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Monster's Love

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  20:48:48  29 September 2008
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On forum: 07/31/2008
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I haven't abandoned this. I am just focusing on other projects right now. Stories will come soon...
  09:54:00  30 September 2008
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On forum: 04/06/2008
Messages: 124
We will be waiting eagerly! This story is awesome
  11:37:11  26 October 2008
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On forum: 07/31/2008
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Told you I haven't abandoned this. The forces of Chaos haven't been kind, so I've been VERY busy as of late. I was busy working on a Clear Sky Ballistics Mod for Ceano, which was hard with work and all, then my computer crashed. So now I have to start over on that. My Dad has reappeared. I'm trying to get a Warhammer 40k mod started. Blah Blah Blah. Anyways, I'm sure you guys don't give a rat's ass about me problems, and honestly, to some degree, neither do I! I gots a life to live. So if you'll excuse me, those of you who DO care, I am going to enjoy some writing for now. Responsibility can wait...........

Oh and a side note: The mood of this piece is very much like Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers...... And it will be very long. Read the whole thing. I'll explain after...
And so, I give you this.


They walked in the woods, trying their hardest not to step on twigs and under-brush. Monster was lugging along his modified g36, and Anzhela was carrying Two-Tongue's favorite gun, the KS-23m. She had carved "TT" into the back of the receiver.

Monster breathed hard into the helmet of his Exo-Skeleton. The armour was developed using an old russian Exo, heavily modified with some good old fashioned mechanical engineering. He could feel each actuator stroke as he walked. The suit seemed to live with him. He knew he had topped what current American scientists were trying to develop now, and loved every second of it. It sported almost complete ballistic protection and radiation protection, while outdoing the mobility of modern Kevlar suits.

It was designed like standard reinforced power armour, but with an isolated breathing apparatus integrated into a helmet fashioned after a Przwalski horse. A blue raven was painted over the left shoulder blade, and a green wolf painted over the right breast-plate.

He had also made one for Anzhela and Sacha. Anzhela's had a two-tongued raven painted across the chest.

"Where are we going?" Anzhela asked through their short-wave radio.

"East." Monster's curt reply came back.

She grimaced in her helmet, looking at him through the bullet-proof glass that covered her eyes. "You asked Sacha to keep anyone from following us. What's going on?" She stopped, glowering at Monster through her helmet. He flinched as he stopped.

He could feel her stare boring a hole through him, even through his armour. "This is just for you. I need you to see this. Its just another two kilometers, and we'll be there." He started walking again.

They walked through the woods East. Unbothered. Undisturbed.

Finally they arrived. A small shack stood in the woods. Lumber was stacked to one side, and the building seemed to be well maintained.

"This place used to be my home when I first came to the zone. There are no anomalies for three kilometers and absolutely no radiation in the soil here. It was my safe haven." Monster turned to Anzhela. "It's yours. There's money and supplies inside, locked in a vault. The combo is my birthday."

She looked at him. "Why?"

"Duty and Freedom have set to ridding the zone of bandits and military. They're both sick of seeing friends dead. There's going to be an all out war. I want to know you're safe." Monster slung his rifle around to his back. "Let me show you around."

They walked through the old shack, Monster playing tour guide. Anzhela stayed quite. Her mind was locked in deep thought.

When they finished up, monster was about to put his helmet back on and leave, but Anzhela stopped him. "What do you know?"

He sighed. "I have a friend in the Russian Military. He told me that no STALKER will be leaving the zone. Alive anyways. They've closed the borders completely. We're surrounded by concrete and guns. The bandits are running away from us, straight into fully armed military. Apparently, we have to move deeper in the zone, or the Military is under orders to attack and kill every living thing. The Ukrainian Government is okay with us being here, but they want us to STAY here. That's why Duty and Freedom are putting aside their differences. We're all fucked if we don't do something..."

He paused. He took in his surroundings. "I love life. I love the world's subtle beauty all around us. I don't want to see this bloodshed. If we go deeper in the zone, we will be killed by radiation and mutants. If we spread out, the military will be waiting. I volunteered to take a squad, some explosives, and we're going to blow a hole in that concrete wall they're building around us. Duty tried to negotiate, but the military doesn't care anymore. I came to bring real freedom to the zone. I came to use this hell to help the people of the world. If the military succeeds, all my efforts will be in vain."

Anzhela breathed hard. "So why the house?"

He looked at her lovingly. "Because you're my angel, my friend. Without you and TT, I would not be able to keep my sanity. I need to know that I could do something for YOU, before I'm gone. I know my time is coming. Every cell in my body knows what's coming. I've seen it in my sleep. This is my time..." He breathed out.

"I died before. I lost myself in the night. My angel saved me. And I can't lose another angel." Monster sat heavily on the floor as he remembered his past-life. "'I do not remember the vessel. But the eyes seem so familiar...'" He whispered.

Anzhela sat next to him. "Why'd you leave America for the Zone?"

Monster looked at her. He smiled. "Those memories were mine and mine alone for so long. War drove me here. I led a movement to re-unite the American people. The goal was to return the freedoms we once had, before autocracy took over. We succeeded. But not how I wanted it. I called for a peaceful revolution. What I got was rioting, bloodshed, and ultimately, pain. There were a few months where major cities were like Chechnya. I lost love there, in the Black Rock desert. Her name was Liz. We had a home in the desert. It soon became a warzone. A counter-culture festival was attacked by Military Police. We took up arms, and fought them off. I took three bullets to the stomach. I should have been dead..." He scratched his goatee and ruffled his hair. "She took me into her arms, and whispered in my ear as I passed out. When a doctor finally found us, she lay dead on top of me. I was in shock, and had no idea. Apparently, a bullet had pierced her back and stopped in her heart. She lived by sheer will, and stayed withme for as long as she could."

He looked at his hands. "I still see the bloodstains, under the nails, in my fingerprints, under the skin in my pumping veins. I wanted to die."

Anzhela couldn't speak. She saw his expression, and couldn't think of anything to say. "She was your angel." She whispered, remembering her name translated to Angel in English.

"I don't want you trading your fate for mine. TT wanted you to live. I'll make sure he gets his wish. I'll get to be someone's angel for a change." Monster slapped his helmet back on and picked up his gun. "Now you know. I love you like I loved Liz. I love you like I loved TT. I love the people here like I love you. And because of this, its my time to leave this world for the next generation. So we can evolve past this."

Monster offered his hand to Anzhela to help her up. She took it and put on her helmet. "You named the armour Przwalski Armour. The Przwalski is the last wild breed of horses." She said into the radio.

"Totally Free." Was Monster's only response.

As they walked out of the house, five freshly killed bandits lay dead on the ground. A psuedodog ran when it saw them. It had been feasting on the bodies.

Monster stepped up to the bodies and checked them. "Gunshot wounds. We're still not alone." Almost immediately after he spoke, bullets errupted from the woods. Monster and Anzhela quickly took cover in the house. "Cover my back!" Monster broke a window as he extended the bipod on his g36. He slapped in a fresh c-mag and began wailing into the woods. He could see them now: Mercenaries. They all had the weapons of the former American military, from before the revolution.

A door shattered in the back of the house. Four Mercenaries ran into the room, and began working their way to Monster and Anzhela, room by room.

"Behind!" She yelled as she leaned out of the doorway and unloaded a shell point-blank into a trooper's chest. A second shell took off the head of another.

Monster unloaded the last of his clip into advancing troopers in the woods. "We need to leave!" He slammed another magazine into the gun.

Anzhela jumped out as she fired into the legs of another trooper. Monster quickly leaned around and finished off the last trooper. They ran.

They flew into the woods. The armour helped them run faster, but somehow it wasn't enough. Bullets were clipping past and slamming into the trees around them. Monster led Anzhela to a bunker he knew of. "We can hold em off from this fox-hole. You good on ammo?"

She loaded three slugs into the shotgun clip. "Yep." She worked the slide to chamber another round.

The unmistakable burst of an M16 rang out in the woods. They ducked. Another trooper jumped from a bush behind the fox-hole, yelling. He fired his Supressed M16 point-blank. Anzhela pushed Moster as the AP round slammed into her chest and passed through her back. She yelped.

Monster swore as he drew his Agram2000. The trooper went down as Monster fed his face with lead. Monster swung the weapon around and blasted two more troopers coming for the front of the fox-hole.

All was silent.

He stumbled over to Anzhela. Her bloody hand reached up and rested on his chest. He took off his and her helmets. "All ravens must fly," she smiled. "Leave the Zone, and inform the world. They need to understand." She shook as she whispered.
Her body was in shock. Her body started convulsing. Every organ and muscle in her body tried to cope with the damage. Her hand clamped around Monster's as she painfully gave her last breathe.

He sighed and went to search the bodies of the attackers. The officer was still alive, albiet barely. Monster leaned down and muttered in his ear. He then stood and shot the man in the throat.

The last words the trooper heard were "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."


Yep folks. I am closing this chapter of Monster's life, to move on to the next. No, this story is not over. Monster still lives, although with a fractured psyche. And so, his story will continue. Man, I think my fingers are bleeding from my furious typing.
  14:51:32  26 October 2008
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918
I like Psychos they don't think twice about anything
  08:07:20  27 October 2008
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On forum: 04/06/2008
Messages: 124
Way to make me sad

Great chapter!
  08:23:49  27 October 2008
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On forum: 05/25/2007
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