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diary of eli, the forced stalker

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  21:01:31  8 August 2008
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diary of eli, the forced stalker

This was it. I had just cover another six miles and i would be in time for my rendez-vous with sid. First let me tell the finder of this book the reason wh i got here in the first place. The date was the third of march and i was on my way back home. When i was aproaching the house a big cloud of smoke filled the sky. Hoping that it was not my house that was on fire i speed up. When i turned in the street i saw the unexpected. The firefighters were already there trying to control the fire, I suddenly realised that the rest of my family could still be inside. I jumped out of the car while it was still running and when straight for the nearest person i could find."What happended?" i yelled in his ear. The guy looked at me and asked me who i was. When he heard that his mood suddenly changed."Mr. payne... euhmeuh i'm affraid to say that you're wife and daughter were still in the house and we wheren't able to rescue them, i'm very sorry sir...".
I felt down and looked in front of me, trying to uphold the upcoming tears. The policman sayed something more but i hadn't heared it. He pulled me up and dragged me into a van. After that everything was blank except one thing, a name, jens wendel. He was responsable for the dead of my family and i was going to kill him. Rumors went around that he had fled to chernobyl. So here i am. As i was moving on the sky suddenly became darker and here and there i could see some corpses lying around. They were quite fresh by the looks of it. I went on untill i heared a ratlle of automatic fire. Thanks to my training i went prone and looked around, searching after feet that weren' mine. nothing i shouldered my uzi and carefully stood up. After 7 steps i heared another sound, a scream that came from a human. Going in the direction of the sound i saw another body. But this one wasen't killed by bullets, it seemd that something ripped him to shreds. I pushed away some plants and shook of fright. About 2 to 3 yards in front of me someone... no something was eating a corpse.Luckely i didn't saw me when i stood there. iI carefully pulled out the uzi and aimed it -was looking as- the head of the creature. I fired a complete mag in his head when it went down. Still shaking i did the last mile to sid's bunker. "Ah hello Eli, you made it alive, very good!". Sid knew the current location of that asshole. He gave me a pda and a sniper refle that looked like a svd, but a bit shorter.
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