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Monolith sniper. (pt 1, possibly not last) )))

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  04:25:44  4 July 2008
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On forum: 03/04/2008
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Awesome, i kinda get it now, i also play airsoft and i use a sniper rifle and i dont even aim down the scope half the time since its off so much, i just point and shoot and if i miss i adjust.
  13:20:36  4 July 2008
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On forum: 02/20/2008
Messages: 127

how can you aim while dual weilding, its always stuck me odd as to how you can possibly know what your shooting at without looking down the sights.
Anyway this storys great keep it up, and do you first play the levle to know what to say and what rooms to talk about, or do you just do it from memory?

It's even easier with real handguns on a range, 'cause when I was screwing around with my two Rugers I doubled them and I could watch where they were hitting and adjust.

It's also worth mentioning that some people have an uncanny ability to tell where their gun is pointing.

Of course, Odysseus, if your gun shoots off when you aim through the scope then you should go through the time to try and sight it.

More on track now: I liked it!
  23:13:49  10 July 2008
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your local metalhead


On forum: 08/08/2007
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A soft, low howling sound right over my shoulder broke the perfect silence. I grabbed both pistols off the sink, and whipped half way around, leaning my back on the wall next to me in a crouched position. It was too dark to see anything, and I could barely make out the pistols in my extended arms. There was nothing to be see. An eerie, steady beep came from behind me again. Now I knew it was only my imagination. There could not possibly be anything behind me. Yet, the sound resembling a flat line kept rining in my ears. I fired a shot into the dark room, and the bang from the shot being fired made any other sounds go away. The flash lit up the room for split second, and it was enough to see that there was nothing else there. I put the guns down by my sides, and turned the night vision device back on. I rescanned the room, and there was nothing out of the ordinary. If you consider empty locker rooms in the middle of nowhere underground research facilities an every daything, that is. I walked into the locker room, and checked around it. There was only a military uniform hanging on an open locker door. I saw a vest and a helmet were inside, with padded woodland camuflage pants hanging up, when I walked over to take a closer look. The vest looked thicker, and had mag pouches on it, so I figured it'd perform better then my current Stalker suit. It seemed like it'd offer better protection, and I would not have to reach into my combat pack on my back ever time I needed a new magazine. I took off my armor and rubber insulation off, feeling cold air around, which was somewhat a relief, and put on the vest over my blood and sweat soacked shirt, and strapped the helmet on. I felt free. There was no more rubber and plastic insulation covering my whole body, and the vest was tight around my chest and torso. The much heavier armor felt almost good. I put my night vision device back on, and kept searching the room. Minutes later, I came up on a AK-74 rifle, with a Kostyer underslug grenade launcher attached to it, which was the perfect find to compliment the new body armor. A grenade was already loaded, and two extra magazines were sitting next to it. I dumped out the contents of my pack on the concrete and picked out all I needed - the F1 grenades, and put them on my vest along with the magazines and picked up the AK.

All I kept was the Kora and the holster, leaving all my other gear behind. Now I was ready to keep moving. I took the hallway out of the room, and headed deeper into the compound, when I saw a large group heading towards me, shuffling their feet on the ground. I reflexively ducked, and opened fire. First man in line took a burst to the chest, and hit the floor. "One, two, ..." I tried to count the attackers as I was firing and falling back with bullets flying overhead. "...Fuck it!" I moved my left hand to the trigger and pulled it, sending a package out of the launcher. It followed by a deafning blast, and a bright flash, sending bodies into the air. I realized there is nowhere to go, and no cover within reach, as a bullet hit me directly in the chest punching right through the armor. I stumbled to my side, and fell to ground, firing away, now proned. I took out two more men with well-placed bursts, and heard the dry click of the hammer accompanied by my heart jumping out of my chest. There were still three of them heading towards me, and I had an empty magazine and no cover. I saw no way for it to go well, even though they were fairly far and could not shoot too well. I jumped up, hit the mag release, and reached to my chest for a new one while trying to run back, just to get stopped by the sharp pain in my chest, and completely shut down by another bullet striking me in the back, knocking me back to the ground. This time, however, it did not penetrate my armor. I fell to my knees, finished reloading, and turned around to return fire. I fired a burst, and then another, realizing Im in no shape to shoot. I planted one foot on the ground, and propped my left elbow on the knee for better stability. Two of them stopped shooting, trying to reload their guns, and the third got dropped by my next burst. I took aim at the man next to him. A bright light followed by complete darkness.

Pitch black. No sensation, no smell, no sound. No nothing. I try to move, but I cant. Im starting to get scared, but I dont really feel fear. What just happened...? There's music playing. "...the jury is coming..." I move my head side to side, not willingly. I remember now. "...coming, to tear me apart..." I was here before. Im laying flat on my back on the couch. Table on my left. "...all this bitching and moaning..." My 444 Raging Bull on it, and a pack of Parliament. I reach over and take a cigarette. "...come on its on..." With out knowing, I reach out again and take a lighter out of the pack, and light it. "...Im, trapped in this world..." I take a drag, and prop my arm up on my side, "...lonely and fading..." I've been here before. "...heartbroke and waiting..." I hate this night. "...for you to come..." Memories seem to stick. "...we, are stuck in this world..." I need to get out. "...thats not meant for me...". "...for me...".

"Just get 'im outta here!" Another, unfamiliar voice comes from over me, followed by gun fire. "Go, go, go!"
I barely open my eyes, and see two men in the darkness, draging me along. "Clear!" another voice came from above me.
"Alright, get him up."
"Goddamn it..."
I was half conscious at the moment. Somebody must have picked me up and thrown me over his shoulder.
"Get that gun."
The fire was getting more and more distant, turning into a distant rattle, until eventually I could not hear it all. Suddenly, a bright light blinded me. I got dropped on the floor on my back.
"Hey!" Somebody slapped me on the helmet, "look at me!"
"Look at me, goddamn it!"
I opened my eyes and saw a man in a red and black uniform crouching over me. I felt pain right over my left ear, in my chest and neck, and my whole body was numb "Good. Lift up your head," he pushed the back of my head up, took my helmet off and put it down. "Hold still."
He straightened my neck, and applied a bandage to my head. While he was busy, I tried to look around. "Hold still, damn it!" He forced my head into place. Few minutes later, he was done.
"Can you talk?" Now there were two of them standing over me. Both wearing the same uniforms.
I tried to nod.
"Dont move I tell you!" the first man, on my left told me again.
"Can you talk?" The other asked me, again, in a harsh voice.
"Uhhh...." I could not make out either man's face, blinded by the light above me.
"Ok... what's your name, soldier?" He asked again.
"Im... not..." I was still trying to make sense of what happened.
"Do you remember your name?" the man on my right continued.
"I? Dont know..."
"Yeah, he's a bad case. Surprised he's alive to begin with." a voice came from my left. "Check this out..."
He held up my helmet and handed it over.
"Wow... Be dead if the angle was more direct."
"Do you know how this happened?" He held my helmet infront of me.
It had a tear along the left side, right above where my ear would have been.
"No... Hold on," I tried to lift my head and take a closer look.
"Dont! Move!" The same voice stopped me, he sounded frustrated now, and a hand held my head down. "How many times do I gotta tell you? Goddamn it!"
"I think his neck might be broken, too." He clarified it to who Im guessing was his superior.
"Can you move him?"
"Yeah, not on foot though."
"Ok, well, we are getting picked up either way. Take him to the base in Agroprom, and they will figure it out."
"Got it," he walked off, holding a radio in his hand.
"Is he gonna live, sir?" Another voice came into the conversation.
"I think so," The commanding officer replied still crouching over me.
"Good. Almost got my ass shot draggin him outta there..." he paused for a second, "the Army better be thankful."
"Got a bad concussion here. Can't get anything out of him," they kept talking back and forth, as I was fading into the unconscious world.
"Ok, get him ready for an air lift," I heard somebody say in the distance as I blacked out again.
  07:10:49  12 July 2008
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On forum: 03/04/2008
Messages: 50
Love it, its supprising when you think how far this guys gone, and what was the military doing in Yantar? Where they just trying to clear it all out, like with the helicopters in the air, aww well i guess ill have to be patient.

Oh and Alaskan, ive tried sighting it and its always off, ive maxed it out, trying to sight it, the closest ive gotten was about half a foot off the target and thats as far as ive gotten it.
  12:30:58  14 July 2008
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your local metalhead


On forum: 08/08/2007

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07/14/2008 12:43:06
Messages: 1983
red and black uniforms? thats Duty, lol.

and, if you play the game, you see quite a few dead soldiers around Yantar. Neways, as far as I planned the story, its pretty much over. unless I can come up with something else. But I dont think I can think of a better ending then the one I got in mind right now.

neways, thanks

edit: hey, about your gun - try propping it up on something and firing, with no wind preferably. see if it hits consistently around the same area. with in an inch at about 80 yards should be expected accuracy for a decent sniper rifle.

if it doesnt, here are what could be wrong with it:
1) your hop up is fucked out of condition,
2) too low FPS,
3) bad barrel (if you got a floating barrel)
4) something with the firing mechanism and it does not shoot consistently at the same FPS

if it does, here are things you should consider:
1) wind,
2) bullet drop over range,
3) low grade bb's
4) scope mount is loosy

btw, can you give me some info about your gun? I think I might be able to help you, cause I used to be my squad's marksman until I got replaced by a better one. things like make, model, FPS, operation (springer, electric, gas, blow back or not)
  22:10:38  15 July 2008
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your local metalhead


On forum: 08/08/2007

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07/15/2008 22:13:36
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Two guys picked me up and carried me out of the complex, towards the rattle of a helicopter engine, up the ramp, and put me in the seat in between them. Once the rest of the casualties - two more wounded Dutiers were put inside, we took off, and the rest of the team stayed behind.

"Here," the short guy on my right handed me my rifle, after taking off his mask. "How'd you get here?"
"Im not sure..."
"Heh, didnt think you'd know," he kept talking.
He must have been a new recruit, and looked no older then 20. He must have been the smallest guy I've seen in the Zone, as the suit was obviously twice his size.
"Name's Rat, by the way."
"Ivan," I replied and shook his hand. It was the first name that popped into my head.
"We will drop you off at the base, I think they will know what to do with you," he kept talking. "Should be no more then five minutes flight time from here."
"What base?"
"At Agroprom."
I didnt say anything. I remember there being a base somewhere around Garbage. This might have been it. The rest of the flight was in complete silence. I was interrupted in my thought by the helicopter starting to descent, and later touching down in an empty field. The ramp opened to reveal a group of six soldiers, two of them medics running up to the helicopter.
"Come on, get out," Rat pushed my shoulder hinting me to get up.
I walked out quietly, and the medics went inside the Hind.
"You guys ok, need anything?"
"No, we should be fine."
I could not hear the rest of the conversation.
"Welcome back, soldier," one of the men on the ground said as I walked out, still dazed.
I thought Im best off acting as one of them, and saluted.
"Follow me to the infirmary," he turned around and headed into the base.
I followed him, as all others stayed back to wait for the medics, and came with us too. Few minutes later, a medic sat me on a bunk and checked my neck again, then had me lay down and checked something again.
"You'll live buddy," he said finally.
"Is this him?" I heard as I as trying to sit up.
"Yes, sir."
I looked up and saw two men - one in an officer's uniform, and the one who showed me to the infirmary, wearing gear similar to mine.
"What is your unit?" He asked me.
"I dont know."
"Where the rest of them?"
"I dont know," I thought it'd be best off to play along with the concussion.
"Did you get his tags or PDA?" He asked the soldier standing next to him now.
"Negative, sir."
"Ok... Can either one of you tell me anything?" He was moving his eyes between the two of us.
"No, sir," the soldier replied right away.
"No..." I followed up after a pause.
"Ok, let him rest for today, and see what information we can get from Vornonin's men." He told the soldier. "If we cant get him to snap out of it by tomorrow, send him to the hospital with the rest of the casualties."
"Yes, sir!" The soldier saluted and walked out of the room.
  21:48:40  21 July 2008
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your local metalhead


On forum: 08/08/2007
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"This way," the medic hinted me to follow him.
We went through a few corridors, to a large room, with a few dozen beds, lined up along both walls. The floor was blood stained in places, baskets of dirty laundry were set in a corner, waiting for somebody to take them. The room smelled like some sort of medicine, covered by the taste of burnt air from the heating. Almost all of the beds were occupied by wounded soldiers. I decided to write something in my log, just to keep my self occupied for a while. It did not last very long, however, until I passed out.

8/28/11 20:30 ----

Most cases were gunshot wounds, but a few of them stood out. I was put next to one of them. His head was bandaged all around, as to where you could not even see his face, and he had deep cuts on his chest and right arm, staining the bandages and showing their shape. He kept saying something, over and over. I could not make out anything he said, however, as he was covering his face with his good hand pretty much the whole time. There were occasional murmurs here and there, as multiple quiet conversations were going on all around the room. A group four guys formed on the other side of me. Two of them were in their beds, one missing his leg almost all the way up to his knee. The other two could move around - one of them was a medic looking over the guy with the missing limb, and the other was a soldier with what looked like three gunshot wounds to the chest, and could move around on crutches. They formed a circle with a stool in the middle, and were playing cards. I tried to ignore the smell as much as possible, and soon was half conscious. It was a really well needed rest, for once in a warm room on a somewhat comfortable bunk. But most of all, the conversations going on in the room made for the calming atmosphere. It was comforting to know there are people around who will not try to kill me at any moment. The guys next to me invited me to join them, but gave up soon as I could not stay awake for more then five minutes at a time.

8/29/11 09:00 ----

The only time I woke up from my comatose state was for the morning rations. Apparently I have missed it in the evening. Either that, or nobody bothered to spend much time to try to wake me up. Soon after, the word came - all of us were to be transferred to a hospital outside of the Zone. I was questioned again, but with out any better results.

9/29/11 10:30 ----

We are all loaded onto a truck. I, once again, end up by the three guys who were next to me playing cards. They seem like a bunch of friendly fellas. Very rare for our time. And especially this place. I thik I will join them for the ride.

9/29/11 11:30 ----

Still on the trucks. Its raining pretty bad, and even though the visibility is not the greatest I think we are more or less safe on the convoy., yeah, thats what happened. As far as I know," I told the skinny, tall man next to me, who was surprisingly tanned and healthy-looking for the conditions we were in.
"No way, man. Wow, thats something hard to believe," the long haired, large built guy with the missing leg said. "I heard something about this... and the guy called Strelok. Wonder who it is..."
"I dont know. I dont think we will ever know," I replied. "Im not even sure what this place is all about. You got another cigarette?"
"Yeah, right here," he handed me his pack and a box of matches.
"Well, thats my story..." I lit the cigarette and took a deep drag.
  08:02:02  5 August 2008
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Mr. Mutant
Senior Resident

On forum: 08/04/2008

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Mr. Mutant
08/05/2008 23:35:39
Messages: 210
wow. this story owned . So the military guys picked him upu because he had a military suit on right?
Also I love the amount of detail and realism in how people get shot.
  21:14:48  17 August 2008
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On forum: 05/09/2007
Messages: 79
Interesting that he got shot in the extremities so many times and just shrugged it off. Guess that was because of the partial zombification he underwent? Anyway, good story. Took me a moment to realize Duty was giving him to the military because of the uniform. To be honest I actually expected him to end up being recruited by the military and becoming a military stalker, but I like this ending, he finally leaves the zone, and achieves peace at last.... YAY! And then the truck hits an anomoly and they all die! That would just be sad.
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