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Awsome STALKER story

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  21:00:10  29 October 2008
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Awsome STALKER story

Just today I finished this awsome story. Unfortunately my english sucks so it has a lot of mistakes but still I hope you`ll enjoy it.

9:50 Another truck entered Limansk with 8 Stalkers. At the entrance 2 guards were waiting for the truck. Once the driver stopped one of the guards shot him and the stalkers run to escape. Most of them tried to reach the capitol but died ,only one escaped in the sewers only with his AK-47.
10:30 After only a few minutes in the sewer the stalker was allready tierd and almost fell asleep if it wasn`t for the sound made by a rodent scratching an old barrel. The stalker decided that it was time to get back to the truck hoping that the army group left the city and head for theyr outpost. At the truck he found the looted bodies of his friends. The army took money ,food ,guns and ammo leaving only theyr flashlights and stalker suits. The stalker leaves Limansk and heads for Rostok to meet the Duty leader and find some info about the accident.
12:00 As night falls the stalker decides to stay and wait before entering the woods but an surveilance chopper forced him to hide in the forest next to Rostok.
1:00 A group of Duty stalkers were resting at a campfire so the stalker decides that he should stay with them. As he approached the dutyers he got noticed by the group`s leader Sergey. He was invited to sit with them and tommorow he would be taken to Rostok. Then the stalker realised that this was the group that had to meet with them in Limansk.
5:00 At Rostok the stalker was taken to the Duty HQ were high commander Vladimir and his lieutenants were planing the next assaults on enemy controled regions.
7:00 The stalker had time to rest ,eat and think about his situation. After almost 2 hours he decides to talk with Vladimir:
Stalker: What was the army doing in Limansk?
Vladimir: Sergey had to meet with you in Limansk but the army kept us away in order to stop other stalkers from entering the zone.
Stalker: What`s going to happen to me now?
Vladimir: You can either leave or join duty. It`s your decision.
Stalker: I know littel about the zone so I`ll accept your offer to join Duty.
Vladimir: Excelent! You will be in Sergey`s group. He`s an excelent soldier and knows a lot about the zone. I want both of you tommorow at me for your first assigment. You are dismissed!
1:00 After a short briefing the group had to assault lab X-30 in the north eastern sector of Red Forest. There they met Pain. A mercenary that left the army in order to sell artifacts from the zone to outsiders.
1:30 The entrances was`t guarded and it was too quiet. As they went deeper in the lab they found the body of a Freedom stalker and a few stashes holding some Monolyth equipement. The lab was empty so they had to leave. Outside they heard gun shots. A group of monolyths was teard apart by some Snorks. The stalker and Sergey led the group to a safe place but Pain decided that he was going to fight so he had to be left behind. No one ever heard from him since that day.
2:45 Back at the Duty HQ the stalker and Sergey got to rest before and were offerd new equipement: an Exosuit and an Vintorez BC; for theyr next assigment.

The fights that were to come put an end to a lot of dutiers and permanently changed the zone. Little was heard from the stalker or sergey as both were consider dead.
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