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Patch 1.3003, not sure if these are bugs or not.

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  11:54:10  19 September 2014
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09/19/2014 12:49:28
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Patch 1.3003, not sure if these are bugs or not.

First things first, this patch is a great improvment. Almost not CTD and the few I had were after more than 6 hours of continuos gameplay. Congratulations to the dev team.

I found several things that may not be bugs but ...

-Retrieving Lukash' machine. There is no option in the menu to return the machine. I found that I had other objective set as primary (retrieve Nomad belongins) and when changed again to Lukash mission the dialog worked as expected.

-Bought a SSP-99M (better stats than SEVA and 2kg less??), ask Skinflint to modify it, now it appears as the Duty SEVA in my inventory but have the SSP-99M attributes and looks like the SSP-99M in third person view.

-Revolver pistols (at least the three I found so far) not degrading over time and use. Can't repair them either.

And not a bug, but strange:

-Is Barkeep (secretly) a secret trader? At Prypiat outskirts, he sometimes sell Black kite's, FT-200m (which I believed it is only attainable at the end of the game through a sidequest) and non-standar suits.

About the non-standar suits, barkeep sells:
SKAT-9M, 10KG, 35999~36000RU
Military Armored Suit, 12KG, 119999~120000RU
Look the same, same description, same attributes.

Soldier suit and Berill-5M armored suit, different weight, price and stats also look the same. Until this point I believed that there is only one type of armor and the variations are unique or upgraded versions, but Barkeep have them regularly in stock, so ... not unique anymore?

EDIT: Just found that the problem with the SSP-9M was already in the bug thread.
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