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Blacks and Asians.

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  21:08:12  18 July 2004
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Senior Resident

On forum: 02/13/2004
Messages: 183

If they put blacks and asians, what about arabs, indians, eskimos, latinos, etc...? Last I heard, asian wasn't a color, it was a race.

There is no such thing as a 'race'. There are only different colours, eye shape etc.
Too much emphasis is put on this idea of 'race', when there is no such thing.
If the idea of 'race' was dropped there would be far fewer political problems in the world.
  21:35:34  18 July 2004
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Resident Spanker


On forum: 06/28/2004
Messages: 228
Kano you ignorant bastard...

So many contradictions in your posts that I got a headache before even finsihing reading your last post...
No one here said anything against your point of view but against your attitude. Everyone here has the right to say what he/she wants regardless of wether you like it or not and noone deserves the respond that you gave! I'm reffering to...


- You have got to be fuc*in kiddin me!!!?
- just do me a personal favor. the next time you wanna bring up a stupid suggestion...
- better yet explain to mommy have her tell you theres lots of other races in the world
and your character doesn't have to look like wesley snipes to play a fukin video game.


...and more...

So, I'm not going to explain you what you did wrong becase you already explained it yourself in your respond to IceShade....

You said to IceShade...

iceshade instead of calling my post rediculus { wich is hipocritacal } why don't you ...

But you previously told SexyCommando....

im black and i could care less i didnt even wanna give this thread a response but its --->so fuc*in rediculous<---- that you would even feel you need a black model to play.


Than you said to IceShade...

but don't try to analyze me for some extra points its my opinion fuc* yourself if you don't like it....k.

But you haven't showed any understanings for SexyCommandos opinion at the same time....

So, I think it's too bad SexyCommando hasn't responded because all he needs to tell you is...

...its my opinion fuc* yourself if you don't like it....k

Sounds familiar?!?!?!
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