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A story of a man.

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  19:09:38  6 September 2008
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On forum: 09/06/2008
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A story of a man.

In a plane. He was travelling to United Kindom from Turkey. His name was Sonerin. And he was 21 years old. He woke up in 7:00. A fresh morning. He ate his breakfast. He turned on his TV and took a look at news. He took his plane ticket with him. He got in a bus to Antalya airport... After 3 hours he arrived at airport from Kemer. He got in his plane. He sat on a leather chair. Cool climate too! A hostes came next to him. Sonerin ordered a vodka. The plane has took off. His vodka arrived. He took 'Roadside picnic' book and started to read in fresh 1st page. He took a sip of vodka. And another sip again!. 5 hours passed while plane took off. Sonerin heared a *Boom* he tought it was alcohol effects. Everyone panicced. Then he tought it wasnt normal. and after a minute another *boom* the plane started to shake. It was going down. A white *flash* appeared in Sonerins eyes. When he woke up he was in a lake. But where is he? The first thing he saw is corpses next to him. Bloody hell! It looks like hes the only man that survived from plane crash. He was so wounded. 2 stalkers came next to sonerin. But they dont know that sonerin is alive. Sonerin asked for a help but stalkers were so surprised. A huge plane, in a lake, 100 dead 1 alive. So they took him to a hideout. It was in underground. in cordon. They cured his wounds with some bandages. And they gave him a bottle of vodka. sonerin felt better.
"Nikita (in russian) how you feel?"
"Sonerin: What you talking about? where am i?
"Vladimir to niki (russian): What you think lets get rid of him?"
"Niki: dude we must keep him alive"
"Vladimir: looks like hes not russian."
"Sonerin: what? I dont understand you. Speak english!"
Sonerin got up from bed and took a walk around.
"Vladimir (english): You must stay here, there are mutants and bandits out there."
"Sonerin: Where am i? Just tell me wich country is this? call 911! it doesnt looks like London!"
"Niki (english) so you were going to UK"
"Sonerin: From Turkey.
"Vladimir (english) well a little tip for you. *Gives a makarov to Sonerin* Take this gun you will need it.
"Sonerin: Look im not a criminal or something. I just want to get back to my home. And whats the gun for?"
"Niki (russian) Damn hes a one dumb rookie."
"Niki (english) Youre in The Zone mate. The chernobyl.
"Sonerin: What? oh i get it now. So you got a car? put me in kiev airport"
"Niki (english) *facepalm* The zone means closed borders, Youre trapped in here! And didnt you heared? Mutants lives here. Bloodsuckers, snorks, and Bandits, military, factions. And the Brain scorcher thingy.
"Sonerin: what is a brain scorcher? something like electric chair?"
"Niki (english) We dont know actually, but im sure that thing kills you."
"Sonerin: Well, so is there a way to escape from this hell?"
Vladimir and nikita laughs
"Hahahaha!! *laughter*"
"Sonerin: What?"
"Niki: you must take a look at outside."
Niki walks towards to door and opens it.
"Niki: take a look outside."
Sonerin walks to door and looks out. pseudodogs, snorks dragging dead bodies from the plane to their "home" to eat them.
"Sonerin: What the...? Are these... wait.. dogs dont eat humans."
"Niki: What about that spider looking things?"
"Sonerin: Are they zombies? i dont believe zombies. This must be a joke. Yes im seeing a dream. I have sleeped in my plane. The vodka effects did it. Yes haha! im dreaming now!! everything will be alright *At the sametime niki and vlad facepalms*
Vlad punches Sonerin for one time.
Sonerin: What fuck was that for?!
Vlad: To prove that youre not dreaming.
Niki takes out a PDA from his bag,
"Niki: Here, this will help you. A enclopedia about the zone, some instructions for using guns. And some faction informations. You can see top 20 stalkers of the zone."
Sonerin: Looks stlyish! But what does "stalker" means?
Niki: Well people call theirselves stalkers in the zone, we dont know what it means actually.
Sonerin: Okay if i leave this safe place what am i going in outside?
Niki: Theres lots of camps around. If youre looking for a safe place try the Bar. But first you must pass the Garbage. And dont forget The zone is full of radiation. You cant find fresh air here.
Sonerin: So how can i get protected?
Niki takes a bag, a gasmask and a suit and gives it to Sonerin.
Sonerin wears the suit and gas mask
Sonerin gets out from the hideout.
Sonerin: Thank you guys i will not forget this.
Niki: See you later comrade!
Sonerin mumbles "Comrade? *chuckles*"

To be continued!!!!

Yes sorry for my bad english im only 14 and turkish. Dont blame me please
  00:46:18  25 September 2008
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On forum: 05/09/2007
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Damn, pretty nice STALKERs her ran into. I never got a free suit complete with gas mask from anyone. Ur english ain't too bad, there are errors, but I can understand everything. Looking good.
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