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Upgrading items

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  22:10:11  8 September 2014
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/06/2009
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Hmm. I can't see Stalker games in general or LA in particular being 'Survival Horror' games. Survival would suggest something happened to an area and all the people it happened to were fighting to survive.

I'd call it a dark SF post-apocalyptic adventure. If you think about it, not one of the people in the Zone, from any faction, appears to have originated in that area*. They're all adventurers from other places, so they're not just trying to survive or they'd have done that wherever they came from, saving themselves the terror of Pseudodogs, Bloodsuckers and Tourist Delight.

* There's Forester in CS, but he's not really an ordinary NPC.

  01:01:56  9 September 2014
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The Dane


On forum: 09/22/2007
Messages: 1994

That's not what I meant by "survival horror", I mean that decision making and managing equipment is a big part of game of this genre, which is why it doesn't make sense and is stupid to make bad decisions on purpose, like not upgrading weapons when game offers it. That's why I mentioned "sandbox game", because that's genre where decision making doesn't matter and everything is just about fooling around for fun... Is that what you're suggesting to me?

Seems like it's either black or white at your place. Stalker is not and has never been a 'sandbox game', regardless if you can upgrade equipment or not. Don't know where you get the idea I suggest you to play a 'sandbox game'. What I suggest is that, if you find the game too easy make it more difficult. RealLifeā„¢ works just the same if you think about it, most people tend to try make it easier for themselves except some fail in the process.

If you find you MUST use what is available in the game, then mod it to what you want it to be, just like the other modders. Another thing is: Why force other people to play the game the way you want it to be? Playing is about having a good time.

So, if you don't like something in the game, set your own rules or change it to your liking. There still are no one forcing you to use the upgrade options in the game (except yourself as you have stated by insisting on using the upgrade option because it is there).
  01:42:54  9 September 2014
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Senior Resident

On forum: 05/06/2014

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09/09/2014 1:45:09
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Meh, if you guys don't see the point i'm making then I guess it's not such a problem as I thought it to be. Although it indeed did annoy me a lot to be told how I should play the game "to avoid" this issue I mentioned. I shouldn't have drifted that way and should have led direction to discuss my real argument for why I think that removing upgrading system could be benefit to gameplay. PCDania seems to have a thing for "teaching" people how they should play game in order to avoid issues they're mentioning instead of using feedback for trying to figure out better solutions and improvements for the game. (I've ignored that he seemed to take me as a whiner and never took my arguments seriously anyway)

Well, I pointed out at my OP that I exclude fact that upgrading system at it's present stage is nowhere close to being completed, due to fact that I enjoy my akm having so great accuracy. However, if I include that then I have my doubts whenver it wouldn't be better for developers to focus on other areas of game to improve(due to how messy upgrading system is at its present stage it seems like it would take tons of work to make it done).

Anyway there was an argument I made, but it's all pointless if it's just being ignored or rather if other people don't have any problems with same reasoning I've written. I guess benefits of having an upgrading system just are attractive enough to offset it.
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