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RMA Autumn edition problem

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  14:40:58  16 February 2016
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On forum: 02/11/2016
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RMA Autumn edition problem

Old storyline restoration mod+ Autumn Aurora 2
I took the job to get the bulldog6 for duty. I got to Military warehouses but i didnt take the job from Skull(duty) instead i went to Freedom base. I tried to talk to chef and i did but the task didnt complete. Then i went to Lukash and i told him about duty. He told me to go with Max and squad to kill them but i havent shot anyone they did it themselves . I checked if i was enemy of duty and i was not. I got back to the base he told me to get rid of traitor. I did the mission and came back. Then he told me i can consider one of themselves now and that they need help with monolith, killed the monolith came back took the bulldog but now i am a Freedom member, so i cant take it to duty. I went back to bar, and i somehow managed to climb my way in without killing anyone from duty. I went into the bar thinking i can fix my relations with money by paying barman but no i could not. I am stuck now so please help me if you can somehow. Changing lines in bar_dialogs just crashes my game. If anyone has a save at this point or at begining of military warehouses please give it to me. THANKS
  02:06:30  17 February 2016
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02/17/2016 2:25:53
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You've fallen into a bit of a vanilla trap. You completed each of the three Freedom tasks - Skull's Duty group, the traitor and mercs, and the barrier job. In vanilla, doing these jobs one after the other, without breaking off to do other things, gets you automatically inducted into Freedom.

The only way out is to go back to before you did the barrier job, go off and do something else somewhere else, then come back. Go and do a job or two for Barkeep and Voronin then try again.

It may be enough just to turn the barrier job down when speaking to Lukash. Then just go and do it anyway. But that way you won't find out whether it worked or not until after leaving X10 and seeing the Duty vs Freedom fight at the bottom of the hill. If those Duty guys are red - it didn't work.

I can't recall what it is, but there is some effect on your game if you go with Max but fail to score a kill. I don't know if it is tied to the number of Dutyers killed by Freedomers, but I'm pretty sure I side-stepped the effect by visiting the farmstead before going to Lukash, and dropping as many explosive fuel cans and gas bottles as I could find, around the main group of Dutyers. Shooting one of those during the Freedom attack will probably result in all of them exploding and killing one or more Duty guys. The game sees that as the exploding fuel can that killed the NPC, not you, so doesn't affect your standing with Duty at the bar.

I've prepared for that moment from the start of a game, managed to get a good 10 fuel cans and gas bottles in there, then killed them all with a single shot. On looting the corpses they were all still green 'friendly' with me, as were the Dutyers everywhere else. Best way to make sure Max survives.

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