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  03:37:08  1 August 2008
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"Order of the Liquidators"


On forum: 02/23/2008
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DTG 071440ZJUL2011


(The following is transcribed from the debriefing od a CIA intelligence operative who spent nearly two yeras in the Chernobyl Anomalous Activity Quarantine Zone. In lieu of his real name, which must remain concealed for sake of his operational status, he is called, "Jack." Jack entered the Zone under a cover identity at DTG 090322ZJUL2009, and had limited contact with Langley thereafter until he was retrieved at DTG 032209JUL2011 by Ground Branch operatives. This is an informal transcript of the debriefing.)

AGENT 1: Describe your cover identity while in the Zone.

JACK: We had an FBI field office in Omaha, Nebraska contact the local newspaper, radio stations, and television stations with a vague police sketch of my face, and post a small cash reward for information leading to my apprehension as a suspect in a triple sexual assault investigation in Iowa. They gave a fake name and background. I waited in a motel, and after about three days one of the maids turned me in. The local Sheriff department turned me over, and the FBI later released me, reporting to the press that they did not have sufficient evidence to hold me but that I would be asked to stay in Omaha. Two days later a warrant was issued in Iowa for my arrest, and I was handled out of state. The State Department arranged my flight out of the country to Paris, Jerusalem, and then to Kiev. Meanwhile, the arrest warrant was circulated through INTERPOL. The US Embassy in Kiev arranged with the Ukrainian police to stage an arrest, which they intentionally botched, and then I had a legitimate criminal background with local newspaper headlines.

A contact in Kiev arranged my meeting with Wolf and Sidorovich. He vouched for my identity to them, and when I arrived in the Zone a PDA was already prepared for me.

AGENT 1: Wolf?

JACK: Yeah. He's a trainer. A handler for rookie stalkers, I guess.

AGENT 2: Elaborate on that.

JACK: Sure. Most rookie stalkers hole-up in one of the outskirt villages. They're within the quarantined perimeter of the Zone, but still very close to the perimeter. They tend to be near the favorite spots for crosssing back and forth.

AGENT 1: So stalkers are LEAVING the Zone as well?

JACK: Yes. Anyhow, there are usually traders there. The village where I came through has a trader named Sidorovich. I don't know the rest of his name. My briefing at the Kiev embassy didn't include it, but did go on to mention his rather shady past. He was an imbezzler, and a suspected child pornographer.

AGENT 2: We know Sidorovich. Who's this Wolf?

JACK: That's just it. Wolf was a kind of balance in that rookie camp. Sid didn't cross him because he knew most young loners were loyal to Wolf, and Wolf cut him some slack because his connections in Kiev kept the military from wiping out the South Cordon rookie camps.

Wolf trained a lot of the new guys in getting along in the Zone. How to use their PDA's, how to detect anomalies, how to avoid getting fried with radiation, where the Bandits hang out, and so on.

Sid would cut little missions to the rookies on the premise that they owed him something in return for equipping them, and Wolf would assign those out to whichever rookies were ready to handle them. Eventually, rookies either moved on closer to the Zone's center or died, and there were always more coming in.

AGENT 1: What's the background on Wolf?

JACK: I honestly don't know. He didn't seem too shady. I'd guess ex-military. He speaks Russian and Ukrainian, and by the accent I'd guess him to be from that region. I'd have tried to have him brought in, too, but he died in a fire further North right before all Hell broke loose in the Zone.

AGENT 2: What about these Bandits?

JACK: Yeah. So like any other microcosm, whatever you call it, like in a prison or a small military base- there are good guys, bad guys, and who-knows guys. The Bandits are the lowest rung on the badguys ladder. Mostly rookies themselves, rather than hunt down artifacts and such like other stalkers, they'd just rob, plunder and kill to take what others found and earned. Pickpockets, petty thieves. They organized kinda loosely under a guy called Borov, and they mostly operated out toward the perimeter of the Zone where they could prey on rookies and dodge the worst of the mutants.

AGENT 2: OK, so are these mutants real or what?

JACK: Oh yeah. They're as real as you and I. And they're the scariest goddamned things I've evr seen.

  07:21:52  1 August 2008
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Senior Resident

On forum: 05/25/2007
Messages: 6854

Waiting for the next part.
  08:36:10  1 August 2008
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Local Law-Enforcement


On forum: 03/02/2005

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08/01/2008 8:36:40
Messages: 7378
Hehe, great!

But why is Sidorovich a suspected child pornographer? He's a good guy, come on!

The real story behind him is that he's a retired intelligence operative of The "Misanthrope" Agency, a Spetsnaz firm in the Russian GRU specializing in espionage. You'd know this if you read the Stalker books on sale here in Russia, hehe.

Anyway, I cannot wait for more!

If you want more material, interviews and stuff, I can definitely make up more.
  01:34:35  2 August 2008
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"Order of the Liquidators"


On forum: 02/23/2008
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AGENT 1: Let's come back to that.

JACK: Alright.

AGENT 1: The rookie camps are close to military outposts. Tell us more about that.

JACK: Yeah. The village where I did my rookie time was close to the Southwest control checkpoint. The local commander was a Ukrainian Army Major by the last name of Kuznetsov. He was in the mission briefing as well. Crooked. He was dealing with Sidorovich on the side, keeping the dogs at bay in exchange for a piece of Sid's business with the institute in Kiev. But that was just in the perimeter. There was a second inner perimeter about a kilometer or so into the Zone, and that's where he liked to hang out. He used to take bribes from stalkers to let them pass both ways. A couple months ago he was killed when a stalker went apeshit on that checkpoint- took out Major K and five of his better troops single-handedly, I heard.

AGENT 2: Any idea who it was?

JACK: I can't be sure. I was in Rostok when it happened. A few of the rookies told me they thought it was Strelok himself.

AGENT 1: THE Strelok?

JACK: Yeah. I suspect that the guy they called the Marked One was actually Strelok. The same guy who made it into the old power plant site TWICE.

AGENT 2: What was HE doing that far South?

JACK: OK, the story goes like this. He and his squad got onto the power plant grounds some time ago. Two other guys, and they're both dead since. They got into a big firefight with the Monolith faction there, and got caught out in a blowout. The other two got away, but Strelok himself was caught outside and nearly died. He was taken for dead by the military on a death truck, but the truck crashed near the Southwest checkpoint on it's way out. Another stalker found him barely alive and took him to Sid for a reward. Sid got him healthy and sent him out as a rookie. This all hinges on him actually living through a blowout in the open, which no one else ever did, and coming out the other side with amnesia, which is rare. Oh yeah, and he'd have had to spend a couple days alive in a coma with no medical attention. Assuming that's all possible, then the Marked One could have been Strelok himself.

AGENT 2: So what about this Marked One makes you think he could have been the real deal?

JACK: He was set on a mission to kill Strelok. It's just the kind of mind game the Monolith like to play- send a guy chasing his tail in the perimeter of the zone, so he stays away from the center.

AGENT 1: Monolith- who are they?

JACK: Well you already know that the stalker population of the Zone was split into several factions. Monolith are the ones who went all special-kool-aid about the Zone. There was some legend going around about a big stone monolith, kinda like that old space movie, and that it would fulfill their wishes. But they took to defending it as some kind of God on Earth. And they were VERY well equipped. They supposedly operated inside the old power plant itself, and had some wild weaponry. I couldn't track any of it down, but I'm fairly sure they were getting regular resupply from outside the Zone. FN-Herstal weapons, brand-new, inside the Zone? Yeah.

AGENT 2: We've got a track on a guy trading out stolen Belgian weapons through North Africa. American. FN F2000, FN-built M4's, all sorts of stuff. We just don't know how he got the stuff in.

JACK: Me neither. There was something more happening there, and I honestly believe that the Monolith faction was being manipulated by someone outside the Zone to keep a lid on what was really happening.

AGENT 1: OK. So these Monolith guys are just a well-armed militia?

JACK: To simplify it enormously, yeah. Their recruiting program is simple- convert at gunpoint or die. All the strange shit in the Zone just adds to the validity of a religious or spiritual cause. Doomsday. Armageddon. That sort of thing. They make al Qaeda look like your local Baptist church. Complete insanity by any reasonable standard. In a head-on fight, there was no other faction in the Zone that could stand up to these guys.

AGENT 2: What otehr factions ARE there in the Zone?

JACK: Well, there's Duty and Freedom. There was rumor of an older faction called Clear Sky. Final Day was there earlier on. There were the Mercenaries, but I suppose you know about them--

AGENT 1: Yeah. You know some of them, I'm sure. MPRI.

JACK: I noticed. I had to kill two guys I used to work with when I was a Ranger. These guys were no pussies. Both Silver Star recipients in Afghanistan. The one, Michael __________ <full name omitted, pending investigation>, won two more in Iraq. The rest of these guys were all at least infantrymen in their day, and one of the officers used to be SAS.

AGENT 2: Any other factions?

JACK: Well, for purpose of generalizing things, folks considered the military a faction. For that matter, the scientists too. And the bandits count, I suppose, since they did have a leader of sorts.

AGENT 1: Borov, right?

JACK: Yeah. Borov. Fat bastard by most accounts. Greedy. He was a Hollywood bad guy cliche, but without the perfect teeth.

AGENT 2: So what was the relationship of the various factions?

JACK: Oh, THAT's complicated.

  02:38:26  4 August 2008
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"Order of the Liquidators"


On forum: 02/23/2008
Messages: 744

JACK: First thing's first- Duty and Freedom. Duty's upper leaders are what's left of the first military expedition into the Zone. They used to be an entire motorized rifle brigade- Ukrainians, Belorusians, and Russians. The story goes that they were mostly wiped out by anomalies and mutants. What few survived were under questionable orders, it seems, and decided they could better serve the interests of the world by sticking around and stopping mutants and artifacts from finding their ways out of the Zone.

AGENT 1: That's Voronin's faction, right?

JACK: That's right. I suppose you know, he was the Colonel in charge of that joint multinational briagde. A few of his staff made it, too. The only other one whose proper name I know is Petrenko.

AGENT 2: Wait, VICTOR Petrenko?

JACK: Former US Army, yeah. I think so. His Ukrainian is terrible, at least, and I've heard some odd rumors about him. It wouldn't surprise me if he's the same guy. By most accounts, he's the number two man in Duty. Overall in charge of security at their base camp in Rostok, also ran logistics, and kept up trade with their freelancers.

AGENT 1: Alright, and what's up with Freedom?

JACK: Well, Freedom's boss is a guy called Lukash. His number two was called Max. Those guys were pretty completely opposed to Duty. Where Duty wanted to isolate the Zone and maintain it's quarantine, Freedom's philosophy is that it should be kept open to all. Study it, learn from it, let everyone who will come see it. That sort of nonsense.

AGENT 2: Frequent fighting?

JACK: At times. They had a kind of uneasy cease-fire happening there at the end. There was a lot of talk by the diehards on either side that the leadership had sold out. ESPECIALLY when Freedom showed-up with a bunch of the same gear the Mercenaries were sportin'.

AGENT 1: MPRI, you mean?

JACK: Whatever you wanna call 'em.

AGENT 1: And these Freedom guys were buying guns from them?

JACK: I never caught a deal going down, per se, but they were in a lot of NATO standard calibers- 5.56, .45, and so on.

AGENT 2: So there was some sort of deal going on with the two, then?

JACK: It would appear so. A lot of folks in the Zone were thinking that the Freedom side was taking assistance form the West, and the Duty side were getting resupplied by Russia. It almost made sense, too.

AGENT 1: OK, so Duty and Freedom were more or less at war, right?

JACK: More or less. Kind of holding a stalemate. I think the big deal between Voronin and Lukash was a cease-fire to work on taking out Monolith. Those guys were striking out, and getting bolder every day.

AGENT 2: How far out of the center did Monolith get?

JACK: Not too far. You're aware that because of the way the radiation pockets shifted after the first blowout, there were only certain paths that could be travelled at all. Right?

AGENT 2: Yeah. We got that from the grunts.

JACK: Well, that being the case, in order for Monolith to strike out, they'd have to go north through Pripyat, then come back aroundcounterclockwise to the old steel yard site, and then almost straight East through the Red Forest area, and THEN South. Freedom had their main compound a few clicks South of the Red Forest, right in the path of Monolith's advance. I believe that Lukash went to Voronin first, and did so to get help halting the advance. But that help didn't arrive on time from Voronin.

AGENT 2: So the Monolith guys got through?

JACK: Nope. They got stopped dead in their tracks at Freedom's North checkpoint. They had a few loners to help out defending the outpost. Rumor has it that Strelok was in on that action, and went North before the dust even cleared.

AGENT 1: OK, let's come back to that. I want to know more about the factions and their relationships.

JACK: Right. So I don't really know how Clear Sky or Final Day would have fit in. They're long gone, either North of Pripyat somewhere, or completely killed off. No one saw them on the power plant grounds, though, so I believe they're all dead. The scientists were generally neutral to most. They had a BIG beef with the mercenaries, though. One of the merc's, a guy called Wolfhound, was after something form the scientists. Something SPECIFIC. He got killed in the West end of Rostok, and again I hear Marked One was involved.

AGENT 1: Strelok?

JACK: If they're indeed the same, yes. There's no way to know what the Merc's wanted from those ecologists. It was something specifically from the bunch at the dry lake in Yantar. The Ukrainian government was pulling out all the stops to protect that bunch, and the Mercs were determined to get something from them. It sounds like they stumbled onto something in an old industrial complex nearby. Something sneaky. But within literally minutes after Strelok and crew made that last push for the power plant, those guys were all slaughtered. Some gang of loners that was camping out nearby.

AGENT 1: How'd the military figure into all of this?

JACK: Well, the scientists throughout the Zone basically had helicopters and troops at a moment's notice. They'd call in help once in a while to clear out particularly dense areas of mutants, or to transport more artifacts out to the institute in Kiev.

AGENT 2: And Monolith. They stopped the scientists from going to Pripyat and the power plant, then?

JACK: Oh no. Something far weirder than Monolith was in the way...

  07:29:41  4 August 2008
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Senior Resident

On forum: 05/25/2007
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  18:04:11  4 August 2008
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"Order of the Liquidators"


On forum: 02/23/2008
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JACK: ... They called it the 'brain scorcher.'

AGENT 1: Let me guess- steel yard?

JACK: Yep. It was right off the one main above-ground path to the power plant. Any other way would take you right through some of the worst radiation anywhere.

AGENT 2: We believe it was being used to interfere with satellite surveillance of the Zone- we couldn't get radar or any other radiometry data.

JACK: I don't know about that. What I DO know is that I couldn't get through there. No one could until Strelok. Whatever it was broadcasting was scrambling people's brains.

AGENT 2: How so?

JACK: Guys wouyld spend more than a couple minutes there and start seeing thing. Hallucinating. Within ten or fifteen minutes, if they got through to the North side of the Red Forest, they'd lost it. Pass out. Go comatose. Eventually they'd be spotted walking around like a George Romero zombie- mumbling incoherently, wandering slowly and aimlessly. And completely hostile to anyone else.

AGENT 1: You know how crazy that sounds, right?

JACK: Yeah. I know.

AGENT 2: And you know that without some video or photo evidence to back it up, no one's gonna believe you?

JACK: Yeah. So anyhow, you know the history of the Steel Yard. The guys who pulled Monolith's strings set it up to broadcast whatever that signal was. They actually restarted Reactor #3 at the power plant to supply this thin-

AGENT 1: Wait, they RESTARTED a reactor?!

JACK: Yeah. That spectrometer you snuck in for me proved it. I had to look a few times myself, but NONE of the rods left in the on-site spent storage were from #3, and they're the last ones that should have ever left for reprocessing. The steam from the cooling tower was redirected underground through another of the X-labs. I found some Uranium and Xenon in there, too. No doubt, it was #3's old Uranium at least.

AGENT 2: Is it still running?!

JACK: Unless someone's gone there just to shut it down, yes. Remember, they had to get power SOMEWHERE for a bunch of laboratories. Nothing on the ground was burning fuel. Hydroelectric was out of the question. What better place to start a nuclear reactor than the site of the world's most infamous nuclear accident? Everything was there already. Nothing to build. Nothing to plan. It was a proven reactor that used to power a shitload of the Soviet Union.

AGENT 2: So there's STILL a live, runaway nuclear reactor in the Zone? RIGHT NOW?

JACK: Of course. Why else would I have let Strelok go?
  19:00:40  4 August 2008
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On forum: 04/08/2007
Messages: 149
Nice one.

But one thing is bothering me.

like a George Romero zombie- mumbling incoherently, wandering slowly and aimlessly.

Tut-tut. Romero's zombies were slow, unable to run, dumber than a rock, didn't use weapons or tools and only growled. And only way to kill them was to destroy their brain.

Zombies in Stalker use weapons, can run and speak. Yup. Can't tell what since I dont speak ukrainian.
  19:21:15  4 August 2008
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Psi-Melder librarian and archivist


On forum: 03/29/2008
Messages: 2341
Nice, keep it up
  01:39:14  6 August 2008
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"Order of the Liquidators"


On forum: 02/23/2008
Messages: 744

AGENT 1: <leaves room>

AGENT 2: Alright, let's change gears here. We'll come back to Strelok and the power plant.

JACK: Alright.

AGENT 2: Let's talk about these mutants. Bring me up to speed.

JACK: That's a bit complex as well. There were, near as I could tell, three types of mutants. First were typical Ukrainian wildlife mutated by either radiation or anomalies, or both. Second was odd creatures, generally conforming to the rules of physics and life as we know it, that I've never seen otherwise. And last was the weird shit.

AGENT 2: Start with the easy ones.

JACK: Imagine a pot-bellied pig. Imagine it bloated to about 900 pounds or so. Looks like it's about to burst, like it's eyes are bugging out. Standing a meter and a half tall at the shoulder. They called that one a 'flesh.' There were the dogs- blinded, likely as a side effect of long-term radiation exposure, and VERY agressive, but otherwise just dogs. TONS of live, wild, blind dogs that can track you by scent. Rats, too. Kinda big, and bones about to poke out of their skins. They were fast and mean, and attacked in packs of 5 to 8. Wild boar, too, but mostly as documenteed already. Mean and a little bigger than the typical boar in that area,but generally the same. Just that in the Zone, all of these otherwise normal animals were EXTREMELY aggressive toward men, and even toward one another.

AGENT 2: So it gets weirder?

JACK: Yeah. Next up are the odd land animals. My personal favorite, the bloodsucker. Kinda like a horror movie vampire on crack. The few I saw alive looked like Shaquille O'Neil after a five-year crack binge, but with half an octopus where his jaw should be. Hairy. Bright eyes. And virtually invisible when they get spooked.

AGENT 2: Invisible?

JACK: Look, after a few days in the Zone, I figured the only way to stay sane was to accept that the things I saw weren't what they APPEARED to be. But these things APPEARED to go invisible when they saw us. Generally, they were Bigfoot meets CrackShaq. Plus a way overdue shave. They fed on carcasses of any critters, humans included, and killed in order to feed.

AGENT 2: You DID submit a urine sample, right?

JACK: Screw you. You know there's been weirder shit found in Arizona, too. Don't think I haven't heard.

AGENT 2: Officially, that's swamp gas and weather balloons.

JACK: Yeah, I know. So Then there were the pseudodogs. Kinda like wolves with almost humanoid heads, full of sharp teeth, and meaner than almost anything else in the Zone. Incredibly aggressive. Sometimes they hunt along, sometimes in packs of up to 4. I've heard of teams of stalkers running into packs of over a dozen, but I've never seen anything like that. These things are TOUGH. I unloaded a whole magazine out of an AK-74 into one of these and it kept on breathing. Remember that guy on TV a couple years ago, who did all that angel dust and then tried to muscle past the Palo Verde cordon?

AGENT 2: Sure.

JACK: Made him look like a Girl Scout. Vicious bastards.

AGENT 2: Go on.

JACK: Well, the rest gets as weird as the Zone and all it's anomalies themselves. Controllers, for instance. They look like kinda mongoloid humans with no necks. They're slow and dopey-lookin'. But they do the Jedi mind trick like nobody's business. They can almost literally fry a man's brain. I've seen TWO live ones ever, and I watched a guy get his brain mushed by one while we tried to pour buckets of bullets into it. Eventually killed it. Oddly, I think it had to have been human at some point.

AGENT 2: Huh?

JACK: They wore clot-

AGENT 1: <enters room> Hold up, Jack.

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