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Dirty Road

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  21:28:16  25 March 2009
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03/27/2009 9:36:49
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Dirty Road

Chapter 1

"Go go go!" Yvostok shouted.
-"We have to get to Cordon Village before those things are on our tail"
Yvostok looked over his shoulder with a face of fear behind the ski mask.
He had a camo colored raincoat with a oxygenmask hanging around his neck,armed with a rusty ak-47.
-"Yvostok,wait up comrade!"shouted Ikmich not to far behind him.
Yvostok stopped quickly to wait for his friend.
-"You asshole,don't eat any can food 12 AM,no wonder your tired"Yvostok barked. Ikmich ran over to him while breathing heavy. He had a leather jacket with a bandana around his mouth. He had his hand resting on his Makarov in the leather holster.

-"Sorry comrade,my hunger catched me at the bridge." Ikmich said with frequent pauses.
-"Lets just keep running to the village,ok?"
Yvostok and Ikmich started to sprint through the road.
After a while they began to see light grey smoke on the clear night sky.
-"Hurry up comrade!" Yvostok almost whispered.
-"Yes fri..." Ikmich paused before a snap sound.

Ikmich felt wind around him,leaves and branches flying around him.
-"A-a-a ANOMALIE!" He gasped.
-"Help me comrade!" He shouted.
Yvostok ran to his aid,trying to pull him out of the wind blowing anomalie.
The anomalie began to tight and a energetic ball began to form.
Screeches and winds flew around the air.
Yvostok pulled and pulled.
-"Yvostok!"Ikmich helplessly shouted.
With a grunt Yvostok pulled Ikmich out of the anomalie,leaving a Boom behind them.
Lying on the ground looking at the anomalie that could have been they're doom with a scared expression. They slowly get up brushing off the mud.

After breathing out after a while,Yvostok gasps
-"Lets go,we need to tell Wolf."
With a nod from Ikmich,they disappear into the dark.

Chapter 2
Away from the zone

With a twisting move Jerkesch woke up from his nightmares of his father disappearing into the so called "Hell land",while his friends called it "the zone".
-"The zone." He said with a low voice.
-"Hey, Jerkesch,are you awake sweety?" A voice from downstairs shouted.
-"Yes mum."
Jerkesch ran downstair in his underwear to the kitchen table.
His mother was cooking dinner in the oven again.
She had brown hair,looked pretty but a bit bruised and she was wearing a red dress with a white apron.
-"Whats for breakfast mum?"
Jerkesch's mum looked at him,raised an eyebrow and started to walk towards him.
-"You won't get anything dressed like that." With a triumph piruette she went back to the oven.
Jerkesch mumbled a lot of swears.
He went up to his room to find his little sister playing with his computer.
-"Vanylia!"He sighed.
-"I have to undress,leave."
She walked away with a sad expression.
She had piggytails and a green duck dress.

After Jerkmesch had finished undressing and redressing.
He rushed down for breakfast.
His mother gave him a plate hardened bread...again.
-"Hasn't father sent his money yet?" Jerkmesch raiste an eyebrow.
-"Now,now Jerkmesch, we must be glad that we atleast have food."
His sister nodded while stuffing her mouth full with bread pieces.
The breakfast continued with a happy conversation.

Chapter 3 coming soon

Damn my father

During breakfast with dull food but still a happy one,the door knocks.
A couple of soldiers in a somehow highrank looking outfit.
-"Mam,are you the wife of a man called Yvostok?" The soldier asked gently.
-"Ehm..eeh."Mother voice stumbeld.
-"No,my husband left me years ago."
-"I see,and how old are you now?"
His mother stumbeld again.
-"Im 29,almost 30."
The soldiers looked at each other and shook their heads.
-"You are lying,we can see"
-"Well I would never lie ab.."
The soldiers face got red and he slapped his mother.
She falled to the ground with a grunt. Jerkmesch sister started to cry for her helpless mother. Jerkmesch stood up and walked to her mother to help her up.
-"Now you listen." The soldier said in a somehow used voice. Like he has said it to a thousand others.
-"We'll be back to search this house."
Her voice faded.
-"All he's done is to feed this family while sacrificing his life for us."
The soldier frowned slightly.
-"He's a criminal, a monster who entered a non-civillian area. Not even us militaries are allowed inside "The Zone"."The soldier said like he was triumphating.
-"THEN WHAT ABOUT AGROPROM!? YOU CRIPPLED THESE CHILDRENS,MY BROTHER,Uncle." Tears began to shed in Jerkmesch mothers eyes.
-"They were posting a threat to the Agroprom research institute."
The other soldier pushed him away.
-"Let's forget about this hooker living family and leave."
The soldiers was about to leave when the other soldiers stopped.
-"We'll be coming tomorrow."
They slammed the door.
-"Don't you see mother?" Jerkmesch sobbed.
-"It's fathers fault."
Jerkmesch didn't get any answer from his mother.

-"No..." Was the only his mother could say.
Jerkmesch shouted swears and ran up to his room.

Chapter 4

Thinking to go in
  17:08:13  27 March 2009
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On forum: 03/25/2009
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What do u guys think so far?
  00:16:31  28 April 2009
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On forum: 10/04/2008
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What do u guys think so far?

Not bad,practice on,and remember,not everyone is a novel writer
  01:00:15  28 April 2009
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On forum: 04/15/2007
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Not too shabby. This is one of the first stories I've read after finishing my book-sized writing of "The Zone: Life and Death".

Besides a few grammatical errors and the relative shortness (not that I'm one to talk with the gratuitous amounts of writing I've done), I thought the writing was interesting and definitely has some potential to develop into a good story. So keep up the good work!
  22:23:43  12 May 2009
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On forum: 03/25/2009

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05/12/2009 22:26:39
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Chapter 4
Thinking to go in

Jerkesch ran up the stairs like some huge beast was behind him.
Breathing like his body was a weighed down by a baby whale.
With a scream he threw himself onto the bed.
The scream repeated and repeated till nightfall.
He heard his mother walking back and forth in a somehow stressfull but rythmic way.
But he didn't care.

"Why does my father work at a place that can harm him with all its might,what is he doing there,what is it that makes him get that money?"
He repeated that question numerous times till he stopped.
He put on his torn dark green woods boots and took his black and white striped jacket.

He went to the window.
Quietly unscrewing the locks.He slowly pulled the window in the handle that was very rusty for being bought by the furnniture store last week.
He looked out the window.

That took Jerkesch by suprise and he flew back to the door in his room.
When he got a hold of himself to stand up. He wondered what Schnell meaned.

Jerkesch attempted to go out the window again.
A ricochet came right next to his ear.

-"Aah,My ear."
Jerkesch trembeled back and forth in pain.
He was close to call his mother for help but he didn't want cause a fuzz over his ear.

He closed the window in hope the others wouldn't hear what was going on.
He closed the window and he only could hear thriving and pain.
People screaming,bullets splattering.
He hadn't figured out were it was coming from but...
Jerkesch stopped,everything became black,he stood exactly still.

-"The...the...the...the." He repeated.
With a big gulp he screamed.
Everything came back to its place were it used to be,nothing had moved.
He assumed that temporary blackout only took a second for him.
He opened the window again.Trying to stand steady but was constantly bending down everytime he heard a gunshot nearby.
He got up on the window,trying to hold his balance.
With a big leap,Jerkesch jumped down onto the lawn.

When he was about to make a run for it.
He stopped,looked aound to find his sister in the window.
-"WERE ARE YOU GOING?"She asked.
Jerkesch freezed and thought over what he exactly was doing and responded by taking a small steps towards the gate.
His sister looked anxious for a answer.
Jerkesch stopped by the gate.
-"Im thinking about going in."...

End of Chapter 4,longer than the others yay.
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