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Call Of The Zone

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  01:28:04  24 June 2009
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On forum: 06/23/2009
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Nice story! looknig forward to Part 4
  19:51:20  26 May 2009
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Average Joe - Used to be Jamie1992


On forum: 03/16/2008

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05/26/2009 19:51:57
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Not had alot of time to write what with RL being a bitch, but here is what i have.

***Chapter 3: Mysterious workings***

I woke up to Lev muttering to himself, i opened one eye and he was pacing back and forth mumbling. "Lev, what are you doing?" "Sorry Vitik, i was just thinking out loud, sorry." "What is the time?" "About 6:30 in the morning." "Damn Lev, couldn't you have woke me a bit later." I pulled myself up and out of bed, reached under my bed grabbed my rifle and my pack, slung the pack on my back, and the rifle around my shoulder, and left the pistol under my pillow, i slowly wondered outside and saw Sergy. "Hey Sergy, come here a sec." He turned to me, and then quickly turned away and partialy jogged away. I thought it was odd, but there we go. The base tannoy came on. "All squad commanders report to the office building immediatly." I walked in with the other 3-4 commanders.

The "Boss" was sat in his chair smoking. "Good you are all here, ok listen up." Just after he said that he flicked his Cigarette away towards a corner of the room and stood up. "Im looking for a small squad to go on a small Man hunt mission, the pay is good, but the location is quite the opposite of nice." I quickly enquired what the mission consisted of. "What does this Manhunt consist of exactly, and where abouts is it?" "Ah Vitik, always eager, maybe you could take your squad, the job is this, a few weeks ago a small recon squad was sent to pripyat, they were sent there to investigate some reports from Stalkers about Military people like us, except in blue uniforms, and they are carrying western block weapons, anyway long story short i need a squad to go to the last known posistion and link up with that recon team, and try to find out what the hell is going on, what you say Vitik, feel up to it?" "Im not sure Commander, i know nothing about pripyat, or of much of anything around here." "Ok let me give you an overview, Pripyat, is the closest city to the NPP, its a huge city, was abandoned during the Chernobyl incident, over 50,000 residents were evacuated, and now it is just full of Stalkers and other such people, there are a few military outposts in Pripyat, so if you go, you will have a place to sleep and so forth, but i warn you, the conditions there are very harsh."

"Tell you what, if you provide me and my squad with food and water, and a helicopter to drop us off there, i will search for your squad." "Good man Vitik, ill have a Heli arrive to take you later today, go see Valery, he has a food cabinet, tell him what you need, and then meet me outside barracks in a couple hours for drop off." "Valery can you pile me and my squad with food, we are going on a manhunt in Pripyat, need to stock up." "Sure, tell you men to take what they want, come with me quickly Vitik." I followed Valery into a little room, what seemed like a little weapon workshop. "Vitik i want to show you something." He walked over to a table with a cloth on it, there was something under it due to the shape under the cloth, he pulled it back and laying on the table was a SVD or the Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova as its fullname is said, its was beautiful, wooden, varnished, cleaned, mint condition. "Now Vitik, i refurbished this weapon from a broken rusty SVD that was found by another returning squad from Pripyat, i want you to take this rifle, and i hope it brings you luck in that crazy ass place, your gonna need it." "Valery, i do not understand, why are you giving me this?" "As i said Vitik, you will need it, i have been to Pripyat and i can assure you its not pretty, please take this gun." He wrapped it in a small camo net sheet, and pushed it against my chest, i grabbed it and he then opened a small trunk next to the table and pulled out a large ammo box.

"In here are rounds for that rifle, i have no clips except the one that is in that weapon, so you will need to refill that one clip each time you need to reload." he slid the box across the floor, i closed the box and put it in my backpack, i handed him my old rifle, and put the SVD on my back. "Im not sure how to thank you Valery." "You need not thank me, just bring me back something intresting, that sound fair?" He gave me a smile and a small nod, and then he lead me back out, my squad had already stocked up on food, i did the same, and went to the barracks and got some more sleep only to be awoken by a Chopper a couple hours later.

Sergy was leant against the wall watching the Mi-26 land, i walked over to him, without him noticing. "Sergy, are you ok?" He jumped out of his skin, he was very pale. "Damn it Vitik, don't sneak up on me." "Sorry Sergy, but you ran away from me this morning." "Yes Vitik im sorry, i got a message from the commander talking about Danil, he wasn't to happy with me, but its not imporant, i hear you're going to pripyat to search for the recon team." "Yes, why don't you tag along if you can Sergy?" The chopper at this point had landed and my squad was aboard. "Im sorry Vitik, it is not for me, i will never set foot in that city again." "Again?" "Yes Vitik, just be careful out there ok?" "VITIK! come on already lets go!." I never knew Lev could shout so loud. Sergy walked off, and i ran up and got into the chopper, and took a seat.

As the helicopter took off i remembered that i had been given a package to open when i arrived here, i opened my pack and took it out and opened it up. It was a wooden box, very old, quite heavy also, i opened it up and inside laying in the red velvet, was possibly one of the largest handgun i have ever seen, it was a Taurus Raging Bull .454, i know what it was because my father used to have one, it brought back alot of memorys, alot of bad memorys aswell with it, i closed the box and stuck it back inside my pack, i hate chopper rides so i laid my head back and went to sleep.

I was awoken by the pilot over the speakers shouting at us to buckle up and hold on tight. I looked out the window, and this city was massive, alot of fires, lights, and you could even see the tracers of bullets being shot here and there. The sound of bullets hitting metal rang out very close to us, it wasn't until a couple of rounds went through the chopper door that i realised someone was shooting at us. "God damn it." Taras shouted. "Hold on tight guys gonna be a rough landing." The pilot - give him his dues got us down, with abit of a bump but we were down. "Get out come on time is money." We all grabbed our stuff and hopped out the pilot wasted no time in taking back off. The sound of gunfire echoed out now and then. A couple of military troops ran up to us. "Follow us." They lead us to a small building inside was a spiral staircase leading down to a basement, and a large steel door, he opened it up and inside was a small military base i suppose you could call it.

The door slammed close. The soldier took his helmet off and rubbed his eyes. "Let me introduce myself, im Anton and im the officer of this small military outpost in this incredibly huge hellhole, now tell me what brings you here, we heard gun fire, and scouts reported a chopper, military, so knew you were freindly." "Im Vitik, this is my squad, tell me, do you know of any recon squads around here close by?" "Nope can't say that i have, why?" "Well we are on duty here to find and meet up with a recon squad that has disappered from Radio Contact." "Well Vitik, i am not aware of any such Recon teams, however, if you need, there are a couple of free beds here, a small bar, and if you feel like making some money talk to Cold, he will have some jobs you can do for cash."
  04:07:36  15 May 2009
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Cake Muncher


On forum: 01/08/2009
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Good one Jamie, waiting for part 3.
  02:40:16  15 May 2009
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Average Joe - Used to be Jamie1992


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05/15/2009 2:45:28
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***Chapter 2: Danil***

I stepped outside of the warehouse, with my new weapon in hand, Valery came out in a rush. "Vitik wait a second, you forgot the ammo for the weapons, ill give you 5 clips for each, that should be plenty for now." He handed me the clips, along with a backpack and ran back inside, i just rolled my eyes and shook my head and smiled, i piled the clips into the backpack, and loaded one into my new rifle. I slung the rifle on my pack, and put the pistol into the pack and hung it over the other shoulder, i looked on the back of my order sheet, and i was apprently going on patrol to the local stalker camp to meet a guy name Sidrovich i had to go to the barracks and meet up with a fellow called Sergy, he was the other soldier that was going on patrol with me, i was expecting some high ranking sergeant or something, but i walked in and it was another officer.

"Sergy?" "Ah you must be Vitik, lets go shall we its only a few minuites walk up the road." We walked out the barracks and began to walk up the cracked concrete road, up the hill. "Sergy who is Sidrovich?" "Hes the Cordon Trader, well aside from Valery, ofcourse Sid is a lets say Netrual Party, why do you ask?" "Well my order sheet tells me i have to check on the village and talk to Sidrovich." "Ah ok, i guess that makes sense, turn left by the way." We turned and walked down a small little slope, and was greeted by a bloke in a bright brown leather jacket.

"Morning Sergy, and whos this?" "This is Vitik, one of the new commanders of soldiers that shipped in." "He looks Green." "Control your freind Sergy." He gave me an odd look when i said that. He pushed past the - what i have come to know them as - stalker, and i followed, a faint voice followed from the stalker. Долбоеб - Fuckhead. Sergy turned round and smacked him clean in the nose with the butt of his rifle, the stalker fell down and Sergy stood over him and shouted: Жопа - Asshole, Whilst repeatedly smashing the butt of his rifle into his face. "SERGY STOP!" I grabbed him and pulled him away and dropped him to the floor. "What the fuck are you doing Sergy?" He stood up and dusted off his uniform and picked his rifle back up off the floor and slung it on his back, he walked away towards the rest of the stalkers looking in amazment.

I went over to the stalker on the floor, he was pretty much dead, his face was completely smashed in, blood everwhere. I turned around and shouted. "You killed him Sergy." He ignored me. "Sergy DO NOT ignore me!" I ran over to him he was leaning against the wall with his hands head down towards the floor. "Please Vitik, save me the speech, i've had it before." I walked away and saw another stalker, diffrent from the rest, he was sat on a old crate, with his Ak sat by his side, and smoking a Cigarette. I walked over to him and introduced myself.

"Im Vitik." He looked up and with his left hand took the Cigarette out his mouth and with a heavy voice he replyed. "They call me Wolf, i look after this camp best i can, if i don't help these rookies, they will end up dead, you need to control your freind, hes out of control, don't worry about the body, ill have my boys clean that up, im guessing your looking for Sidrovich, end of the village, theres a bunker staircase, go down there, you will find him inside." "Cheers Wolf." I walked to the end of the village and sure enough there was a bunker like staircase leading down, a large flickering light hung above the huge steel door.

I pulled on the large steel handle of the door and wrenched it open, inside was a fat bold man, receding hairline, moustache, grey hair. "Sidrovitch im guessing?" "Yes, ah you're Vitik, good to see you, listen i have an offcial complaint maybe you can deal with it?" "What do you mean exactly?" "Well theres a stalker in the vehicle station down the road, hes been selling shoddy goods and spreading it as if hes selling it on my behalf, gone off food, all that stuff, i need him sorted and fast, ill pay well." "I do not have any orders for that Sid." "Bullshit, you army boys don't care about orders, your get one mission when you arrive and then your left on your own to survive, think of it like this Vitik, you sort out this stalker and ill pay you, you can then use that money for food, water, medicine, whatever you need, or you can leave here, and be skint, going hungry and thristy, the choice is yours."

"What is his name, and how am i meant to sort him out?" "Ah a wise choice, his name is Danil, how you sort him out is up to you, i would prefer him dead to be honest, however a you can be creative if you wish, haha." "Whats the payment?" "Straight to money i see, fair enough, how about 3000 Roubles?" Wow, 3000 Roubles, i snapped at the oppertunity. "Sounds perfect, ill return in a bit once i have sorted him out." "Excellent, i will eagerly await your return." I went back outside and back to find Sergy, he was talking to Wolf. "Sergy you ready to go, we are making a detour to the vehicle station." He grabbed his stuff and started to follow me, i could see the carpark from the top of the slope, so i walked over the road and across the small bridge and down the enbankment.

We came up to what seemed like a little gatehouse into the station, it was completly empty and quiet, i couldn't see anyone. "Sergy search around, see if you can see anyone." We both split up and wondered around the station, i came across a body in a pool of blood. A chance to get some food maybe, regardless i searched the body, found about 90 Roubles, and took his backpack and emptied it onto the floor, nothing in there except a blanket and some kind of trinket. Regardless i grabbed the blanket and stuffed it into my pack. "Vitik, come with me." Sergy whispered, he led me to a little building outside in the station area, he pointed up towards a ladder. "Theres someone up there." I raised my rifle and climbed up really slow as not to startle or wake what seemed to be a sleeping stalker.

I got to the top and knelt down next to him. "Danil?" He rolled over and let out a heavy sigh. "What do you military boys want from me?" "We need to talk Danil, i been sent by Sid." "What! Woah listen, whatever hes paying you, ill double it if you leave me alive." 6000 Roubles, a tidy sum, but i don't want to make enemys with Sidrovich, he seems like a very influental person. "Keep your money Danil, you need to stop trading in Sids name." "And what if i don't?" "Well i guess ill just have to put a 9x19 round into your knees, how does that sound?" "You lie!" I pulled my pack from my back and pulled out my MP-446 and loaded a clip into it and cocked it and took the saftey off. "Sergy, come here and hold his legs." Sergy flew up the ladder and quickly pinned him down. I put the barrel to one of his knees. "Are you gonna stop Danil?" "Fuck you!" I squeezed the trigger and a shot ran out, the recoil of the pistol was pretty strong, and the slide had cut my hand where it ran across as i wasn't used to the recoil. He let out a loud scream. "Danil all you have to do is promise to stop, and keep your promise otherwise ill come back." "You shot me man, you shot me, what the hell."

"Shut up and listen to him Danil." Sergy shouted. I put the barrel against his other knee. "Now one more chance, otherwise this knee goes aswell, are you gonna stop?" "YES man, yes ill stop please, don't shoot me anymore please." "Good man, now you're gonna have to pay for a new clip give me your money." He handed over a stack of notes. "Lets go Sergy, we are done here, lets get back to Sid."

"Ah Vitik, how did it go?" "He's sorted Sid, he won't be tarnising your reputation anymore." Sid stood up and lent under his desk, he pulled up a small wad of notes. "Ah man i can't tell you how happy i am, come back if you ever need work, i have many jobs for a guy like you." I grabbed the cash and stuffed it into my pack with the rest i got off Danil. Me and Sergy wondered back towards the base, the rest of my squad were sat outfront next to a old rusted out BTR. "Sergy you go in, ill speak to you soon." I went over to my squad.

"Hey, umm, listen i never really had a chance to introduce myself, my name is Vitik Cross, i have something for you all." I took out the small stack that Sid gave me, and split it between the 4 of them. 750 Roubles each "I know its not alot, but i would be better off knowing my squad isn't going to go hungry tonight." We all sat there for almost the rest of the day talking i got to know them all very well. The youngest mans name was Taras, the eldest was Lev, and the 2 mid 20's guys were called Oleksy and Mykyta. Great guys, i got to know them, why they enrolled for the military, all that, was nice to know the people i would be in control over for the next god knows how long.

Taras lead me to the barracks and showed us our assigned bunks, which i wasn't here to find out about. "Cheers Taras.", i set my backpack to the side of my bed, and laid my rifle against it, and my pistol under my pillow. I pulled out the small stack that i stole off Danil and counted it, 1000 Roubles. It was late night, i need rest, i put the money back into my pack, and pushed it under my bed, and put the rifle under my bed with it, i laid down on the bed and closed my eyes, i could hear the crows flying around and the wind howl.

I good first day in the Zone, but what will day 2 hold?
  01:46:50  15 May 2009
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Cake Muncher


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The title reminds me of "Call of Pripyat" lol.

Anyways, going to read it after playing L4D.
  00:34:19  15 May 2009
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Average Joe - Used to be Jamie1992


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Call Of The Zone

Yep thats right, im writing a story, this is what i got so far.

Let me know what you think - ill keep adding to it as i go along.

"Man Made Hell" the 3 words used to describe the Zone, the creation of the zone is both good and bad, on the one hand you have the good side, the new research and new findings, the bad side, the people who leave behind the open and free world to live and scavange in the zone, everyone has their reasons for going to the zone, some go for the money, some go to escape the life they have elsewhere in the "Normal" world, some go because they have lost everything else they had, and look for a new place to find comfort and peace in, the Zone may not be a idea of peace, but to some it represents just that, a symbol of nature taking over from humans, where humans can be helpless to what has become of nature, a monstrous perversion of nature can be defined in so many senses, theres no real way to explain the Zone, other than to view it from your own eyes, and see the horror that it holds.

Name: Vitik Cross
Age: 23
Occupation: None
Date: 23/10/2011

"You can't just worm your way out of this Vitik, you owe us, we have gave you long enough to pay up, tell ya what, im a nice guy, ill give you 2 more days to get the money, if you don't deliver, well ill take your life as payment, which will be a shame, you see i like you, but im just doing my job." *Dial Tone*

I walk over to the cabinet and pull out a bottle of the stiff stuff, i grab my flask and fill it up, and take a sip from the bottle, before doing up the cap on the flask and putting it in my pocket and the bottle back into the cabinet and shut it, its gonna be a long night, i gotta find this money, or im dead, i know a person who owes me a favour, maybe its time to call up on him, see what hes at. I pick up the phone and dial in his number and wait for the ring.

*Ringing noise followed by a light thunk*


"Hey its Vitik, listen, i need your help, i need some money and before you say no, just remember what i did for you"

".........Fine, meet me at mine in about an hour, how much do you need exactly?"

"About 10 thousand rubles"

*Dead line*

I put the phone down, grab my coat and my other things, lock up, and leave, i close the door, and check it to make sure its shut and locked properly with a hard push and tug and twist on the handle, i start walking down the road to the Bus Stop at the bottom of my street, the light above the stop gleams down in the pavement and the beat up bus shelter.

I pat my pockets to double check i have my things, a gentle rumble comes closer as the bus nears the stop, i reach into my coat and pull out my wallet, a loud hiss comes from the bus as it stops infront, its doors open and i walk up to the driver, give him the money, and walk to the back of the bus and sit down, the driver pulls off, its gonna take awhile to get where im going, so i lay my head down and close my eyes, the driver shouts out when the stop is coming up anyway, so i should wake up ok when we get there.

"Hey!....buddy its the end of the line"

I struggle up to my feet and walk towards the front of the bus, rubbing my eyes, and again checking my pockets and looking back where i was sat to make sure i left nothing behind, i get off and my stop is straight ahead is Lenechka's house, a old derelict place, with a huge wooden door, i knock twice and wait for a reply, the door slowly creaks open followed by a voice. "Hurry up and get in" as i cross the threashold of the door he slams it shut, almost catching me in it.

"Whats wrong?"

He grabs me by the arm and drags me into a small room. "Nothing, look here is the money, i dont care why you need it, just take it and go quickly" I briskly ask "What the hell is wrong...whats going on?"

A loud banging at the door rings out and then a small gap of silence before the next burst of banging on the door.

"Oh shit, Vitik you need to get out of here now" "Why?" i ask. His face full of terror he shouts. "Just fucking go now will you, do as i say for christ sake" He grabs my wrist, turns my hand, puts the money in my hand and points towards the back door, i look over at the door and look back at him, he sighs and pushes me towards the door, the banging at the front door has stopped. "Look Vitik, you're a great guy, and im glad to have known you, but its best if you never saw me again, for your own good"

I open the door, and look out.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going?" A hard pain goes around my face, and a loud crack sound comes from my jaw, i fall down and clutch my face and i drop the money without thinking.

"Well well look at this, You helping Vitik pay off his debt Lenechka? do you remember what we spoke about awhile ago hmm?"

"I do yes, but im just helping Vitik out, you have to understand please."

The pain starts to die away to only a hard throbing sensation, i unclasp my face and look at Lenechka who is stood there shaking, i look over to the door and see Roman, the "Bill Collector", the one i was on the phone to earlier.

"Now Vitik, i know i said id give you time to get the money, but i said YOU had to get the money, not letting others pay your debt" He leans down and grabs the money i dropped, and then walks back out the door, i start to pass out and only faintly hear him say that i have another 24 hours to get the money by myself.

I wake up cold in Lenechka's kitchen on the floor back door open, birds chirping and the sun pushing rays through the holes in the curtain in the door window, i force myself up and look around for Lenechka, but he seems to be gone, i walk outside and close his backdoor, its his problem if his house is robbed, im guessing he ran off somewhere, that or hes upstairs, in anycase, i don't care, i just gotta get out of here, i walked into town and there was a military officer in old WW2 Russian Camo Fatigues, he was handing out some odd flyers of some sort, so i walked over and decided to check it out, he handed me one and said nothing.

The flyer had a lower leg and waist, or atleast one leg and the other missing, with some crutches on either side and a blue army hat on the floor with coins in it, and russian writing.

россня, не забввай своих героев, чужого горя не бывает. - Russia, Don't forget your heroes, Unshared tragedies do not exist.

It had an addresse on it, the recruitment building, a though went through my mind, what if i join the military, not only would i escape this godforsaken place, but i don't have anything to leave behind, so what does it matter.

I walked down to the block where the recruitment building was and walked in, and waited in line and followed it along, i got to the desk and the officer stood up and walked around me, looked me up and down with a menacing look, turned to one of the privates and nodded at him, the private came over grabbed my arm and pulled me into a side room, inside were a couple other people, one was a eldery bloke, not to old, maybe mid 40's, a couple of young 20 somethings and a young 18 year old.

A older Officer walked into the room, and closes the door, a well built fellow, large muscular build, strong face, about 6ft, regardless he came in, looked around the room, pulled the radio from off his waist and said "Send them up."

A few men opened the door holding a large metal silver trunk, and set it down, the officer walked over to the trunk and dismissed the other men, he opened it up and inside were some large bags.

He laid them out on the huge table in the middle, and told us to wait, he walked out the door closing it after him, we all looked at each other and then looked at the bags, the youngest lad went over to one of the bags and peeked inside, turned to us and said "Its a uniform, and they all have numbers on them."

The door rattled and opened, the young lad jumped up and moved from the table, and stood with a guilty face, the officer walked in along with a highly ranked commander, and laid some documents on the table, the commander stood at the table, as the officer walked out the room, and then came back in with a chair, he set it next to the table and the commander sat down and started looking at the top document on the pile.

"Vitik Cross, nice strong name, 23 years young hey?, i see you spent some time in prison, for assault, i guess we could use a guy like you, a violent type, troubled past, makes it all the better in the field, one question, why are you wanting to join the military?"

I had to think of a reason, i couldn't exactly say i was hiding from Gangsters due to debt, but i had it.

"I wanna enroll in the military, as i want to become a man, i want adventure, i want experiance, i want to start afresh, and give something back to the country i was born and raised in"

The commander pulled a face, as if he was almost impressed by what i had said.

"Vitik, i can see we are gonna get along very well, on the table are some bags, on those are numbers, grab bag 3, and follow the officer."

I grabbed the bag and followed the officer, he led me to a changing room, i went in and put the bag down, i opened it and turned it upside down and emptyed it on the little stool infront of me, a uniform, and a metal gas mask, i put on the uniform and leave the gasmask off, but kept hold of it in my hand and walked out the room.

The officer took me back to the room and i saw the commander stood on his own.

"Ah good Vitik, if you wait a second ill breif you all, when the others come back in, but first i belive you have the ability to lead people, so you shall be the highest ranking of the 5 of you."

The door opens up and the other 4 walk in dressed in their uniforms.

"Ah good the commander said, listen up, this is Vitik, come here Vitik." i walked over and turned and stood by the commanders side.

"Vitik here will be squad commander, there will be no military training, mainly because you aren't going into the frontlines, you are infact going to Ukraine, you will not be coming back until your mission is complete, or you come back in a body bag, that clear, now you will be taken and dropped off at Cordon, pretty much the edge of whats called the Zone and the entry point for the military, and other....lets say...exclusive clients." The commander chuckled.

"You will recieve your orders upon arrival, along with your equiptment according to your outfit, and remember, IF you come back, what happened in the zone, stays in the zone, that clear?"

We all nodded and got lead out to a helipad, sitting on the pad was a MI-26, we loaded into it and sat down, and strapped in, the commander jumped in also, and handed me a package.

"Don't open this till you get to the base got that?"

"Yes sir i understand, but what is it?"

"You will see when you get there Vitik, take care out there."

He hopped out the helicopter and ran off holding his hat, whilst the blades of the Helicopter span and created a large displacement of dust and wind around the pad, a large jolt shook us as we took off, the loud whirring of the helicopter blades was driving me mad.

We was all silent in the chopper, i decided to try and get some sleep, its gonna be a long ride, and my jaw was still really painful thanks to Roman.

"Vitik wake up, my god you're a heavy sleeper, we landed, we are here, come on."

I grabbed my mask, and hopped out the chopper, it was really early morning, the sun up high, really sunny day, quite nice infact, my attention shot from the sun to the large group of Military walking up to us.

"Which one of you is Vitik?"

"I'm Vitik Sir!"

"You don't have to call me sir, rank counts for shit in this hellhole, you just do as your told by the "Boss" and everything will either fall into place or kill you...i kid i kid, hes an alright bloke, come with me ill introduce you"

He lead me up the road to a large base, just as we got to the main base, the helicopter than dropped us off, started up and took off.

We went into the main "Office" as i would call it.

A man was stood with a clipboard reading, he turned to us and put the clipboard down, with a very heavy Russian accent, he started to speak.

"Vitik, i heard alot about you my freind, listen i was speaking to the commander, he put in a good word about you, anyway lets get back to the point at hand these are your order sheets, Vitik is ofcourse the Commander of your squad, if you do not follow his orders, he has the right to shoot you, if he dosen't shoot you, someone else will if i order them to, so do as he says and you will be fine"

I looked at him with a odd look, i took my order sheet off him as did the others.

"Ok Vitik take your squad to get outfitted in the armoury, follow this man here, he will take you there."

We followed this rather tall and rather skinny bloke to a large warehouse type of building, we walked in the front and there was a old man in a military uniform just like the others.

"Welcome, welcome, i see they sent over some new guys, thats good, listen my name is Valery, and this is my "Shop" i guess you can call it, if you need to buy ammo or weapons or have anything that you think i might be intrested in, just come to me, now how can i help you guys?"

"We just got told that we had to come here to be outfitted, the commander told us to come here anyway."

"Ah yes on your order sheets on the back should be a number, come one at a time and ill sort you out, you can start Vitik."

"I have number 3."

"Number 3 would be commander, i should have known, come with me."

He opened a little door to a caged off entrance, and then closed it and walked over to the door opened it we walked in and it was pitch black, he closed the door and turned on a light, i was greeted with the site of a warehouse full of guns hung up on walls.

"Now Vitik, you can have anything you want in here, but you only get one primary, and one secondary, so choose wisely, the guns you choose will save you time and time again in the Zone, do you have any idea what your looking for exactly?"

"No Valery, im afraid not, i have no idea what half of them are."

"Tell ya what, you grab a gun and ill give you a quick overview of it, that shound fair?"

"Sure cheers Valery!"

The selection was HUGE, ranging from what i could gather little SMG's and Pistols, to Shotguns and Rifles, Assault Rifles, and so much more, one weapon caught my eye.

"Valery what is this gun?"

"That my freind is a Korobov TKB-408, it fires in full auto or single shot, it uses 7.62x39mm rounds in a 30 round mag....."

"Ok Valery, i think i get the idea, please don't overload me with details, ill take this, what about handguns where are they?"

"Follow me"

A small black pistol caught my eye.

"Valery what about this one?"

"That is a MP-446, 17 round mag, takes 9x19 rounds."

"Sounds good enough for me."

"Now Vitik, you must go and and completed the orders on your sheet, i will outfit the rest of your squad according to there numbers, they don't have the freedom of choice like you do, now go, before time runs out."
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