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New Side-Mission Variants

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  03:36:22  28 May 2007
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On forum: 05/13/2007
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New Side-Mission Variants

Impossible without SDK, but it would be totally awesome to see some new archetypes for side missions.

For one, I would like to escort a tourist around in the zone. Sidrovich talks of them and you clear areas for them, but I've never seen a single plain-clothes person hanging around in the zone.
Another way this could be cool is if (in a perfect world) maps were connected, vehicles implemented properly and AI adjusted, and then you could drive them around.

Think of all the spins there could be: An investor in a zone-oriented company would buy, but only if he saw the zone's nicer features. This would mean a mission failed if he sees a duty-freedom battle (not that they ever happen )

Also, I think it would be cool to have some investigative side missions. Maybe a stalker was killed and you need to do some interrogating. (Bust out the knife a little bit). Alternatively, a stalker has gone missing, and you need to track him through the zone and bring him back.

Maybe some more politically slanted missions would be cool. Like trying to rise to the top of a faction, rather than just join one. Maybe you could start your own eventually. I think it would be awesome to run freedom, and have talks with ranking duty officials. It would be your job to make sure that none of your men get out of hand, or, alternatively, you could ensure that your men ambush him effectively and kill his men.

Some convoy missions would be nice as well. Maybe sid needs you to clear a military roadblock so that he can send some rookies through carrying a shipment of goods out of the zone.

Also, smuggling missions would be cool. Sid needs a shipment to get out of the zone, but his usual contact is out, so he needs to sneak them out. You would need to use stealth (if we ever get it working) to evade patrols and finally reach some contact.

Also, I would like to see some adventure missions. Maybe a trader needs to find somewhere to arrange a meeting with a contact from the outside, and needs to find a perfect spot. YOu would have to find something secluded, but somewhere the contact would still feel safe in. This could lead to hiring guards, purging the area yourself, or just finding a perfect spot.

Any ideas? Any criticisms? (These are just total fantasies btw)

And: I would like to see at least one stalker try to plead their case when ou have to kill them for a trader
  23:21:15  28 May 2007
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Lief Siddhe
Senior Resident

On forum: 04/11/2007
Messages: 169
Good ideas there.
  00:59:58  29 May 2007
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On forum: 04/11/2007
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I think the necessity of having a heavily armed bodyguard escort him around the zone would do as much to disabuse an investor of any notions that the Zone is a safe place as a Duty-Freedom battle. Other than that, those are pretty good ideas.

Anything other than a simple "find this" or "kill this" quest would be nice, actually. The ideas of scouting for meetings, and also of more "politics" with the factions are especially cool. God, I can't wait for the SDK.
  06:48:56  29 May 2007
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On forum: 05/22/2007
Messages: 17
I really like those ideas. The implementation of smuggling missions, with vehicles and a larger "streamed" zone could be epic (jeep chases through backwoods roads, with MG turrets on the backs? I don't know how hard to implement something like that would be, but it would be great).

Investigative side missions would add much more depth, maybe explaining the deaths of some of those random stalkers you find (some guy's brother wants you to find his body and return his heirloom, and along the way you find out how he died, through his own greed or through some cruel circumstance of the Zone).

Definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY more political missions. Faction gameplay increases replayability tenfold, especially when it's well-implemented (no joining Freedom, finishing the missions, then joining Duty after; however, something neat would be possible double-agent stuff, though?).
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