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Firearm suggestions

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  11:42:50  1 June 2007
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On forum: 05/13/2007
Messages: 261
I don't think STALKER needs many new or exotic guns - personally, I'd rather JUST locally available/soviet block weapons, but with vastly more variations among them.

I agree that a "gunsmith" and accompanying quests would be good. He would modify weapons where the player hands over a gun and specifies whether to increase the damage, accuracy, ammo cap, ammo type, weight etc. You would name it something unique, and it would be saved to the uniqueitems file. Eventually, you might see other stalkers carrying the same weapon upgraded like yours (but nowhere like the real deal of course!), as your rep grows.

Stalker 1: "Hey man, that's a cool gun!"
Stalker 2: "Yeah, it's a copy of the gun I saw that dude Marked One with and I just had to have one like it. So I went over to the Gunsmith, and..."
Marked One:"WTF are u noobs talking about! That is so nothing like my gun. This thing can pwn a squadron of choppers from 6k's away."
Stalker 1 & 2: *In awe*

Maybe even loading your own inventory gif/bmp/jpg for the custom weapon could be possible. He'd be in the very most out-of-the-way place, and would only accept the most difficult quests as payment.
  14:45:13  1 June 2007
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On forum: 06/01/2007
Messages: 5
mod all the weapon is a good idea

but it miss exotic or very big guns i think

this is my favorite

and the russian brother

now for modder, or a new add on for stalker

this is some ideas
  13:29:47  3 June 2007
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On forum: 05/02/2007
Messages: 186
The thing about more exotic weapons is they're very hard to get even in an area where there's countries not far away that have been at war for hundreds of years. That's why in places like the Gaza strip it is mostly ak-47s & such. It's not just a matter of reliability but also accessibility. The ak-47s were produce in a large quantities & are very common making them hard to control access to. However .50 calibre firearms very quickly get into the non-human transportable weight & size (some single fire rifles like the one posted above & such are made) & are a very serious tactical threat that limited access to them is much higher. Course Stalker already has at least 1 exotic gun in it but it's something that exist only because of the zone... but a a couple limited quantity exotics would be nice.
Personally I wouldn't want to see any M-80 rifles in game. To much of an advantage over the NPCs (the AI is very decent on human NPCs but nothing near perfect) & the gun really isn't something someone would carry over kilometers unless they *had* to. It's very large meaning in slung position (over the shoulder in canvas usually it seems) it makes you much more visible, still fairly weighty (the modern guns site has it at 12 kilos empty) & can't be fired on the move at all.
To me already pushing the limits of exotic would be the mp90 or the like. I'd rather see the mp90 in game because (even though access to it is probably still fairly limited) it's lighter, quite compact & can be fired on the move.
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