sgt Doom
Senior Resident

On forum: 08/01/2008
Messages: 330
A mod that improves A-Life but nothing else. All the all.spawn mods i've seen have a load of other stuff attached I don't want.
  05:28:53  3 May 2009
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Cake Muncher


On forum: 01/08/2009

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05/03/2009 6:33:06
Messages: 4119
Does anyone know how to add a Guide to a certain point?

I want to add a guide in Cordon at "Far Outpost" (Cordon to Garbage level changer, the outpost) can anyone help me please?

It's really annoying to run back there then run back to the Loner base to sell the loot from the fights there.

EDIT: Would be nice if someone makes a small script that makes the Bandits not rob you at their level changer outposts if you help them capture the Flea Market.
  05:37:42  9 April 2009
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Chris Metzen's Son


On forum: 03/11/2009

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04/09/2009 5:38:53
Messages: 189

I was thinking of a Warhammer:40,000 based conversion. Just some random ideas I have rolling in my head because I have no skill in modding >.< But I can come up with a name...

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Rogue Trooper

Change the NPCs to refer to you as an Inquisitorial Storm Trooper. Add weapons like the Hell Gun las rifle, las pistols, bolter pistol and bolter rifle.

Add Daemons and Tyranids along with the mutants. Change blowout to warp storm that has a chance for friendly npcs to lose their minds and attack people. Add chaos anomalys, one can be like a 8 pointed glowing star on the ground with a small pulsing sphere at the center that kills instantly, sucking the blood out of the victim and splashing it in all directions, called a blood pulse in Dawn of War.

Add more humanoid enemies like heretics and sorcerors. I even thought it would be fun to have chaos marine bases around the deeper areas of the zone. Like in the chernobyl NPP and a Daemon Prince boss. Heck maybe even a Blood Thirster.

Change some of the factions like Military to Imperial Guard, Duty to Inquisition, Freedom to Space Marine, Loners to Rogue Traders...etc Monolith to Chaos, Bandits can stay the same etc. Friction between factions can remain because in 40k even allied forces can have major disagreements over who has the superior mandate and openly attack one another.

So many things, I can go on forever >.<

Ahhh..if such things were possible. Sadly, they aren't. ):

I've always wanted a Warhammer 40k fps but sadly, it just doesn't exist. Not counting Firewarrior, I never got to play that. But I want to. But yeah, having a 40k total conversion would be badass beyond the limit badassness can go, thus setting the badassness limit further than the one broken by a badass mod. But then it wouldn't really be a badassness limit breaker if the limit can be surpassed now can it, making my post meaningless. But yea..

Can't believe you forgot about Orkz man. ORKZ IS DA BEST. Of course they will take the place the mutants

*EdiT* I meant to post this hours ago, but I got sidetracked and the tab just sat unattended. So the post is incomplete and I have to go to sleep now so I can't finish it. ):
  11:15:20  8 April 2009
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On forum: 02/08/2009
Messages: 26
A mod that adds SoC locations to Clear sky. So Pripiyat will be the sight of a huge urban battle again.
  17:57:19  16 March 2009
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mod abuser & exploiter


On forum: 03/22/2008
Messages: 2832
Slower pace and improved immersion

I'd like to see a mod that improves immersion by slowing down the pace of the game. I really find it annoying that sometimes 3 or more tasks pop up at the same time spamming the HUD with messages that disappear too fast to be read and some tasks fail way to easily. To improve on this I think that the following could help:

- if you get more than one calls for help and you respond to one of them by arriving at the location the other auto-tasks should get cancelled and pop up at a later time. Example: if you arrive at Agroprom stalker base to defend Eastern Gate you should not get a task to defend the Back Exit.

- a decent break between two auto-tasks at the same location. E.g. the Eastern Gate at Agroprom should only require your help once or twice a day no matter what kind of enemy you just defeated.

- no multiple concurrent tasks in faction wars. Face it, the commander of the faction can only send you to one location at a time.

- reduced respawn rates and domination of the area: as long as you are present at a site no NPC/monsters should spawn there or nearby.

- emissions that kill NPCs: every NPC on the level that is not in a location that works as a hideout should be killed by the emission. I don't care about their stuff, it could be either completely thrashed or left in perfect condition. In general the emissions should reduce the current population a bit even if no on-line NPCs are outside hideout locations.
  14:01:25  3 March 2009
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On forum: 09/25/2008
Messages: 11

I'm looking for a modder to work on some extra armours for Clear Sky.

Monolith Armour, 3 variations (Light, Medium, Heavy as you can see Monolith members wearing ingame) with custom texture arms for first person view.

I'm basing my "classification" of the armour types on the weaponry I've seen Monolith members weilding.

Light: Looks like a SEVA suit (They usually carry AK74us or MP5's)
Medium: Similar to the light Duty suit (These usually carry AK74s or SIG SG 550s)
Heavy: Similar to an Exoskeleton (Seen usually wielding Vals but sometimes Groza)

Since Monolith is known for its combat prowess, rare equipment and weaponry, and the "support" of the Zone itself, the armours should have stats slightly above others with a decent amount of artifact containers (although this isn't too big of a deal since outfit stats are easy to edit).

I have tried a mod that added a single Monolith suit, but it was pretty poor in my opinion - So I've decided to try here.

Once I encounter some Monolith in the Army Warehouses, I'll take some screenshots to show each of the different armours they wear.

  03:36:40  25 February 2009
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On forum: 09/22/2008
Messages: 13
It would be nice to have a vehicle mod that lets you use vehicles as stash locations...though I think this would be difficut to implement...and of course there's no real way to take vehicles between levels.
  17:44:04  8 February 2009
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On forum: 10/03/2008
Messages: 18
I'd be surprised if GSC didn't already have plans for that, I'd put my money on a monolith story if I had to guess the plan.
  14:57:50  8 February 2009
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On forum: 12/01/2008
Messages: 27
I'd like to see a mod where you'll be from first stalkers invading the Zone after 2nd Chernobyl explosion (2006?)
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