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The Adventures of the Journeyman

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  03:39:58  31 July 2008
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On forum: 05/31/2007

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07/31/2008 3:44:23
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The Adventures of the Journeyman

I was quite surprised. Under the bridge there were two dead bodies - probably stupid soldiers.

I went over and took a closer look, but then I immediately stopped when I saw that there was an electro anomaly in there. Only a few random blue sparks gave it away, if I didn't I probably would have been toasted like they did.

I picked up a rock and chucked it at the three bodies, causing a large electric flash that enveloped most of under the bridge. Damn it, this'll be harder than I thought, I thought.

I took off my pack then dug around in there for a little bit, and took out a 6-meter rope. I knew I'd need to use this someday, kind of like how they tell you to keep duct tape with you at all times in case you need it.

It took a few tries, but eventually I lassoed the leg of one of the smoldering soldiers and pulled the corpse out into the soggy grass. The body was fresh; probably dead only a day or two. He looked burnt all over, his left hand was open and contorted over his chest, while the other was rigidly holding a Geiger counter at his side. Looks like they were checking the place for radiation to rest or whatever, but got a truly electrifying surprise.

Then I noticed the helmet that he was wearing; it wasn't Russian or Ukraine standard issue helmet, that was a MASKA-1Sch helmet used by Russian Special Forces. The ghillie suits also looked different, and they had those shoulder patches. These guys were from Spetsgruppa Alfa! What are they doin-

"October, this is Base. Do you read?"

I jumped at the sound, but quickly took his helmet off and took his headset. I checked the radio frequency he was using, then got out my rather damp note binder and wrote down it down - it could be handy someday.

"October, this is Base. Do you read?"

I picked up the headset and put it on. I guess it couldn't hurt to mess with them, especially since I'm this deep in the Zone.

"Uh, copy, base, situation normal," I tried in my best Han Solo impression whilst speaking Russian.

"What happened? You haven't responded for over 24 hours."

"Uh, we had a weapons malfunction and I had to treat the other guy, but we're fine, we're're you?" It's becoming much harder for me to stop laughing.

"We're sending a chopper over there. Our scanners have picked up an incoming blowout in the next three hours." The smile on my face vanishes.

"Oh no, we're fine, we're fine, we're all good and ready to go, we're already near the center of the Zone..."

"The tracking device says you're just 6 km north of us. Who is this? What's your operating number?"

A blowout two hours away? I dropped the headset and began running without bothering to search the guy's corpse first. Yantar was only a little more than a kilometer away, but I'd have to really hoof it if I were to escape the blowout...well, at least facing Kruglov after I put flesh eyes in his boots isn't as bad as getting your brain fried.


More to come if I get the time, hope you enjoyed.
  21:03:25  4 August 2008
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On forum: 03/04/2008
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lol, so we have a prankster in the zone
  05:05:24  10 August 2008
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On forum: 02/20/2008
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Dude, seriously, excellent.

"Uh, we had a weapons malfunction and I had to treat the other guy, but we're fine, we're're you?"



A classic, I say! This is a classic!

...And not just because it's funny. Gosh. I mean, it was written pretty well, too.
  07:13:09  10 August 2008
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On forum: 05/31/2007

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08/10/2008 7:19:48
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I quickly slammed the AK-74SU magazine into the gun and racked the bolt just as another one of those gravelly-voiced bastards came hurdling through the door on my left. I raised the gun bear and mashed the trigger, effectively dropping the intruder.

The Monolith was all over this sorry husk for a house, but they told me and the others to stay here until relieved by helicopter. Yeah right, I thought, I should have left when I had the chance. Now all the crew'll have to do is medevac cadavers.

They were still in the bushes across the way, and tracers kept flying out of them and slamming into the old wood paneling of the house. There was only Gusarov left shooting, with Barin full of holes making a mess of himself in the corner.

Just then, I noticed something. I noticed a small strip of grey at the top of my vision. I got even more confused when a cursor appeared in front of my vision.

Six Monolith stalkers made a break for it across the front plain. Two got gunned down by Gusarov but now they're almost at the door.

The cursor moved up to the left corner, pressed File, then moved down some more and clicked "Exit"...just as the fanatics charged through the doorway.

And I woke up.

"Really? Hell of a dream, that," said Barkeep. "I mean, I heard stories of stalkers having really weird-ass dreams because of the Zone, but nothing like what you just told your dreams work like video players huh?"

"Yeah...I guess it was partially 'cause I was a hell of a computer nerd before I came here," I said, taking a swig of energy drink. It cleared my head rather well and I felt more alert. "So what's up with you then?"

"Oh, nothing much. I did hear this interesting thing the other day though."

I nodded. "Go on."

"Yeah, ever been to the Pripyat Marshes?"

I shook my head. "No, too many anomalies." The marshes was where pretty much all the factions go to toss unwanted stalkers, since the whole place is surrounded by Vortex anomalies. The anomaly does most of the disposal, while the pseudodogs and snorks take care of whatever didn't get pulverized.

"Uh huh. Well, I heard Guide found a way through."

"No shit?"

"Yeah. But I don't know where the safe entry point is, I heard it's actually to the north a ways, near those damn Mercs and fanatics."

"Ah, tough luck then. You'd need a pretty big expedition anyway to deal with all those lunatics and carry all the loot back."

"You got that right, the place hasn't been touched for a year since that massive Blowout...must be artefact heaven in there," Barkeep muttered to himself. Then he looked over my head and cocked an eyebrow.

I looked behind to see no other than Scarecrow, that nutty exo-suit clad hunter who liked to hang out near Freedom base. But what was surprising was not his presence, but of what was next to him. Everyone in the Bar turned.

A pseudodog, scratching its face with a hind leg.


More silence. Someone coughs, probably Zhorik.

"No pets in the Bar."

"Bullsheeeyt. C'mon Barkeep, he's well tamed and mostly harmless."

"MOSTLY harmless? MOSTLY harmless? Jesus Christ, Scarecrow, that's a goddamn pseudodog! That's like bringing a pitbull to a daycare!"

"Just give him a chance, if he tries to attack us we got like what, ten versus one? Just stay cool..."

Barkeep grumbled himself and suddenly started watching the TV, which was airing the news. Everone else also went back to their business, but there was still that tension in the air.

Scarecrow sidled up next to me and clapped me on the back, too hard as usual, almost spilling my drink.

"How's it going Journeyman?"

"'s going good. Yourself?" The pseudodog was still making me nervous.

"Yeah, well, I got me my own pseudodog here," he remarked, gesturing behind us at the beast, which was now sitting and panting like a dog behind us.

"How the heck did you manage to tame that thing?" I asked incredulously.

"Lots of boar jerky. By the way, his name's Dogmeat."

"You mean like in...oh, nevermind." Scarecrow was always never very good at original names.

"You can pet him if you like, he's mostly harmless," he added, tossing a sausage into Dogmeat's open mouth.

"Uh, I think I'll pass." Maybe I would pet him, if Scarecrow managed to remove that shark-like set of teeth.

Author's note: the dream sequence is inspired by a dream I had myself that was very similar to that

Hope you enjoyed, will make more if I get the time.
  19:05:46  10 August 2008
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On forum: 02/20/2008
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It's just "Mostly harmless."

But, yea, I'm liking it. By all means continue.
  23:11:28  10 August 2008
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On forum: 03/15/2007
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Haha, love the stories! By all means, continue writing.
  01:40:59  11 August 2008
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On forum: 02/20/2008
Messages: 127

By all means, continue writing.

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