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Monolith sniper. (pt 1, possibly not last) )))

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  20:54:59  9 August 2007
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On forum: 08/08/2007
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Monolith sniper. (pt 1, possibly not last) )))

“What the hell’s wrong with those guys…?” I was dragging my self through the mud, with my SVD rifle strapped onto my back.
“How am I s’posed to know,” Vasek was following behind me. “Every one’s a damn lunatic in this unit!”
“Yeah, really.”
“Especially the commander. His rad dose must be through the roof. He’s whack!” Vasek was muttering behind me. “Why, just why? Would you possibly want a sniper team to protect the middle-of-no-where ruin of a God forsaken power plant approach?”
“Even if anybody wanted to get in here, the northern approach is heavily radiated either way,” he continued. “It will kill them before they ever reach us.”
“I know… I hate this just as much, man.”
Vasek was a new recruit, and I was here for a week today. We walked through a field, virtually covered with parts of vehicles, a crashed and raided Mi-35 Hind helicopter, and rubble of guard towers. We did not take the road, since we did not want to leave any tracks in the mud – if anybody does show up, we don’t want them to find our tracks. There’s nothing worse for a sniper then being spotted. We walked by the remaining part of something that must have been a trailer a couple years ago. “Let’s take a position up in here.” I suggested. “Provides sufficient overview of the road and most of the field… The area you can survive in anyways.”
“Should keep the rain out too,” I added after a pause.
“Alright,” he was simply following me around.
“Oh, shh, get down, man!” He whispered loudly all of a sudden, as I was about to kick the door on the trailer down. “Contact!”
“What the hell…?” I ducked, and quickly hustled behind the corner of the trailer, to conceal me better.
It was raining, and fog provided us with fairly decent concealment. It must have been no later then five or six, but it was already dark anyways. The clouds blocked out any sun, and the only way Vasek spotted the trespassers is by duel to a flashlight.
“North, range – two hundred,” he whispered. “What do we do, man?”
“Stay put. Let’s get a positive ID first,” I ordered calmly, and took my SVD off of my shoulder and tried to look down the scope, leaning to my left around the trailer. “Ok… Follow me.”
I walked quietly all the way around the trailer, so that I was in a more comfortable position, for a right handed person. Vasek pulled out his binoculars, and was looking at the men heading down the road. “Bandits?” He whispered, right behind me.
“No way. Rad levels are too high up north. They will need some major protection.”
“Range – one fifty. Count – three, “he paused. “Could it be our guys? No, five of ‘em.”
“Possibly… who else?” I was wondering the same thing. “Stay sharp, though.”
“Ok… what is that, though? Look at the last two,” Vasek pointed out.
“Yeah, I don’t know. A bag?” I saw it too, now. They were clearly dragging something relatively large. “Let’s follow them.”
They now walked by us, and were heading away. The road was only about 50 or 60 meters away. I could clearly tell the men were wearing dark blue chemical protection suites, instead of a military uniform of any kind, or tac gear. That would also explain how they got through the heavily radiated approach, and what protects them from the anomalies.
“Come on, let’s go,” I ordered and started to creep to the next hunk of metal, closer to the road now. Vasek simply followed me, now with his Obakan rifle, instead of the binoculars. “Ok… low and slow. Let’s go.”
We got within 30 or so meters, before I finally figured out exactly what they were dragging along – a man, in Monolith uniform. One of ours. He clearly was dead, or at least unconscious. I was still waiting to get a solid ID on the men; I did not want to engage any trespasser, even if that lunatic of a commander gave us exactly that order – shoot everyone headed towards the power plant. What was so special about it, anyways? It was offline long ago and rumors have it that an accident on that very plant is what set off the Zone’s expansion. They also say it was weapon testing, and the weapons are still inside. Others say it was sabotage, of alien experiments and something of interest may still be here. If it is true, why does the military show almost no interest in this place and neither does Duty? Anyways, the place always scared me, gave me a gut feeling, some sort of creepy fear along with goose bumps on my back. I know I’m never going inside the structure. Not even within a kilometer of it, and yet here I am – guarding it.
We followed the expedition for good 400, 500 meters now, staying only some 30 or 40 meters behind them. I moved up to the next covered position I found – a truck, or more like the frame of a truck. Most of the body was not even there, or burnt. It still seemed to offer enough protection. Suddenly, I saw muzzle flashes and heard gunfire left of me. Looked like a group of three shooters, were engaging the expedition. They returned fire.
“Stay low, hold your fire!” I whispered at Vasek, who was already taking aim. “Don’t engage! Do not engage!”
“Roger,” he ducked down right next to me, as I was scoping out who they were shooting it out with. Looked like three rifle men, wearing Monolith uniforms. Shots were fired on both sides, but our guys had better cover, so the five exposed men started pulling back, or more of a full retreat. One of them got dropped before he took even a step backwards. I took aim at the retreating soldiers, but still did not fire. They were not a threat, probably not even soldiers. A sniper provides intelligence – not necessarily goes for a body count. The three lunatics, however, ran right after them, trying to shoot them down.
A bullet whistled right past my right ear, damn near taking it off, and a few more shots ricochet off of the truck. The only fire was coming from our side, however.
“Friendly fire! Friendly fire!” I yelled at the shooters, “Check your targets!”
“Goddamn it!” Vasek went prone right behind the truck. “Orders?”
They did not stop firing. “Cease fire! You’re engaging friendlys!” I yelled again. I know they must have heard me, but did not care. Everyone in this unit is a lunatic.
“To hell with it, engage!” I ordered Vasek, as one of the Monolith soldiers ran up within some 5 meters of us. I stood up, and took two almost random shots, and got right back down with bullets whistling overhead, and dropped him like a ton of bricks. Vasek simply put down blind fire with his Obakan. I saw no way to pick off the remaining two soldiers, and they were moving up fast. I was looking for a position to fall back to.
“Frag, out!” I heard a voice beside me. Vasek tossed an F1 grenade over the truck, possibly saving our lives. The attackers stopped, to take cover. One of them, however, was too late. The other did not get killed by the grenade, but gave me the few seconds I needed to get in position, and prop my rifle up on the truck. As soon as he looked out from behind some concrete rubble, I put one shot to his neck. It was not meant to kill, but I’m sure it must have, just based on the gurgling sound I heard for the next few seconds before it was all quiet again.
“Great… how do we explain this to the commander?” Vasek slipped a new magazine in his Obakan.
“We don’t. Forget this place. Let’s get out of here while we still have the chance.” I suggested, worried about consequences of killing three friendly units. “Where the hell are the other guys…?”
“Don’t know. Don’t care.” Vasek was clearly getting worried too now. “Let’s just grab what gear we can from them three, and get out of here. Fast.”
“Ok, go for it.” I told him. “I will set over watch. Move it, double time.”
“Sir!” He ran to check the bodies, as I set up on the other side of the truck, covering northern approach, where the remaining men from the expedition ran.
Vasek came back a few minutes later. He grabbed some magazines, and a Val, and medical supplies.
“We’re going north, huh?” He asked.
“How many anti-rads do we have…?”
“I got four. Plus what ever you got. Plus what those two dead dudes got.”
  08:48:41  11 August 2007
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On forum: 08/08/2007

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08/11/2007 8:49:04
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dunno why this didnt get on ther ))

should get more interestin at the logs ))

We started heading north. The clicking of my geiger counter became louder and more intense. We split the anti-rads half and half, each ending up with five syringes each. "Well, here it goes," I said with some sarcasm, and tightened my mask. "Hope you can run, see you on the other side."
I broke out into full spring, with a shot in each hand, and my rifle on my back. I heard Vasek sprint behind me, not for very long, however. Soon all I heard was an eerie howling, and my vision started to blur. I slowed down, and inserted one of the needles into my arm, squeezing the medicine in. Effects seemed to slowly go away, but I still felt like my blood was boiling. I took the second shot, and went back to sprint again. My whole body was cold, but my insides were burning up. I must have been running for at least good 10 minutes now. I did not want to stop. I started feeling the blindness coming back again, and my heart beating almost too hard to stay in my chest, almost jumping right out. I felt like ripping my brain right out of my skull and screaming at it. It all felt surreal. Like I was not even there, as if I was a hollow ghost, racing towards nothingness. I used my third syringe when I felt I could not breathe anymore, and the symptomes backed away slightly, again. I got the next needle ready. I dont know how long I must have been running now, but I could not catch my breath any more. And I did not bother to even try. I started coughing, and kept on running. I wanted to stop, but I knew that if I do, I will not ever move again. The thought of being cooked alive for a boar, or something, to enjoy was unbearable. Then I started remembering the stories and myths about how Stalkers killed by massive doses of radiaton turned into poltergeist creatures, whose origin was still not completely explained. Then I was thinking of conditions to turn a man into a creature such as a Snork. The idea of death did not even sound all that bad any more. Stopping was not an option to even be considered any more. I slowed down, and used the fourth syringe. I missed the vein three times before I got it in. Relieve rushed through my body, but my insides were still burning, even though my skin was cold. I got my last needle ready, and held my geiger counter in my free hand. The clicking was fading, and I thought all I got in me was another hundred, maybe two hundred meters. I could not breathe, and got ready to use my last needle when the smell of blood from the coughing became unbearable. I wanted to rip my mask off, but I knew that would only make it worse. When the clicks faded, I just collapsed. I knew I made it. Nothing else mattered.
I dont know how long I must have been out. I woke up to the smell of blood and sweat, and pain all over my body. Breathing was hard, and every second I felt like my guts would just spill right out of my mouth. I grabbed my face, it felt like rubber. And... glass. I snapped out of it, and losened the straps on either side of my head and pulled the mask off, moments before spilling the contents of my stomach onto the ground infront of me. It was completely dark now. I felt around, and found my mask. I looked around me, I was completely alone in a field stretching for miles in every direction. I did not feel my body. My mind was in a completely disconnected state. There was no contact with reality. With shaking hands, I searched around my vest for the pack of Belomor I had stashed for a couple days now, and the matches. I lit one, and started heading farther north. I did not even bother looking far back in case Vasek did not make it. I knew there is nothing I could do. There is no possible way I could be much help, and I did not particularly want to know what happened to him. On the other hand, maybe he was still alive. I highly doubt he would stay for very long, though. Or want to, for that matter. I took my rifle, and looked down the scope for any bodies behind me. There was nothing. Either he did not make it very far, or went else where. It did not matter either way. I started heading farther north.
I dont know how, or why Im still alive. I dont know how long I have been walking now. Must have at least been two days. It was dark, again. I know I had no food or drink with me, but the landscape was radically changing, suggesting I must have walked far. I dont know where I was going, or why. I had no connection with reality. All I felt was the pain in my feet, hunger, and the weight of my rifle on my back. I dont know what was pushing me on. I saw nothing alive, except for a few boars and dogs here and there. I did not even care about living so much anymore. All I knew is I did not want to become a part of the Zone. I started writing down everything. To try to stay in touch with reality, and keep my mind clear for when I need it.

8/12/11 13:00----There’s a tower up ahead. Or, an antenna. Must be a radio station or something like that. There must be people there. I will check it out as soon as I get there. Better have people, and more important to me right now – food. Must be somebody I can trade with. From here looks like there’s a city in between me and the station, mostly destroyed, but what else can be in the zone?

8/13/11 6:00---- It’s called “Wild Territory”. I have not seen anybody here yet. A crashed helicopter, with a few dead bodies around it. All of them are wearing the same chem. suites as the four. Or was it five? Men who were heading towards our base. I have not yet seen anybody alive. There are a few dead men wearing military-looking uniforms, Freedom, I think. Hard to tell. They had NATO weapons. American soldiers get involved? Doesn’t matter – I found a few rations, bread and sausage on them. And vodka. They say it suppresses the effects of radiation, but I have my doubts. It sure does help, though.

8/13/11 8:00---- I saw the same soldiers I found dead earlier. These ones were alive. Not for long. They were clearing streets in a search-and-destroy manner. I fear for my life, and shot all three of them down before they got close enough to even spot me. Now I proceed towards the station I was originally headed towards. Should be about a 15, 20 minute walk.

8/13/11 9:30---- People are lunatics. They lost it. I saw a man walking in a field, aimlessly. I tried to walk up to him, but I still had him in my sights just for safety issues since he was armed. I tried to yell to him, but he ignored me. When I got closer, he turned right around and blasted me with his shotgun. He hit me, but because of the range my vest caught the shot, and I took him out with four shots to the chest. He was one tough fighter, because I had to take another shot to the head to finish him off. 4 Dragunov shots stopped anything I have seen before. Not this guy.

8/13/11 11:30 ---- This place is filled with them! They don’t respond, they just shoot. Much like my own unit. Except, they seem to have no brains left in them. They walked straight for me, and shot me. Is this what radiation turns men into? I want to get out of here now. I can’t, however. One of the God damn crazies put a hole in my right leg. I cant even walk any more. I’m holding position in a pipe. Only two entrances and I can cover both.

8/14/11 16:00 ---- I have not slept for around 30 hours now, I think. I’m not sure. I constantly feel a Controller’s presence. The light headedness and the constant pressure behind your eyes other Stalkers have described. I found my self bleeding from both ears slightly. I can’t feel most of my body. I need medical help. Fast. And ammo. I am down to 4 magazines.

8/15/11 11:30---- Still in the same pipe. I’m losing sight in my right eye, and now I try to shoot left handed. I crawled out of the pipe, to pick up an AK from one of the dead… zombies? I don’t know what those people are. They are definitely not human, however. Not any more at least. They keep mumbling something and keep trying to kill everything they see. Just to kill. Not even rob, or take something. Just kill.

8/15/11 16:30---- Around 50 hours with no sleep. I don’t know what I see now. I saw a man, or rather the shape of a man walking, or floating down the very pipe. When I shot it, it disintegrated into air, like smoke. I don’t care any more. I will finish this bottle of vodka, and I don’t care what happens next. It’s not like I have a way to get out of here.

8/15/11 20:00---- Something is different. I want to kill. Anything. What ever moves – I will kill. I don’t care what it is. If it’s moving I will make it stop. I don’t need sleep any more. I need more ammo. I’m down to my last magazine, and I got 2 AK mags.

8/12/11 14:00---- I am changing. I know it. I don’t want to leave the area any more. I still have not slept. I can barely see, or feel my body.

8/12/11 22:00---- This is not right. One of them crazies walked right up to me. I spaced out for a minute, and he walked right up to me. He just stared at me until I snapped out of it. He did not shoot me. He could have had me right there. All he had to do was pull the trigger. Yet, he just gave me time to come back to reality. I am not even sure if this is real. Feels like a dream. I pulled my knife out and stab him in the gut, pushed him down and kicked his AK away. Then I proceed to beat him with the butt of my Dragunov rifle until he stopped moving. Every hit felt satisfying, the blunt sound of the wood hitting his broken and diseased flesh. It’s like something inside me just snapped. I did not care about the pain in leg any more, or the numbness of my whole body. My mind just shut off, became ignorant to everything. I just wanted to kill.

8/ ---- I lost track of time. Completely. I don’t know what day it is anymore. I must have went on a shooting spree. I only have one AK magazine left. I don’t remember shooting anything, though. The place is covered in dead bodies now. I must have killed them. The crazies did not shoot at me anymore, and the Snorks in the swamp nearby ignored my presence too. It is as if I did not exist. I caught my self on the fact that I moved around, almost perfectly silently. Even quieter then I did before. I could not hear my own steps.

8/ ---- This is the same day. I don’t know the date. I will start heading back to the city when I can pick up the AK ammo from the dead bodies. My body is still numb, and my mindset is to kill. I can’t move fast any more. I feel sore all over. My head is in a daze of some sort. People here scare me. I hope I’m not one of them. This is not radiation, however. My Geiger counter is almost perfectly silent.

8/ ---- I can’t shoot. My reflexes are slow. In the city, I killed two men. I can’t take clean shots any more, I miss. I used the AK to take both of them down. I can’t move quickly in tight quarters either. I caught my self wandering aimlessly when I’m not in a fire fight. I got hit today. He put two shots in my chest, and one to the shoulder. I emptied a full AK mag into him and walked away like nothing happened. I don’t even feel the pain. It must have been no longer then 10 minutes ago. It does not bleed anymore. I did not even apply a bandage. I know this is not normal. Isn’t radiation poisoning supposed to make your blood thinner? And you would actually bleed more?

8/ ---- This is weird. I just don’t seem to die. I normally must have bled to death by now. I tried slitting my own wrist, to see how much it bleeds. Almost does not at all. It makes no sense to carry med packs around any more. I tried to see if this is just really severe radiation poisoning after all. I used my last anti-rad needle. It made no difference. I reached a more civilized part of the town. People here were actually keeping order. Maybe it is because there is Duty men posted on every corner, or maybe there is a civilized area left in the zone still. They actually have a bar here. Depressing as is, I think people mostly stay drunk or talking around a fire. With most of my food traded for booze, I finally can relax and join one of the groups in the wearhouses.

8/14/11 14:00---- I heard the Stalkers I joined talking about the Zone’s expansion. That radiation levels in the center have increased drastically and the monsters are now attacking camps and outposts much more often. The area clean enough for people to survive in, actually moved back from the center almost a full kilometer, and Duty casualties have increased almost two fold due just to the creatures attacking. They say Duty is recruiting new men to replenish its ranks, and their soldiers are stretched too thin.

8/14/11 22:00---- I have been thinking. The Zone does not necessarily kill you to take your life. It takes the will to live. I don’t feel alive any more. I just walk and shoot. One of the Stalkers told me that if you spend enough time here, you will see enough to make life outside of the Zone not very appealing. When you see what it does to people, not only physically but mostly mentally – you will not want to stay here either. There is no escape. Once you are in the Zone long enough, you are a part of it. You can run, fight or hide from the monsters, or escape the radiation or poison, but not your own thoughts. That’s why vodka seems to be so popular here. It is at least a temporary escape, and it keeps you warm, and supposedly reduces the effects of radiation.

8/15/11 11:00---- More and more Stalkers are considering joining Duty now. I heard the outpost at the Garbage is lost, which is one of the key positions. The word is there are 9 casualties, and no one escaped. A loner passed the word that the outpost has been overrun. There is almost constant gunfire at the gates. Guards are replaced every 8 hours, to rest and rearm. The word is that they pay loners to guard positions, because squads are stretched too thin. Tomorrow I will see if I can get a job, to at least pay for ammo and food.

8/17/2:00 ---- I got positioned at the Garbage with six other loners. We were ambushed on the way over, but it then got quiet. It has been the whole day. We were attacked later at night, but handled the creatures with no difficulty at all. They cannot even get within hundred meters of us. Bandits are not an issue anymore - I have not seen any for the past almost two weeks. They must be hiding in groups and holding their camps. I can hold my self together now. There is enough action to keep my mind off of thoughts.

8/17/11 16:00---- We were hit hard. We lost 4 men. I think there are either too many monsters now, or they are getting smarter. They hit from two sides at once, outflanking us easily. Pseudodogs are the worst. If a few get into the junk, there is no way to hunt them down quickly and safely, and they can attack you at any moment in time. They seem to hide now, and ambush Stalkers instead of charging blindly. We received three more recruits as reinforcements and re-supply of ammunition and food today. Out of the original three alive, Dubman, got hurt bad. He is almost unable to fight and we cannot spare any men to take him back to the city. The new guys told us the Duty base got hit by Freedom, and there will be a counter-attack. They need a sharp shooter, and so they were looking for volunteers for it. The move will be next morning, and I headed back alone. We did not want to spare any more men to escort me, and I decided to take my chances. Casualties for Duty were 18 dead and 6 wounded, and estimated 36 killed and wounded for Freedom, only 26 of who were confirmed kills. Survival in the Zone is hard enough anyways, and people still shoot each other… Where is the world going?

8/18/11 8:00---- We attacked the base. Only 8 Duty men, other then me. There were over 20 Freedom soldiers. They say the attack order was given from anger, more then because of strategical importance of the base. My job was to eliminate snipers and provide cover for the advancing Duty men. I did not have a radio, so I could not even call my shots or spot targets. We took it with surprising ease. Grenades helped us clear the buildings with almost no problems, and since we attacked quickly and unexpectedly – the nine of us managed to set up sweeping fields of fire in between the buildings and trap the enemy in cross fire after the snipers were eliminated. We only lost 2 men, and had 3 wounded. The operation was successful, even though completely pointless. It appears that Freedom faced all the same problems. Most of their men were stretched thin, and we only engaged a small portion of their forces at a time. The military involvement has ceased completely, even the air patrols. All available Hinds were put on station to support outposts and convoys. They say a military outpost in the Cordon has been hit hard by a large group of blood suckers, killing over 20 soldiers, and every loner in the area. The Zone must really be expending.

8/20/11 17:00---- I am in some cabin. I don’t know where my SVD is. I only have the AK I picked up from one of the dead lunatics by the antenna. There is constant movement of creatures, lone stalkers, and Freedom soldiers. I’m right next to a swamp, and there seems to be low radiation level here, surprisingly. It covers one side, and there are only three approaches, so I don’t have to watch my back so much. The only way in – a stair case, it is right by the hole I use as my fighting position so I can see it at all times. No one is coming in here. This is as far as I care to go from the old Freedom base. I can hold it for as long as I have ammo, and then possibly move out if everything calms down. I still have 17 mags and a boxful of round for the AK. It will last me a while. I will update my log when I relocate.
  18:28:02  12 August 2007
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On forum: 07/13/2007
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I found it odd that this Monolith sniper and his partner aren't the same religious zealots as the other Monolithians. I always assumed in the game, that the Monolith were under some kind of control or atleast heavily brainwashed to have a cult-like mentality but the protaganist seems almost like a mercenary working for them.

I enjoyed your descriptions of the (partial) zombification though.
  21:40:12  11 September 2007
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On forum: 04/07/2007
Messages: 19
Excellent read Very cool.
  05:54:07  14 September 2007
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Paul Jaye
Senior Resident

On forum: 04/15/2007
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Nice excellent read...MOAR! pls
  19:54:17  14 September 2007
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On forum: 08/08/2007

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09/15/2007 21:28:27
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yeah, definitely, when I have time.

  20:49:18  18 October 2007
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On forum: 10/18/2007
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I love stalker, and think this story fit in with the whole background of it (apart from the fact the main character isn't an insane monolith guy). like the story, keep it up
  06:07:51  28 October 2007
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On forum: 10/25/2007
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God damn, that was a good read. The entire story was fantastic however I especially liked the logs that the character wrote. There were a lot of logs, maybe too many, I think that if you switch between the two it would make it better. Sorta wondering what happened to Vasek. Definatley one of my favorite stories, keep em coming
  04:15:13  30 October 2007
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On forum: 08/08/2007
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8/23/11 11:00---- I gotta move. It looks clear enough to make it a considerable distance from my current position, and there is no reason for me to stay here. Possibly I could find a more civilized area, or figure out how to stop this hell, or simply get out of the Zone. Either way, Im better off taking my chances moving anywhere, then sitting in one place.

I got all the gear I had together, and got ready to move. Im trying to think back now, and I dont remember much past the point where I assaulted the Freedom base along with the Duty men, and got shellshocked badly from the RPG that damn near killed me. I must have been left for dead, or they simply did not want to pay for my services and didn't check if I was alive. Surprisingly enough I found some useful things in the cabin. Electrical tape, above all, an old hunting knife, and an old cammo jacket, which was in better condition then mine. I used the tape to hold the last 8 mags I had together to be able to reload quicker, with out always reaching into my vest. I had some of the money left over from what I got paid at the Garbage, so I figured it might get me something to eat if I run into a camp.

I started moving, with out ever knowing where Im going. It was not even an hour untill I came across a group of two men, both wearing black coats and hurrying somewhere. They were walking on the same road, which was my mistake I swore I would never make again. I had nowhere to hide, in case they were not the friendliest fellas around. They spotted me right away, and from what I could see got their weapons ready but did not show any sign of hostility. I had my rifle ready, too, so then I could at least take one with me before they got me, and kept walking towards them. I got within some 40 meters of them, before one of they yelled:
"Dont shoot and we cool, aight?"
"Im not looking to die today!" I yelled back at them.
"Ok, then we good." The same man replied. "Come over here, then!"
We got upclose to each other. Both men looked like rookies, and were younger then me. Both were wearing long, black trench coats, cammo pants and combat boots, and carried silenced and scoped AKSU's. I could not see either man's face very well, as they had their hoods up. The man who did all the talkin so far had a relatively large pack on his back and the other carried an RPG and a smaller bag.
"Whats the rush?" I asked, and put my AK over my shoulder.
"Goddamn Monolith are all up on us," the second man answered in a harsh voice.
"What for...?" I was glad I kept the safety off. Just in case.
"They tried to shoot at us, and I put this baby to good use," he pointed over his back with his thumb to the RPG. "We pissed 'em off, alright."
I was amazed at how well equipped these guys were, and yet did not look like veterans at all.
"Best get a move on," he continued. "Come with us, you look like you might need a hand in these parts."
"Definitely," now I was amazed at his arrogance too, even though I tried not to show it. "Is there some sort of a plan to this, or...?"
"Yeah. Survive long enough to get to the Bar and then head to the NPP." I was getting more and more amazed at these guys. "The Bar should not be a long walk at all, and then the real shit begins."
"By the way, you hungry?" The same guy kept talking, "You're paler then most zombies I seen."
"You dont even know..." I pulled a few bills out of my pocket, but got shut down by him.
"That shit's worthless around here. Dont worry bout it. I got you for when we camp."
"Alright. Check this here." I pulled the now quarter bottle of some kind of nameless vodka out of what used to be a mag pouch on the back of my belt.
"Now this here is a fair exchange," he sounded like he got a moral boost. "Name's Vlad by the way."
"Ivan," I reached out and shook his hand.
"Petruhin," the other man reached out too, and I shook his hand. "Pleased to meet ya."
We made small talk for the next just under an hour till we came across a small village we saw as a good place to camp out in.
"Lets make sure its clear first," Vlad suggested. "Im on point."
"Got it." I followed him, and Petruhin covered the back.
We entered the first building, as Petruhin watched the streets.
"Clear," we moved on to the next structure, I was on point now. I stepped into the room around my corner, and checked it straight and the left. Before I turned around to check the right side, Vlad was behind me, covering it. Petruhin backed into the room, still covering the outside. These people were surprising me more and more. We made sure there is nothing in the village, and decided not to set up a fire, in case they were still followed. We picked out a broken down bench to use for a table, and set up what food we had on it. We all picked a direction to watch, and were relatively safe in the house. It was getting late now, and I was on my second cigarette that night.
"We got company, looks like a dozen or so," Vlad whispered to us.
"Shit..." Petruhin got his gun and got to the same window, on the other side. I followed them, to the next window however, and kept back in the dark room not to give away my profile.
"Dont shoot. Lets keep it clean." Vlad tossed me a Noiseless Kora and two magazines from his bag. "Lets move, keep it low."
They headed out of the building, and headed around it. Vlad had his RPG on his back, even though it looked like he had no intention of using it.
"Spread out, spread out," he whispered at us, as we came to a corner we could see the hostiles from.
Petruhin got down and crawled where he is covered by a little hill outside the village, to a tree, and got up crouched behind it.
"Im in position." He called. I was covering the back, since my Kora would be no use at that range.
"Light em up," Vlad squeezed the first burst off. I could not see the firefight, but there was no return fire coming down on us. A few seconds later, bullets started flying every each way.
"Fall back!" He ordered.
"Cover!" He tapped me on the shoulder, as he ran past me, and Petruhin tapped me as well when he followed.
I watched over the street, while the other two got in position, and moved into hte building next to me. It was not a long wait untill a group of six men hustled down the street in pairs covering each other. As they passed me, I quietly walked around one of the windows, to not show my profile and keep my self in the shadows, and took two shots on the last guy across the street. I heard muffled shots and another one dropped dead. The partner of my kill must have lost his nerve, and ran into my building with me right infront of the door, a few meters into the room. I took two snapshots at his stomach, and ran up to pistol whip him while he realized what hit him. He bent down from the hit on the side of the head, and I took one more executioner shot through the top of his dome and he plopped on the ground like a wet sack. I took point on the window, just to see two more bodies, making two are still unaccounted for. Suddenly, I heard foot steps in the building across the street from me, and saw two sillhoutes hustle by the windows.
"Damn, they are good," I thought.
I looked down the street, just to see another hostile, wearing an exo skeleton walking around a corner, with a rifleman covering him. He carried an import scoped bull-pup rifle, with a grenade launcher. "Shit!" I took three quick shots at him and took cover. Lead whizzed by, as I took cover in my room. I rushed to the window between me and him, to set up a greeting for him, now with my AK. I got there just as he was walking by, and I unloaded a good half magazine into him, and he tried to return fire but I regained cover too quick. Bullets ripped right through the walls, so I went prone and hoped none will hit me. I heard the same rifle fired at the other side of the village, and muffled gunshots from the building across and rounds recochet off of metal right outside. I quickly got up, and now ran to the door, when I heard a grenade fired, and an explosion in the building across. I unloaded the rest of the magazine, flipped the mag, pulled the slide, and unloaded the second one the man right outside the fired the grenade.
"Shit... Am I the last one left?" I thought, and got down behind the door to reload. I slipped the new mag in, and was about to pull the slide to get one in the chamber, and looked out the door, just to see a rifle butt land right on my nose, breaking it and blinding me.
"Dont you move, dont you fuckin move!" A voice came from above me, and a boot kicked my AK away. "I got the goddam traitor right here!" The man above me yelled to his comrades.
Two more men walked into the room, there was no more fire going on. "What should we do with him?" The one above me asked.
"Get him outside," somebody grabbed me by the legs and dragged me out in the middle of the street, and tossed me next to one of the two other guys, he was not breathing.
"Just fuckin blast his brains out!" Somebody yelled, I was too disoriented to know what was going on.
"No, no, then it wont be worth the trouble," another voice came from somewhere. It sounded vaguely familiar.
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"Fine," another blow landed on my head, knocking me out this time.

I was looking up at the trees above me when I came to my sense. I felt cold breeze on my face and hands, and lay there, relaxed, with my eyes closed now. Somebody tapped me on the shoulder, "Drinkin a bit too much again, buddy?" I followed the arm with my eyes, it was Sergey, standing next to the bench I was laying on. He was one of the only two people I trusted my whole life. We were born on the same day, in the same hospital, abandoned on the same day, and ended up in the same charity together.
"Nah, just trying to..." I started, "what the fuck...?"
"What, surprised to see us?" Katya came into the conversation, standing next to him.
I sat up, looking at my oldest friend and then switched to my last ex.
"Where...? What the fuck...?" I asked again.
"Yup. A lot like you. Drink too much." Sergey laughed. "Dont even remember the night, do you?"
He had a bottle of water in his hand, "Dry mouth... Hate that."
"I got..." I touched by face and didnt feel any blood on it, or pain in my nose.
Katya sat down next to me, "Relax, it's all good," she put her arm around me and brushed my hair back.
"You guys were..." I was trying to think about what had happened. "Where am I?"
"Hey!" He sprayed me in the face from his bottle. "Snap out of it!"

I felt the cold water hit my face, and suddenly felt sore all over, laying on something hard. I rolled half way over to my side, and held my nose with one hand and the back of my head with the other.
"Good to know you're still alive," I looked up at who ever was talking to me. It was Vasek, with his Abakan on his back and a canteen in his hands. My head felt like it was about to explode, and my ears were ringing. I looked around, the room I was in was completely empty, except for a body a few meters away. I had nothing on my vest, and my mask and headsock were gone too. Not that I worn them a lot either way.
"Do you always talk when you are out?" Vasek crouched down next to me.
"I thought you were dead..."
"No, just not fast or crazy enough to keep up with yo' ass."
"I'd say you get the hell outta here," he continued. "Maaan, you're lucky you didnt hear much more of their damn propaganda... Otherwise you'd be as gone as all them guys."
I was simply looking up at him.
"Brain wash... thats what they do. And give people guns. Insane shit, man..."
He pulled the Kora I got earlier today and tossed it on the ground next to me. "This is yours, I think."
"If you value your life, you'd better bounce. Only six of them are out there, but more will be coming down. We're not here to hunt you down, but the Duty base west of here is of interest to them."
"You're risking your own ass, man..." I checked if the Kora was loaded. It was, with a new mag.
"I know. They dont pay me, and I dont buy their bullshit." He smiled and got up. "If you're gonna move - make it quick, nobody's outside for the next few minutes. Otherwise you're gonna be dead in the morning."
"What about you...?" I got up, and the room spun for a few moments.
"Dont worry bout it," he said over his shoulder. "Meet you at the Bar."
I looked over at the other body in the room. "He's dead." Vasek's voice came from the outside, and I followed him. "You better hide..." he whispered as I came out. I heard footsteps coming around the building next to us, and darted for the shadows of the building across. I stayed in complete darkness, as two men walked by Vasek, who acted as if he was on guard and nothing happened. Suddenly, one of them stopped and looked into the house.
"Where's that damn roach?" He yelled and got his rifle ready.
"What happened?" The other man looked over at him.
"He's gone! Told you we shoulda whacked him!" He pointed to where I used to be. I saw no way for this to end well, and took one aimed shot at the man closer to me, to the side of his head. Before his partner realized what just happened, Vasek rifle butted him in the gut, and then over the head, knocking him down. While he was on the ground, I took another shot, putting one through his head as well. Vasek kicked him over, to make sure that he is dead, and started running across to get to the house I was in, as he got dropped with a burst from the side with out even a warning shot just before he got inside. I reached out and grabbed his hand to pull him inside. I quickly looked down the street, just to see a Monolithian good 30 meters away. He yelled something, and started moving up towards us. I checked the pulse on the body in front of me, and didnt feel it. I held my hand over his mouth, and he was not breathing either.
"Shit!" I ran to the back of the building, and jumped out of the only window to take cover behind it.
Before I heard anybody else come up and possibly hear me, I ran to the corner of the building and stopped, looking around it, covered by the shadows. Two more men hustled by, one heading in my direction along the wall. He shined his light right in my eyes, and I had no doubt I've been spotted, so I took four quick shots and switched sides to the next corner of the next structure, and ran around it. I realized I was surrounded when I heard heavy footsteps on the other side, and the man I just shot was taking cover behind the corner behind me, cutting me off. I jumped in the nearest window and took cover behind a stone stove right next to it, using the shadows from the walls to conceal me the best I possibly can from the moonlight and covered the door. One of the Monolithians entered the room as other three circled the building. I unloaded the rest of the rounds in my pistol at him, and ran up to grab his weapon. He carried a TRS, which was a new rifle to me. I grabbed it and stepped out of the door, checking my left immediately, where I heard the steps come from. An exoskeleton wearing silhouette was watching his corner, so I took a few shots in his back while backing up to take cover around the building. All the lead that hit his back did not even phase him, he turned right around and returned fire. I came around and finally put the wounded man limping along the wall out of his misery, and moved up to take his gun. He carried a Chaser 13, which was a weapon Im very familiar with. I grabbed it, and finished clearing around the building, dropping the last man with some nice shotgun work - two shots to the side, and then one to the chest to make sure he's down for good when I came up closer. I had one last problem on my hands. I did not have the fire power to take the last one of them down quickly and safely, and he was coming up on me. I darted to the side, behind a broken down old Niva, and opened fire at him with the TRS. I hit him, and he stumbled around, but kept shooting at me and moving up. I crouched down in fetal position to keep completely covered by the vehicle, and got my shotgun ready. When he got upclose, I blind fired over the hood and nailed him in the stomach, still not coming close to stopping him. He fired right back, again, and hit me in the left arm.
"Ahhh, shit!" I took cover, grabbing the new hole.
I knew he will kill me, unless I find a way to take him out, quickly. I propped the shotgun up on my knees and cocked it back with my good hand. I had one shot at it, and I had to take it sooner or later. I kept low, and darted to my right, getting up close to him, too close for either one of us to prop our guns up and fire. I tried to hit him with the handle of my shotgun, but all I got is kicked over on my back, but it gave me the distance I needed to get ready and fire, before he could. I took aim, and fired my last desperate shot to his face, knocking him over backwards. He did not move after that.
"Ahhh... shit..." I groaned, and got up, leaving my shotgun.
There was a small amount of blood on his face, but his head was back at a good 90 degree angle. The shot must have not killed him, but the recoil of the blast snapped his neck backwards.

I tried to take off from the village as soon as I could, again, not knowing where to go. I started to make a run to collect some shotgun shells, now my Kora, and the TRS with a few magazines. Before I got the TRS ammo I heard Vasek's voice in the distance. I reflexively turned around, and looked where it was coming from. I ran up to his body, but he didnt move. I clearly heard somebody moan. I heard voices from different sides now, calling me.
"Ivan..." I looked around me, panicked, and got my shotgun ready.
"Why... Medic..." A voice came from behind me. I spun around, just to see another dead body with a bullet hole in his head I made with the Kora. I felt like somebody was watching me, yet I was clearly alone.
"Heeelp, meeee..." Now I started running, looking over my shoulder, just to get my foot caught on something. I looked at it, and somebody's hand was on it. I jerked away, and shot the body the hand belonged to. It twitched from the shots, and I got up to sprint again.

8/24/11 03:30----They say everybody has to die. Some of us, maybe more then once. Im back to where I started. I dont know what Im thinking any more. I know Im losing my mind. I need to go, somewhere, get out of this place. Im all alone. Im losing it.

8/24/11 04:00---- Well, maybe everybody does have to die. Well, Im immortal. Why wont I die? I should be dead. Is it luck, or is it my curse to be going through this hell, created by likes of me?
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