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One Nighter

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  20:17:11  20 September 2008
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Mr. Mutant
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On forum: 08/04/2008
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Very scary. Wonder if they will run into that experiment
Big mutated journalist hmmm.
  20:19:41  20 August 2008
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your local metalhead


On forum: 08/08/2007

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08/20/2008 20:21:54
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Where was all the energy directed? 90% 1st reactor's load was burnt up, and all instruments were fried by 02:31 p.m. according to the error log. However, that kind of output would blow most of this facility to hell. Yet, it is still here. I mean, the reactor should be liquefied! Nothing was recorded as of April 12, 2006, 02:34 p.m. until September 18, 2008, 12:00 a.m., when this reactor came back online. According to Kruglov April 12, 2006, 02:34 p.m. is when the first blow out occurred, essentially forming the Zone the way it is... if we could just get this data... If it was recorded... We'd know how the Zone came to be! I cannot imagine what could possibly absorb this amount of energy... Semenich, search the servers and see if you can find some logs from the past half an hour. Lets see if we can get an inside look at what happens during blow outs.

But, here, it keeps getting more and more interesting. Listen up everybody:
" July 01, 2009, 01:30 a.m. --
Stage 2 initiated. Subject is off life support.",
wounder what happened to Stage 1?
"1 - Subject is still not responsive to light and sound stimulus.
2 - Neuroactivity is up to 12% of the 'normal' control subject's level.
3 - Tissue cell regeneration is up to 140% of the 'normal' control subject's level.
4 - Nerve cell regeneration started."

Now, the rest of this information is missing. Who ever got the rest missed this one entry. What the hell kind of experiments were run in this place? Looking at this, I highly doubt you will find your journalist alive...
  20:06:37  20 August 2008
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your local metalhead


On forum: 08/08/2007
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"Defensive positions, everyone," Nail told the others over his shoulder.
The control room was a large space, with two entrances. One the team came from, and the other leading further into the complex. "Igor, cover me!" he said again, and walked to the next door down, "somebody take care of the wounded," he continued. He carefully opened the door with his machinegun on the ready. It disclosed a server room, with two terminals for a technician's access. Most servers were running and lights on the routers indicated that a network was up.
As Nail was coming out of the server room, a Dutier walked back in holding Yura up, as he was stumbling on one leg.
"Lieutenant?" He tried to get his superior's attention, who was bandaging up the wounded scientist.
"One second," he finished the scientist and moved on to provide medical attention to Yura.
"Alright, do your magic," Nail ordered the scientists who were already looking through the terminals.
"We're all over it."
"You'll live, buddy," he said a few minutes later.
"How long will it be?" Nail inquired of one of them, standing over his back.
"No more then half an hour," he said slowly, being into his work. "Semenich, how's it going?"
"Umm.... looking through the logs. Nothing out of the ordinary so far..." He replied, "they had some cooling problems, apparently, as twice in the past month the temperature sky rocketed. But the reactor runs surprisingly well.... hold on."
"All right, apparently they got this thing online to power the Brainscorcher, and... some parts of this facility and a section of Prypyat..." he continued, looking into the screen, tapping some button over and over. "Nothing of interest, really... no wounder it overheats."
They went back to their work. "We will need to find everybody else... who's not accounted for?" Yura asked the Duty Lieutenant.
"Rat, Kuznetsov, and one of your guys..." he answered after looking around. "Lets see what we can do for them."
"Zelenkin, lets check around."
"Yes, sir," the other Dutier said and got up off a terminal he was sitting on.
"Wait... you guys gonna be alright?" Nail held them up as they were walking out of the room.
"Yeah. We will not go far. Be back in 10," the commander answered reassuringly.
"Alright. The radios are useless in here, so check in once done with your sweep."
"Will do," and they left the room.
"Now this is something!" Semenich called his college over, "Petr, take a look!"
"Whats up?" the other man walked over to the terminal his partner was working on. "Ahhh... lets see..."
"This is something..." He was reading the log and the whispered "Holy mother of God..."
"See, how the data is scrambled after the 'April 12, 2006, 02:31 p.m.' entry? The last entry is 'April 12, 2006, 02:34 p.m.'?"
"Yeah..." Semenich nodded.

"Now, the first reactor malfunctioned on April 12, 2006, 02:25 p.m., and started an uncontrolled chain reaction, however, there was no explosion," he continued.
  18:04:35  20 August 2008
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your local metalhead


On forum: 08/08/2007
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thx m8!

well, 11 people, 2 of them standing... shoulda clarified that a Dutier was standing to open the ramp. the other 8 sitting. works well
  01:40:06  20 August 2008
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On forum: 02/20/2008
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Pure awesomeness, man. Though, it musta been fuckin' crowded in that HinD.
  23:03:17  19 August 2008
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your local metalhead


On forum: 08/08/2007
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Before proceeding to the powerplant, Seriy walked up to the body and grabbed his TRs, as it had a grenade launcher attached to it and all extra magazines he could fit on his vest. Yura and Igor did the same, walking over the 9 dead Monolith soldiers picking up all compatible 5.56 magazines, as they expended quite a few of their own in the fire fight, and then followed the Dutiers with Rat on point, all of them followed by the scientists and Yura and Igor covering the back.
"Well, lookie what we gots here..." Rat stopped and turned to talk to the others. There was a door leading into the complex, which would be a much better way in then rushing through defenses to get to the gate.
"Alright, open it up," one of the Dutiers told him as he crouched infront of the door and got his gun ready, with their commander on the other side, ready to rush if needed. Rat shot right through the lock with his Groza, and kicked the door down, and rushed in followed by his team.
"Clear!" he reported.
There were two corridors - one leading, judging by the signs, down into the basements and service access corridors, the other to a registration desk, and then a mess hall.
"Head down. The blow out aint gonna make us wait." The sniper suggested, and the rest of the men nodded in agreement.
The expedition headed down, one by one, to doors leading into service access corridors, and deeper into the complex. The geiger counters started producing the familiar clicking, and masks found their way to the faces of the soldiers.
"Here we go - reactor two," said one of the scientists, reading from his PDA. "That is the one that is supposed to be online... thats the one we need... take the next left."
Igor and Yura, being on point quietly walked up to the corner, and took the turn. Our of the nowhere, Igor ducked down, and held his fist closed inline with his head, and Yuri got in position right behind hit. Nail was next in line, and got on the corner and covered the hallway. There was a clear as plain day sound of breathing and heavy foot steps. But which hall were they coming from...
"Get in position..." the Duty commander whispered.
Rat and the sniper covered the hallway the team was moving down originally, and the commander and the other soldier covered the back.
A huge shape walked out, few meters in front of Rat and his partner, with tentacle like tubes on its back and shoulders. Both of them opened fire, and bullets ricochet off with a metallic clank. As it tried to run back around the hallway, it got clipped in the side of the head and dropped flat on its face.
"Got im!" the sniper called.
Suddenly, an assault rifle barrel showed from around the same corner, and fully automatic fire rang through the hallways of the NPP. Everybody in the hallway immediately hit the deck, and Rat fired off a grenade from his Groza.
"Ungh!" One of the scientists fell on the ground, grabbing his shoulder.
"He's hit!" the commander yelled, "suppressive fire! Kuznetsov - frag im!"
"Sir!" The sniper got up on one knee, and chucked an F1 grenade around the corner, as the whole Duty squad Seriy and Nail were unloading on the corner.
All hell broke loose as a group of Monolithians showed up from the corridor leading to the reactor, just to be met with a hail of fire from Igor and Yura. Bullets started flying every each way, one catching Yura in the hip and dropping him on the flood, as he was still firing off at the offenders. A group of four men wearing exoskeletons and import assault rifles walked right down the hallway, taking all the bullets from Igor and Yura's rifles, but not going down.
His life flashed before Igor's eyes, as he had nowhere to go and no cover, with attackers coming down right on him, he simply hit the deck right next to Yura.
"Watch out!" Fidel shoved Nail to the side, and got up on the corner with his RPG ready to fire, and pulled the trigger.
The rocket nailed the first man in line square in the chest, but did not explode as the safety fuse didnt run out since it was too close, and ripped right through his rib cage, sending him flying back into the rest of his comrades, knocking them off balance, and bringing them down from a hail of rounds from 6 men striking their banged up and dented exoskeletons.
"Watch the right again!" Rat yelled and whipped around to meet the attacker, who fired a grenade into the group as he got caught in the chest and neck by Rat. Rat couldnt help it but say his prayers as the bullets he pumped into him resulted his hands to jerk and the grenade went down the hall, missing completely.
"Spread out!" Nail shouted, and started running towards the reactor, over Yura, and further down the hallway firing off his machinegun at the last remaining Monolithian, who was already leaning up on a wall, sliding down to his knees and pushed over on his back by the bullets hitting him constantly. Igor followed right behind him, as Fidel and Rat ran further straight down the hallway to the now dead grenadier, followed by Kuznetsov. The situation was turning into a bigger mess with every second passed.
"Set up a perimeter! Get the scientists over here!" Nail shouted again, coming up on a heavy door into the reactor control room. He rolled a frag grenade in, and he and Igor simultaneously rushed in, followed by the two Dutiers and scientists.
  22:06:15  19 August 2008
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your local metalhead


On forum: 08/08/2007
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Petrov, NNNNOOOOOO!!!!!! That was an intense gunfight. Sounds kinda like how my story would have gone if my pilot didn't suck at dodging RPGs. Except with Mercenaries and Dutiers instead of Spetsnaz... Good work, keep it up.

ahh, yea, I just read yours and mine looks a lot like a knock off, even though I didnt mean for that... just seemed like a good idea at the time the center of attention was sposed to be the relationship between Duty and Merc guys... and. stuff.
  21:26:02  19 August 2008
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On forum: 05/09/2007
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Petrov, NNNNOOOOOO!!!!!! That was an intense gunfight. Sounds kinda like how my story would have gone if my pilot didn't suck at dodging RPGs. Except with Mercenaries and Dutiers instead of Spetsnaz... Good work, keep it up.
  20:19:01  19 August 2008
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your local metalhead


On forum: 08/08/2007

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08/19/2008 21:21:23
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The whole team was loaded into a Hind, and they were waiting for the other team to show. A group of four Dutiers walked in and took their places, with their squad leader and Petrov standing in the middle of the compartment, holding on to hand rails.
"Sargeant!" The Duty commander walked up to Petrov, right in his face. "You said we're working with the Army!"
"Whats the difference?" He shoved the Dutier back. "I got us the helping hand didn't I?"
"Vornonin better not know about this... or I swear to God..."
"Its a black op either way!" Petrov was talking, again with no emotion even as the Dutier was in his face and raised his voice, "If he knew anything of this you wouldnt even get to me, dumbnut."
The other man just shook his head and backed off. The flight was in almost perfect silence, only the Dutiers were talking to each other, too quiet to be heard over the engine noise. The air was much more tense then usual. It just seemed like a set up for the last operation for at least somebody. Maybe the whole team. And could the other team be really trusted? Even with the tension between the two superiors.
"Who're you guys?" a short, almost anorexic Dutier, the smallest man in the helicopter asked Yura, sitting next to him. "Got a name?"
"The ones yall paying for this shit..." He replied, "Name's Yura."
"Rat. You a mercenary?"
"You can say that. My last operation and Im getting the hell outta here."
"Nice... Yea, Im..."
"Missle launch!" The pilot interrupted him half sentance. "Hang onto your neighbours ballsacks, everyone!"
The Hind's engine went into overburn and it took a sharp turn as the pilot popped countermeasuers and tried to evade, as both Petrov and the Duty squad leader stumbled to the side, grabbing onto the rails with both hands. A missle darted few meters away on the left side, clearly visible to the passangers.
"Shit! I hate this shit!" somebody yelled as he saw the missile.
The shooters must have been completely shut down, as the body of the Hind vibrated from the machinegun firing.
"Going for a rocket run and I will drop you off!" The pilot yelled into the radio. "10 seconds!"
"Lock and load boys!" Petrov shouted after regaining balance.
The Hind's rocket pods let out an intense whistle as they delivered a storm of rockets raining down on the people below. The pilot took it around one more time and started to descent, firing off the machinegun.
"Multiple contacts, two oclock!" He shouted to his gunner. "Its all you!"
"Go, go, go!" Somebody yelled as the ramp dropped and two Dutiers deploy the ropes.
"More targets, 11!" the pilot was still spotting for the gunner.
"Shit! RPG, hang on!"
"Hold it! Hold it!" Petrov yelled and grabbed Rat by the shoulder to prevent him from getting on a rope.
The Hind jerked and got stabalized again.
"Hold it steady!" Petrov yelled again, to the pilot, and pushed Rat. "Get the fuck outta here!"
The teams were deploying two at a time, as the Hind's machinegun brought death to who ever was not careful enough.
"Yeah, really, hold it steady!" The gunner's voice was barely heard over the gun fire and bullets recochetting off the hull.
"Just shoot straight!"
Not even a minute later everybody was out of the safety of the hull, and on the ground, and Petrov was the last to leave.
"Give us some cover!" He told the pilot and rapelled down to join everybody else.
Every man on the ground scrambled for cover, and put down fire the best he can.
"What do we, sir?" A Dutier next to Yura yelled back to his supperior, voice shaking.
"Everybody just shoot somebody!" Yura yelled over his shoulder to the man, and proceed to fire his TRs 301 over the concrete block he was taking cover behind.
Nail was to his left, putting down suppressing fire with his M249, and the rest of the team was spread out all around the field, trying to move around the scrap vehicles and destroyed structures to flank the enemy position. Sergiy and Fidel went right, crawling through a ditch in the mud, not spotted by the defenders, as Petrov and two Dutiers flanked left.
"Where's the scientists at?" Yuri ducked down to reload, and could not see them as he looked around behind.
"Shit, who cares!" The Dutier with him and Nail replied, firing off wildly.
Nail must have been the only one keeping his cool, putting down suppressive fire on three groups at once. There was constant radio chatter, too fast and too insignifficant to make out.
Suddenly, a rocket cut straight through from the left flank and exploaded right behind a broken down BTR in the center of the field used as the main fighting position by the other unit, few dozen meters away from the drop zone, followed by "Jihad, motherfuckers!" over the radio in a Middle Eastern accent.
"Nice shot!" somebody else replied. "Let them motherfuckers burn!"
"Move up, move up!" Petrov ordered, "We got you covered!"
Yura was the first to jump up from behind the concrete block, followed by the Dutier, and Fidel with Seriy came up from the left.
"Fidel! Get an RPG in that tower, straight out!" he kept giving orders.
"Got it," and another rocket cut through the air into a guard tower hundred meters down from the fight. "Clear!"
"Ok, looks clear, sweep the area, move it!"
The gun fire ceased, and everybody strated advancing down the field.
"Come on, go, go..." the Dutier next to Petrov tapped him on the shoulder, and stepped out to cover him.
"Clear!" Fidel called into the radio as he and Seriy finished sweeping the left flank.
"Cle...!" Yura started reporting his situation as well, when he and Nail got to the destroyed APC that used to be a fighting position, "Shit! Man down! Man down!"
"Sniper!" somebody else yelled. "Cover, cover, cover!"
Fidel whipped around and ducked down behind a rolled over truck with Seriy right behind him, to see a blue ray that just ripped through the air, hitting something. He could not see what, though.
"Check in, everybody!" he yelled into the radio. "Who's hit?"
"Its Petrov, dude.." Igor's voice came through the radio. "I think he's done for," he said hiding behind the same APC down the middle, peeking around to see the body some ten meters away.

"Got 'im!" followed a muffled gunshot and a silhouette falling from a large warehouse in the distance.
Two shapes came up to the rest of the group, wearing chem. suits with extra armor vests strapped on top. One holding an TRs 301 and another an RPG with his rifle on his back.
Petrov was on the ground, right as he fell on his back with his arms flopped on each side.
"Over here, men," the Duty commander gestured everybody to come over to him, and so they did.
"Looks like this puts me charge," he continued just to be interrupted by Igor.
"Fuck this dude! Fuck this! I aint followin' you."
"I am the highest ranking officer here, mind you!" He started walking towards Igor.
"I ain't under your command. Nail is second in charge in my unit, so he will be!" Igor continued, not backing off. "We were hired to keep your sorry ass protected, and so we will, our way!"
"Stand down!" Nail's bass came from right beside Igor. "And you - chill the hell out," he barked at the Dutier and stepped forward, just to hear the sniper click the safety off on his Vintorez, and Fidel push the RPG firm against his shoulder.
"There is no chain of command. There is no orders to be given by you, clear?" He pointed at the Dutier.
"Fuck this shit, dude!" Igor yelled, turned around and paced back and forth a few steps, "Fuck this this! He's dead, and we will be soon too if we dont work this out. Told yall we shouldnt go in the first place!"
"Relax... We will get outta here just fine," Rat reassured him. "All we have to do is get in, and out. And we are done. Keep them smart asses over there," he pointed at the scientists, "safe and we will be done by sunrise. Now, I say we get inside the NPP cause I guarantee they got more shooters and we are exposed."
"Good thinking," Seriy supported him. "Lets get moving, the gate is some 400-500 meters from here.
"Yeah, come on!" Fidel gestured everybody to follow him as he started backing up towards the wall of the NPP, where they'd be at least somewhat protected by adjacent structures.
Suddenly, the night got lit up. They sky was turning red, and then white, lighting up the enormous structure, giving it a halo all around.
"Holly, sh..." Igor could not even finish his sentence, mesmerized by the scenery.
"Now we really gotta move," stated the Duty sniper.
"No shit?" Seriy tapped Igor on the shoulder. "Come on!"
"We gotta make this quick. We got maybe 8-10 minutes and the gate is half a kilometer away." The sniper continued.
  20:17:20  19 August 2008
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HL2 Master
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On forum: 06/28/2008

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08/19/2008 20:18:38
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I likey! But dont they know about Monolith?
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