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One Nighter

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  18:58:22  19 August 2008
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One Nighter

"Yura!" he heard from the room on his right. "Get in here!"
"Jesus tittly lovin Christ! Took you long enough, dude," another man commented as he walked in, sitting in an old ripped up chair with his feet on the table infront of him. The rest of the team was in the room already, and a two new faces.
"Alright bitches and gentlemen," Petrov started the briefing, and Seriy's and Yura's middle fingers rose in unison. He continued talking unphased as the two new guys chuckled. "We got a mission. Sounds simple, but we are getting payed 25 grand, U.S. each. Makes me question the situation."
"Daaayyum," Igor put in his word when Petrov paused, and Seriy and Yura looked at each other, eye brows almost up to the ceiling.
"This dont sound right. One night in-n-out? What the hell do they expect us to do?" Fidel's voice followed the whistling and murmurs in a heavy Middle Eastern accent.
"This is a rescue operation," Petrov continued, again no change in his face. The only thing moving were his lips and ears on his bold, egg shaped head as he spoke. "We are to get the data from the reactors computers, and our primary objective is to rescue a captured journalist. All I know is he's American and..."
"Well, aint that great!" Nail interrupted him in his heavy, low voice distorted by his beard. " 'All I know is he's American!' So, this is gonna be a wild I dont even know what chase, eh?"
"Psst!" Yura whispered to him.
"Shave your whiskers, cant hear ya." He finished as Nail looked over.
Quiet chuckles rolled through the room again, and Petrov just kept talking, again unphased and with no change in his facial expression just as Nail opened his mouth to comment back.
"All I know is he's American," he restated. "So, I think we'll be able to find him. Does not speak like any Russian either."
"I say we dont go, dude," Igor said now leaning forward in his chair. "Just dont sound right."
"But if we done. We done. We done with the Zone," Yura told him and looked around the room. "Who's in?"
"Yeah, why not. Nothing to lose so much to gain," Seriy said and looked to his right, to Fidel.
"Im in," the short, dark haired Middle Eastern man nodded.
"Ahhh fuck it, yall are crazy, dude!" Igor told his team as he slapped his knee. "Im in."
"Good. Nail?" Petrov looked at the huge, almost two meters tall bag of muscle with a beard to scare the living crap out of any Bloodsucker, and the giant just nodded silently.
"Perfect, them two are coming with us. Scientists" Petrov gestured towards the two new men. "We are to escort them in and out of the lab. They will gather any info they need and we will handle the American. Got it?"
A murmur of confirmation rolled through the room once again.
"Gear on. We're moving tonight. There's another team coming with us. Meet at the pad at 12, so we got just over two hours."
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