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A Hunter's Tale

Question Is Maiman Badass?
Maiman said a Bow Wow so powerful the result was Tunguska
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  23:04:22  12 March 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552
A Hunter's Tale

(The Following story has NOTHING to do with the Fallen in the Rain stories, The Eye of Pripyat, another note is this is a new face to an old story, I think you can figure it out after reading it)

The hunter opened his eyes, he had fallen asleep on a large tree on the top of the hill in a gentle meadow. He was in the zone, he had lived there for years, this was new however, he had found a way to the north, he had seen many wonders, he crossed above the great power plant and found a completely different area of the zone. The radiation in the far north was low, the lands were beautiful and in some areas fertile, he had left behind the zone during a large war between the factions, it had lost its beauty then. He found this place to be worse than the one he just left behind, there are many people here, they are alone.

The Military hasn't patrolled this area in years, during this time the people had suffered from hordes of mutants or the vicious raiders of this area, they were near death when a master stalker emerged and aided them in their time of crisis, they built fortifications around their camps and survived against the hordes of mutants, the people treated him like a king and eventually it changed him, greedy and power hungry he took over these peoples lives, he stole the fortifications of the many camps and used them to create a powerful fortress, his capitol. He lost all sense of himself, he even lost his name. They call him the Czar now for he has total control.

The small towns of the stalkers of the far north had been suffering form starvations, slavery and death. The Cossacks, the personal army of the Czar would capture anyone of particular skill and take any food harvested by the stalkers of the land, those who are taken are never seen again.

The Hunter had arrived in these parts, he saw the pain and suffering and decided it wasn't right, while others fought for goals such as destroying the zone or knowledge, these people fight for survival while one takes their dreams away with each passing day. The Hunter declared it his personal goal to put an end to this.

The Hunter looked from his perch, there was a boar struggling with a bear trap the hunter had laid below, he aimed his rifle and pulled the trigger, there was a loud bang and the boar's head had a large hole in it.

He could start this goal of his, by feeding those who couldn't feed themselves, it was a start, but he had been doing it for a year now.

He jumped down from the tree and opened the bear trap, he moved the leg from it and closed the bear trap. He attached it to his suit, modified to store tranquilizers, bear traps, rope, poisons and anything else he needed to take down his prey. He grabbed the boar and dragged it, he put on his gas mask and sunglasses. To keep the Cossacks from finding him he kept his identity hidden, he was going to head for the town of Digger, it was one of the few towns still standing, the rest just simply disappear over time.

He looked over the beautiful meadow, it was time to step into a grim world of chaos and death once again.
  00:13:26  13 March 2009
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Cake Muncher


On forum: 01/08/2009
Messages: 4119
Voted for 3. I don't really know what it means but, I don't know lol.

The more stories the better.
  00:37:55  13 March 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552

Voted for 3. I don't really know what it means but, I don't know lol.

The more stories the better.

It means I said a Bow Chicka Bow Wow so powerful it caused the Tunguska effect, I added that just for the hell of it
  01:13:53  13 March 2009
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Eager Amphibion
Senior Resident

On forum: 07/15/2008
Messages: 675
Nice story. Keep it coming.
  01:37:06  13 March 2009
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Cake Muncher


On forum: 01/08/2009
Messages: 4119
Woah... Now that is a big explosion!
  00:40:50  15 March 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552
A Hunter's Tale Part 2 - Cossacks and Tartars

The Hunter dragged the dead boar across a field until he reached his wheelbarrel, he struggled under its weight but managed to drop it into it, he pushed it along the fields. The stalkers of the far north called him The Hunter, it was his alias in these parts, his real name, or that which those of the south called him is Rook. Few stalkers in the far north know him by this name, they are the only people he can trust. He walked along the field pushing the wheelbarrel up a hill. He looked down the field and saw the town of Pillar being razed to the ground, he pushed the wheelbarrel back down and dropped to the ground, he pulled out his binoculars and looked.
There were a bunch of stalkers throwing molotov coctails into the windows, they were masked to the point you couldn't see the slightest amount of skin, wearing Welding helmets. Rook swore silently, these men were the Tartars, they were the vicious raiders of these parts. They roam free pillaging and enslaving all they see, the Cossacks don't stop them unless the Tartars attack them first, which they never do because of that fact. The Tartars were dragging several stalkers from their homes, Rook needed to do something, he ran down the hill and grabbed the wheelbarrel.
He pushed it up the hill and pushed it down the other side at a run, he climbed inside and rode it down the hill, the wheel barrel went straight for the town, he pulled out his rifle, an old SKS, he aimed and fired, a bullet going straight through the lens shade of the welding helmet. The Tarters quickly pulled out their weapons, a variety of Sawn offs and Skorpion vz. 61s, weapons were quite outdated up here.
He aimed and fired again, another Tartar fell over, his wheelbarrel was getting dangerously close to them, the Tartars opened fire, Rook pushed his and the dead boars weight to the side, the wheelbarrel turned on its side, forming cover.
He fired several shots over the wheelbarrel as the Tartars reloaded, stalkers were running to their houses in search of whatever they could use as weapons. Rook attached the Talon, a vicious bayonet he fashioned from the claw of a vicious monster of a bird. He rolled over the wheel barrel and rolled straight into the bands, he stabbed one of the Tartars, and kicked the gun out of anothers hands, he turned the gun forcing the Tartar it was stabbed into to move and fired several rounds into another Tartar. He pulled the bayonet out and jumped out of the way as several Tartars opened fire, the stalkers ran out carrying a variety of sawn offs and pistols and attacked the Tartars from all sides, the Tartars were forced to retreat.
“thank you Hunter” said one of the stalkers “we thought it was too late”
“I think its time for you to leave this place” said Rook “the Tartars will return when I am gone”
“thank you Hunter” said the stalker
“I am heading for Digger with this boar, I am leaving right away so grab what you have and come” said Rook flipping the wheelbarrel up onto its wheels. He started pushing through the streets as stalkers came rushing out carrying bags of supplies and followed him. Rats, he thought to himself, now he had to keep his disguise on for the entire trip.

They walked for the rest of the afternoon, they reached Digger, they stopped outside. The streets were fairly deserted. They hid behind the bushes nearby and watched, several men came ridding into the town, on horseback.
“Cossacks” said a stalker
The Cossacks were dressed in kevlar body armor, they had chainmail robes over the kevlar with cloth banners, the Czar's banners, over it. They wore great helmets with thick goggles and menacing gas masks. They grabbed several stalkers and rode off.
“lets go” said Rook
The stalkers ran to the town, Rook pushed the wheel barrel.
They walked down the street, stalkers were coming out again.
“its the hunter” some of them whispered
Rook dropped the body by the central firepit. The stalkers prepared it for cooking, Rook walked down towards a large shack, he walked inside and climbed down the trapdoor. There was a young stalker asleep in his seat.
Rook silently closed the trap door behind him. He put his side arm a Nagant Revolver. He pushed the Revolver into the stalkers back, the stalker jumped up in surprise and started screaming out prayers.
“got ya” said Rook taking off his mask
“oh thank god its just you” said the stalker checking his pants “the Cossacks were just here”
“so you went to sleep instead of waited in fear like the others” said Rook “typical Squirrel”
“oh shut up, did you show them your heroics?” Squirrel asked
“no, sadly the Doge wasn't among them” said Rook “you know I save my brilliance to piss him off”
“yeah well I am sure thats great, we lost a couple I bet” said Squirrel
“you lost about four” said Rook and upon seeing his face he added “and you gained about twenty”
“how?” Squirrel asked
“Pillar got sacked by the Tartars, I chased them off but the buildings were burning down” said Rook
“damn, but at least we have others” said Squirrel “theres something you should know”
“what?” Rook asked
“Theres a resistance meeting, in Hope” said Squirrel
“really? it seems my point has been proven” said Rook
“you can stand against the Czar so can we” said Squirrel
“come on, theres a feast about to begin” said Rook putting a patchy poncho over his suit. He put his SKS up on a gunrack, next to his collection of guns. He had two Steyr TMPs, a Mc-255 revolving shotgun, two Carbon 15s and two of the most advanced weapons in these parts, an SAR 21 and the VEPR, arguably the most recent gun in the area, he stole it from the Doge earlier has a tendancy to use it against him. He kept his revolver on him. The two of them climbed up the trap door, he sat down near the campfire.
“Rook where were you?” asked a stalker
“I must have slept through the comotion what happened?” Rook asked
“The Hunter stopped by and brought us food?” a stalker answered
“really?” Rook feigned surprise “excellent”
“you should be more alert Rook” said another stalker “you have a lot to learn from the Hunter”
“I am sure he does” said Squirrel laughing
They each grabbed a couple slices from the boar, Rook walked over to Oracle, the elder of this town.
“a little furry rodent tells me a meeting is happening, is it true?” Rook asked
“yes it is, Hope is the key to peace” said Oracle
“whos visiting?” Rook asked
“Orca, Osiris, Anubis, Canuck and Aardvark” said Oracle “as well as Komodo and Fenrir”
“excellent, its a start but it could work” said Rook
“Minim is housing the meeting” said Oracle “the people say retribution, it will be a great meeting about the food shortages, a week is a nice time to relax”
“will do” said Rook
They talk like this to keep the many spies of the Czar from understanding the truth of the conversation.
They finished their food, Rook proceeded to his trapdoor, he climbed down and went to sleep, he had to be in Hope in a week.
  20:41:31  18 March 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552
A Hunter's Tale Part 3 - Sacking of Hope

Rook quickly put on his hunter outfit, he holstered his revolver and set out the door, he was traveling light.
He ran out the door and headed out, he had wasted enough time, he had a few hours to be at the meeting. He ran over the hills, Hope was just over these hills. He reached the last hill and looked down at a fairly large camp, it was surrounding an old patched up church. He slid down the hill and headed to the church, Minim was holding the meeting there. He approached the door knocking on it, he heard a voice.
“what do you want with the church?” the voice asked
“retribution” Rook replied
The door opened, Rook walked inside. Minim closed the door behind them..
“hello again, the village has been doing well, not a single bloodsucker infestation since you were last here” said Minim
“yes, I hear theres a meeting” said Rook
“its in the cellar” said Minim
They walked to the back of the church and Rook climbed down a trapdoor.
There was a large table covered in maps and diagrams, several PDAs lying down on the table reading statistics, the table was surrounded by veteran stalkers.
“and so the famed Hunter arrives” said Fenrir “about damn time”
“we are trying to figure out how we are going to assault the Capitol, the villages will follow us if there is a way” said Osiris looking at several maps
“we shouldn't attack the Capital” said Rook
“what are you on the Czar's side?” Fenrir asked
“no, but its a suicide mission, we need to attack their caravans, shipments, patrols” said Rook “weaken them”
“all of those are under the Doge's control, his patrol's are not common rabble” said Anubis “the dead will pile up on our side”
“we are not going to openly rush, we need to lay traps, ambushes” said Rook “the Cossacks are like any other prey, deceive them, tire them, weaken them and then strike”
“the exception is that the Cossacks have superior firepower and skill than us” said Komodo “its suicide even if we lay traps”
“suit yourself, but its a better chance than assaulting the entire Capital with poorly armed peasants” said Rook
They heard noises upstairs, screams.
“what now?” Fenrir asked
“Cossacks” said Rook hearing horses and gunfire
Everyone around the table grabbed their papers, they loaded them into their bags, they heard the church doors bang open, there was a disturbing silence among them.
“we hear there is a meeting” said a cold, stern voice, Rook recognized it as the Doge himself
“yes its on agriculture and food shortages” said Minim
“where is it, the church is empty” said the Doge
“it ended a little while ago” said Minim
“I heard it was starting around now” said the Doge
“it ended around now” said Minim
“I suspect you are lying” said the Doge
“why would I lie to our protectors” said Minim “in a church of all places”
“hmm, I do not know” said the Doge “but we have our orders”
There was a gunshot.
“was that really necessary?” the Doge asked
“the Czar gave us the orders” said a Cossack
“well, burn the village down, lets get this over with” said the Doge
They heard glass bottles breaking, followed by roaring flames.
“we need to get out of here or this will be our tomb” said Anubis
“use the tunnels, it will lead into the town well” said Rook “I will get Minim down here”
He ran to the ladder and climbed up, Minim was lying on the floor, he checked the wound, there wasn't any blood.
“only a fool runs around with no protection” said Minim revealing a vest under his robe, the roof began to collapse.
“we need to get out” said Rook
“someone is going to burn for this” said Minim
“I am sure they will” said Rook
They looked as the roof collapsed on the trap door, they turned to the front door, it was blocked, Rook noticed he ladder to the bell tower.
“follow me” said Rook as he ran to the ladder and climbed, Minim followed him, they climbed up until they were staring down at a burning village, they saw the stalkers at the meeting dragging survivors out of their homes. Rook grabbed Minims arm.
“jump on three” said Rook “two”
They jumped, they hit the roof and slid down off the edge and into a bush. They climbed out, the church caved in on itself.
“where do we go?” Minim asked
“we should head for Digger, gather followers” said Rook
“why Digger?” Fenrir asked
“all my guns are there” said Rook
They looked at the Cossacks riding in the distance.
“we will get to them in due time” said Osiris
They gathered the survivors and began their march towards Digger...

They reached Digger, they walked down the road, there was no one on the streets, they readied their weapons. Rook saw Oracle lying by the central fie, Rook ran to him.
“look out its a trap” said Oracle, there was a gunshot, blood sprayed Rook in the face, he turned to see guns aiming from every roof.
“ATTACK” shouted Rook, he jumped behind a barrel as everyone opened fire, Rook fired his revolver at the shooters, bullets were whizzing passed him, his barrel was almost completely shredded by bullets. He holstered his revolver and dived into the nearest building, he looked towards the trapdoor. He rolled over to it and opened it, quickly diving in. He grabbed his MTs-255. He climbed up and ran out the door, he fired his five rounds into the gunmen, he reloaded quickly, turning around and firing five more rounds, the last of the gunmen were killed, one of them fell off the roof. Rook looked at the body, a Cossack. Rook ran to Oracle.
“where are the others” said Rook checking the wound, there was a bullet through the side of his neck.
“they... took... them” said Oracle
“your going to be okay” said Rook looking for bandages
“go... meet... des...” Oracle died
Rook stared for a moment, he stood up and finished loading his shotgun. He slung it around his shoulder and walked into his house, he dropped down into the trapdoor and approached his armory. He grabbed all his rifles and slung them around his shoulders, he put on his holsters and loaded his pistols and SMGs, he filled his backpack with ammo and climbed out.
“what are we going to do?” Canuck asked
“we are going” Rook began “to follow them”
“to the capital?” Fenrir asked
“where ever they go” said Rook
  21:43:56  18 March 2009
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918
So My badass (STRELOK) is indeed a CZAR!

Hope he kills them!?!
  22:29:09  19 March 2009
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3552
Strelok a Czar? now that is funny
  23:52:59  19 March 2009
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918

Strelok a Czar? now that is funny

THATS COOL as Cool As GANJA ! even cooler than the make it faster song!
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