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  10:37:25  26 October 2008
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The Dane


On forum: 09/22/2007
Messages: 2013

Dania, the SVU thing is something I've seen too, but it's not limited to the Freedom base. If I recall, though, it does what it's supposed to, not what it says. I assume you're using the Vfire mod. If so, have you noticed any accuracy issues with the SVU/SVD?

Well, I haven't used the SVU I found at a dead Freedom guy yet (BTW, I think the SVD upgrades to say Accuracy +130% meaning it's 130% more accurate than before upgrading it) but after fully upgrading the SVU it says Accuracy +40% where it should say +60% (-10% + 50% = +40%).

I don't think I'm using what you call the Vfire mod. The mods I'm using are the following:

NPC collision detection fix -arcana75
Hunger Mod -Ceano
Realistic headlamp -Ceano
Monster Hunter -Ceano
real weapon names cs eng ita fixed -Clay65 (found on
improved sound effects -ddefinder
Seva Suit Upgrades -Grendelin
Freedom mechanic USB drives fix -Isilidur
PDA Maps with point names -LuxZg
Smaller Actor icon -LuxZg

None of them changes ballistics or makes upgrades data better or worse and none of them requires me to merge files
  18:41:10  26 October 2008
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Senior Resident

On forum: 10/22/2008
Messages: 1165

Maybe the SVU bug is in the vanilla game, and I just didn't notice it until I used the Vandalized weapons mod...
  06:47:56  27 October 2008
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The Vandal
Senior Resident

On forum: 01/11/2008
Messages: 583
Yeah, it's definitely a vanilla problem, VFire doesn't modify the string tables for weapon upgrades yet. But yes, the upgrades will still have the desired effect, it'll just calculate strangely in your weapon descriptions.

Anyway, as for that DoctorMod thing, I've currently got a few scripts put together, just have to iron out a few bugs and I'll be able to release it.
  19:21:38  31 October 2008
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On forum: 10/31/2008
Messages: 1
More Military Choppers!

This may be more than a simple Mod... but I would love to see more military helicopters throughout all levels. Is it possible to spawn the one from the hospital level to other levels? It would be cool (to me at least) to be walking around or in a faction fight and all of sudden, out of the blue, here comes a freakin' military chopper that starts shooting at everyone. Is it possible to treat the chopper as a flying mutant for purposes of doing this? The unpredictable nature of them showing up anywhere at anytime would add a ton of realism and ratchet up the tension to a whole new'd never really feel safe (I like that feeling).
  21:58:57  31 October 2008
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On forum: 09/10/2008

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10/31/2008 21:59:18
Messages: 102
More level-changers:

Some levels just need more level changers. It's very weird that you
can't go back from Yantar to Garbage but you can go back from Red Forest to Garbage. Same with Agroprom and Cordon. Both areas are so close but you have to walk trough Garbage first in order to enter Cordon.

So If anyone would just add level changers between the areas marked with red arrows on this map, it would be just awesome:
  12:49:43  4 November 2008
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On forum: 10/26/2008
Messages: 2
Realistic loot from dead bodies

Hi all. I noted that even at "stalker" difficulty level the loot from dead bodies is very poor. In Clear Sky money are far more important than in the original STALKER, since you have to modify weapons and armors. The problem is that you cannot even get enough ammo to go on from dead bodies, let alone gain profit! Moreover, traders are not honest at all! Sidorovich sells items with a +150% charge on base value and buy your loot at 10% of its price!

The answer is realistic looting! Think, how do you shoot at during your fights? Other stalkers, bandits, soldiers, ecc. I do not know about you, but I usually have at least 300 rounds for my primary weapon with me at all times. Plus 10 medkit, 20 bandages, 5 anti-rad kit, another 100 round for my pistol, 1000 rubles...etc.
Ok, let's go into combat. NPCs starts shooting hundreds of rounds at you, grenades are launched everywhere! After the carnage, in which you used 100-150 rounds to get headshots (to save ammos!) and some bandages, you loot their bodies and what do you find? 18 9mmx18 rounds, a PSM, 2 bandages. STOP! Not even a ruble!
As in all other FPS, even STALKER gives unlimited ammo to NPC.

I want a realistic looting! I know that all FPS are like this, but why cannot things be improved? I was made in Operation Flashpoint (ok, it is not an FPS, it is a simulation) where to loot a soldier caught by surprise (he did not fired a single shoot) means to recover 120 rifle rounds (4 magazines) and 4-6 grenades! That's realistic!
  22:58:05  14 November 2008
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Senior Resident

On forum: 11/02/2008
Messages: 283
Im a real stickler for animations.Theres something wrong with the animations in stalker.They just look wrong and IMO detract from immersion into game world.Its stupid to most but to me I notice it all the time.I see the head bob and the feet sounds dont match up....and also there is no up and down movement when moving.

Just found oblivion lost"how stalker should have been" video.Now WTF did they remove the oustanding animation to what the final was shipped with.

Look at final build SOC

Now check out the "what stalker should of been"

look at 40secs to see what I mean.The head bob seems less and the stalker actually moves up and down as in real life.Way more immersion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I wonder,is this in game hidden??
  05:01:24  29 November 2008
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On forum: 11/29/2008

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11/29/2008 5:03:51
Messages: 1
New unique weapon, I can muck around and mod an existing weapon easy enough but cant get the hang of making a new one. I just want one new weapon that I can mod up how I like and use through the whole game. Prefer a new AK of some sort but any rifle would do.
  06:30:26  1 December 2008
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Senior Resident

On forum: 12/01/2008
Messages: 1355
An emissions suit. A suit that allows you to survive an emission in any area. (I tried but can't seem to do it).

Fix the attached grenade launchers and idle animation and sounds. Also change sprint from false to true for sniper riffles, etc... Then incorporate all these in a weapons mod with an accuracy/damage fix

Getting rid of auto reload and the reload sound

Need to test it out on a larger scale to check for bugs. I went through an entire game to test it. Alright here's what to do. You need to go to gamedata/configs/weapons and edit the weapon files. For example the abakan.

(this part is to get rid of the sound)
snd_bore = weapons\abakan_bore, 0.7
change to: snd_bore = weapons\draw_silent

(this part is to get rid of the animation)
anm_bore = abakan_idle_bore
change line to: anm_bore = abakan_idle

anm_bore_w_gl = abakan_idle_bore_w_gl
change line to: anm_bore_w_gl = abakan_idle_w_gl

anm_bore_g = abakan_idle_bore_w_gl
change to: anm_bore_g = abakan_idle_w_gl

The ak74u and ak74 use the abakan sound file so don't look for it. The nato 5.56 weapons (sig 550, fn2000, g36, il86) only need the bore removed from the second line of the anm. This is because they also don't have sound (snd) files to change. For the mp5 and mp5n change the animation (remove the bore from the second lines) and change the bore (bored?) sound weapons\mp5_bore to weapons\draw_silent. And leave the second bore sound as weapons\draw_silent. Basically the animation repeats the weapon idle animation (normal animation stoc) instead of going to the bore (bored?) animation. And the sound file ( weapons\draw_silent ) gets rid of the noise or the reload noise will still occur. Good luck.

Fix for attached granade lauchers

Also for the attached grenade lauchers I found a fix. Go to gamedata/configs/weapons/weapons.ltx folder. Open/edit the weapons.ltx folder with notepad. Go to the bottom and find wpn_addon_grenade_launcher and wpn_addon_grenade_launcher_m203. Change the grenade_vel to 76 for both launchers. This will give a near stoc value. You can launch the greanades almost as far as you can see. Like in stalker.
  12:58:15  7 December 2008
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Lux's PDA workshop


On forum: 09/26/2008

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12/07/2008 15:23:48
Messages: 1301
Here is a suggestion.. but I'd need someone who is good with modeling and texturing

Make a sword (or a sabre or machete or whatever), and than replace knife with that thing Except texture/model only thing needed would be a small adjustment to knife weapon file, where you would make your reach a bit longer. And than let's start hunting mutants in Red Forest

You coud also make variations with baseball bat, a pole, and stuff like that, LOL!

Here is a link to a knife-retexture mod, but it's just retexture no model..;96094


EDIT: I already have 2 or 3 people that agreed they would USE this mod.. now I need someone to make it.. I'm no good at modeling
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