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Recommended Display Settings for Optimal Gameplay Realism?

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  18:46:52  7 June 2007
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On forum: 05/30/2007
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It is quite a tribute for S.T.A.L.K.E.R to have me quit from my forum "retirement" period, this being said candidly.


P.S. STALKER is the first time I care exchanging on forums. I always limited myself to a few posts before, until I got the information I was seeking. What a game.
  18:20:11  9 June 2007
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On forum: 06/04/2007
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More about Displays and Colors for Gaming Purpose

LCD versus CRT for Gaming Purpose

The present market and technology trend is indisputable in favour of the LCD. Of course I am as attracted as everybody for its technological breakthrough in terms of electrical consumption, or aesthetics, but I think that for multi media purpose the high-end CRT, which can be found on the used market now at a reasonable price, is still an excellent alternative to the high-end LCD, both financially and even technically speaking. I have found the Apple 23-inch LCD ColorEyes results inferior to the Philips 202P, but many things can change that ranking. The Sony GDM FW900 provides for 16:10 aspect display, which I would like to experiment with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and can be found at 150 USD on eBay. The Sony Artisan is a wonderful baby for everything with colors. I am personally using three Philips 202P40/20 CRT monitors, which provide for excellent performance and color reliability. The 19-inch 109P series is also a great choice for games, or multi-display. I am using four of them in my workshop. An alternative could be the Eizo Nanao series, or LaCie Electron Blue III 22-inch models (not the 19-inch, though.) The IIyama models have received bad honours for reliability in Germany, if I recall correctly. Philips support policy is really good, which is nice for anyone.

Colorimeters versus EyeBall One

There are many colorimeters available, which I have not tested. The Colorvision Spyder have a mixed reputation. By all means beware of introductory models, which are in general too expensive for their technical abilities. I believe that there is a kind of new market for gamers, but the hardware is not serious enough. At 250 USD you can have the X-Rite DTP94, which is great and compatible with a lot of calibration tools. My choice, actually. The EyeBall One method is not bad, depending on many factors like physical health and visual ability, and surrounding. For non serious stuff it can do. For instance I have found the Apple ColorSync and manual display calibration tools quite good for many activities. Some tools like ColorWizzard will let you calibrate your display for games, but you will obtain gamma tweaking, which is not reliable and conclusive. I would definitely at least recommend using DisplayMate for calibration without a colorimeter.

Home Theater Calibration Tools

I have tried several tools for calibrating my modest home theater setup, based on Philips DVD player and Sony or Panasonic CRT displays. You can find Peter Finzel DVD for calibration purpose, which is using the ColorFacts display calibration tools, without the very expensive colorimeter, though. The Peter Finzel tool is not bad, but already targeting the Ueber television sets, and I had difficulties finding correct values. There is a blue filter patch for color balance, but I could not make it work correctly. I believe that DisplayMate is also providing a home theater calibration set. Conversely if you are using a colorimeter it should be theoretically possible to calibrate your home theater from a PC. I have used the Avivo from ATI to play Rome and the colors were extremely vivid and beautiful. Again a matter of choice.

Best regards
  16:09:29  11 June 2007
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On forum: 05/30/2007
Messages: 402
Thank you very much for all this valuable information.
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