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Into Freeplay and Final Thoughts :)

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  03:13:33  19 August 2014
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On forum: 06/14/2008

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08/19/2014 3:16:23
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Into Freeplay and Final Thoughts

I've spent a lot of time playing Lost Alpha and it was worth it. I've explored most areas already and it's time to take a break. I sometimes wish there was more reward for exploration, but such as it is.

I only started playing video games shortly before I joined this forum, so I've been playing for maybe 7 years. I started late, and had my first computer built for me in 2007 by the son of an old friend. He helped me order the parts I needed, and I went to his apartment to watch and photo him putting it together. He also introduced me to computer gaming, so the next year I decided to build a gaming machine on my own.

I love the technology and I've always been fond of graphics arts and video, so gaming feels natural to me. Long story short I'll be turning 63 in a couple of days. Robin Williams was 63 when he recently passed away, and I read in his bio that he also loved video gaming. He even named some of his children after game characters. He will be missed.

So anyway, some of my strange replies may be related to my age.

For final thoughts I did make a number of changes to how LA played for me. I love the Borderlands games because they have a simplicity and freedom of movement I really like:

I like being able to run all the time_

...To do this I increased my weight. Another advantage to doing this is that it allows you to better economize your looting.

I like being able to jump a little higher_

...To do this I increased my jump height just a bit. Just enough to get over short fences and onto vehicles a little easier.

I like having a wider Field of View_

...I adjusted that to 90 degrees, and it may take some tweaking of your camera height to feel normal.

I did not like the sun flares_

...So I turned those off. It reminded me of what you see when you look through a camera, and those photos never turn out good.

Other than that I played it as normal. After I finished the game I went back to generators to check that out, and that was interesting. I'll probably be upgrading my system next year, and by then Lost Alpha will be more mature, and with a high powered card, I'm sure it will be a whole new experience.
  02:23:58  27 August 2014
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On forum: 02/10/2008

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08/27/2014 2:26:38
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I'll be turning 63 in a couple of days...

Happy birthday mate!

I've been playing STALKER since Shadow of Chernobyl came out. I nearly gave up on it at the time, as it seemed slow and uninvolving, and errr... a bit buggy. About the same time Crysis (I think) was out and it was eye candy of the first-degree.

But something drew me back and when I had to rebuild my PC, it was STALKER that went back on, whereas Crysis didn't.

And then I started consuming mods, and wow, my mind and expectations exploded, and with it my enjoyment of STALKER. There are too many to mention, but the first large-scale mod to capture my attention was 'Oblivion Lost 2.0'.

Spin forward to today and I am luxuriating in the warm bath that is Lost Alpha. Its scale, ambition, size and sheer beauty continues to amaze me. Is it perfect, imho no, but what game ever is.

If I was to observe, one aspect I miss from ShoC, it is the randomness of stumbling upon travelling groups of bandits, stalkers, duty, freedom, military, monolith, creatures who are battling amongst themselves, irrespective of my arrival.

ShoC is the only game where I have avoided a fight because I had seen enough death on that day, and I simply wanted to get 'home' safe to a base, to trade and patch myself up. LA is the only game where I am planning my meal breaks, and where to sleep. Amazing.

My name is Henry and I am a stalkeraholic.

  05:56:53  27 August 2014
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On forum: 08/23/2014
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Interesting post

I am actually new to the STALKER series (alas, I never bothered to check it out properly despite meaning to).

I am a man who loves a fully-fledged rich game, and I often remark to myself in the Zone about how beautifully atmospheric it is (particularly with my ENB). I love being absorbed into games, and feeling comfortable with them. I'd say my favourite series is the Dragon Age series (not as tacky and generic as it sounds), I say 'series' as opposed to 'Origins' (the first game) because there's a new one coming out in a few months which looks excellent!

I absolutely love the plethora of options and choices, and the ability to truly integrate and personalise the game to your style. I'm such a fan of how deep dragon age is, I've played it a total of four times and each experience was vastly unique (it's ridiculous how much effort has been put into each background and how you play the game).

BioWare also has produced classics such as Neverwinter and Baldur's Gate (truly amazing games too).
Another game (coincidentally bioware again) which struck a chord with me, was Knights of The Old Republic, very similar in its mechanics to dragon age (plethora of choice, extreme amount of quality content).

Mostly, the immersive environments and ability to absorb, among instilling a sense of awe into me are the reasons I love video games.

I dabble with multiplayer games (such as CS) but they generally make me too competitive for my liking, and I end up placing too much value in something that doesn't matter to me (it's not like I'm professional) nor do I enjoy it, unlike single player games.

My father is around the same age as you and is a huge fan of Rome Total War (SPQR mod especially), that might be up your alley, it might not.

Anyway, it's rather late and I'm not sure if anything I just ranted about was comprehensible but I enjoyed writing it all the same.
  07:01:09  27 August 2014
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On forum: 04/12/2007
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Just finished first playthrough

Been playing the Stalker series since SOC was released. Really fell in love with it as being the greatest thing since DOOM, so I'm really dating myself as well (four grandchildren!). Fell in with Natvac and the ZRP mod and loved the way I was able to customize the game to my liking. I have high hopes for Lost Alpha now. I completed the game on patch 1.3003 and really found no serious bugginess. The story line wandered a bit I suppose and I found all the underground sequences quite tedious but fun none the less. My only big question is a coded door in the beginning of the Sarcophagus task. There looks to be a body behind it but I had no pda's or messages that ever referenced this door, and I was able to finish the game without ever knowing what was behind it. Did I miss a part of the storyline or is this door some part of a side task I never picked up ? ? ?
  23:14:44  29 August 2014
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On forum: 06/14/2008
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Thanks For The Replies


Thanks Mate, another year older, so many games to try. When I had my young friend build my first computer he was deeply involved with Crysis and showed me on his computer what it looked like and I was sort of sold that computer gaming was very interesting.

Ben decided to install a Nvidia 8600GT in my first build because the price was right. It actually worked pretty good for when Ben convinced me to try Half Life 2 as the first game I learned how to play. I'm pretty sure the second game I tried was Stalker SOC, and that's when I joined this forum because I ran into a big bug in Pripyat...the game kept crashing...some said the dogs around Monolith were the problem. Eventually I just made a Bee-Line through Pripyat and that let me finish the game.

p.s. _ I've just had to check myself into a Betty Ford Center to recover from my Stalkeraholic addiction.


The richness of a game is what attracts me also. I've heard about all of those games you mentioned, but haven't really looked into them that closely. After I finished SOC I took on Oblivion, Portal, etc. but I appreciate your recommendations and have put them on my list and will consider them. I've also played FEAR, Fallout, Skyrim, Mass Effect, Far Cry, Call of Juarez, Mirrors Edge, BioShock, and many others. If it's immersive and draws me in, I'm hooked.

Thanks for your recommendations.


Congrats on four grandkids, may you enjoy their company for many years to come. Yeah the underground parts were tough...without a map...trial and error. I relied a lot on YouTube videos to help me get through. I know which coded door your talking about, and my thoughts are that the developers were planning on a much bigger game with more side missions, and some of that is probably why there are large spaces that still need to be filled. Time will tell.
  20:47:27  31 August 2014
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Black Flag
On forum: 04/21/2011
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I was waiting the first S.T.A.L.K.E.R. since it's first announced back to November of 2001.

I was amazed when I saw some pictures of the game on 2004, but the game never came in to it's time.

So, I played it for first time on December of 2010 and by January of 2012 I had played both the three parts of the franchise.

I believe that the Lost Alpha is the true S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game and how the first part should been. When I saw pictures of previous builds I said that this game will be revived soon and that was happened...

I never liked games such as Crysis.
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